Case 4: ISIS

Case 04-2015: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) & Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights finds them RESPONSIBLE of the charges:

  • Genocide
  • Ethnic Cleasing
  • Crimes against humanity
  • False Islam
  • Violation of the International Human Rights Law
  • War Crimes
  • High Crimes against Peace
  • Transnational organized crime
  • Supreme Offense against International Morality and the Sanctity of life
  • Violations of the rights of children
  • Violation of the Rights of Spiritual Communities


Evidences of ISIS Case

Judgment on ISIS

Notification on Irak

Act on Boko Haram

Statement on Al Qaeda

PRONOUNCEMENT on Attack against Sufism

Resolution on Attack to Islamic Cultural Center

Legal Requirement on the Rights of the Child in Iraq

LEGAL WARNING to the Supreme Court of Pakistan

Proclamation on Wahhabism

REPORT ON Attack against Kabul University

MANIFESTO on Pseudo-Islamic Terrorism







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