Case 2: Myanmar

Case 02-2015: Myanmar (Burma) & de facto Presidents Thein Sein – Aung San Suu Kyi – Min Aung Hlaing

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights finds them RESPONSIBLE of the charges:
– Genocide
– Ethnic Cleansing
– Crimes against humanity
– High Crimes against Peace
– Violation of the International Human Rights Law
– Violation of the Buddhist Law
– High Crimes against Women and Childhood
– War Crimes
– Supreme Offense against International Morality and the Sanctity of life
Violations of International Humanitarian Law
Attack against Democracy
Violation of Civil and Political Rights
Violations of Economic Social and Cultural Rights
State Terrorism


Evidences of Myanmar Case

Judgment on Myanmar Case

Notification on Southeast Asian Region

Resolution on president Thein Sein

Act on Rohingya People

Legal Opinion on Aung San Suu Kyi

Proclamation on Unethical Leadership

Statement on Responsibilities of Buddhism

Legal Requirement on Honorary Degrees

PRONOUNCEMENT on Prize for Freedom

Legal Notice to USA

MANIFESTO on Israel’s Arms Sale

Ruling on Civil-Military Dictatorship of Myanmar

Report on genocidal general Min Aung Hlaing

DECREE on Violation of Economic, Social, Cultural, Political and Civil Rights





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