MANIFESTO on Israel’s Arms Sale

Case 02-2015: Myanmar

MANIFESTO on Israel’s Arms Sale

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights, defender of the rights of global citizenship and of every living being of Mother Earth, exercising the cultural sovereignty that emanates from the Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities, perfectly knows the situation of genocide and ethnic cleansing to which the Rohingya People of Myanmar is being subjected;

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has universal ethical vocation, so it calls on the entire international community to become aware of the crimes against humanity, such as forced disappearances, rapes of women, murders of children, torture and illegal executions that are being perpetrated by the government of Myanmar;

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights calls on the State of Israel to analyze, from the perspective of Ethics and International Law, the juridical situation of its arms sellings to the genocidal State of Myanmar;

It is expressed that the State of Israel is violating the human right to peace through military assistance to a State that is committing the worst international crimes, since the Government of Myanmar is actually exterminating the Rohingya People with total impunity.

It is stated that Myanmar government is using extermination techniques that are similar to those used by Nazism during the Jewish Holocaust (Shoah) yet used against the Roma and Sinti People (Gypsies) as well.

It is stated that the State of Israel is betraying the peaceful traditions of the Jewish People.

It is stated that 350 rabbis and leaders of the Jewish People in Israel and the United States of America (USA), such as the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights organization, have requested the State of Israel to immediately stop the arms sale to Myanmar, and have also requested that United States (USA) stop its training program, warning that this kind of action is supporting those who lead the world to destruction.

It is manifested that the State of Israel must follow the vision of the ancient prophets, which is similar to the teachings of the Buddhist Path, stop doing evil and begin to do good, which means stop selling arms to Myanmar and simultaneously denounce the genocide that such country is carrying out, showing that divinity is nothing more than mercy and compassion.

It is stated that Prophet Isaiah’s vision was similar to the path of Master Gautama, teaching that the Nations of the world shall no longer take up arms and shall no longer learn about war.

It is stated that, according to the great sages, the Torah is a Path of Peace, so that the Jewish People cannot remain silent in the face of the injustices of the State of Israel,  having the duty to promote the prohibition of selling arms and military training, especially to countries that violate human rights, as prescribed by the Talmud.

It is stated that as a result of the pressure from the international community regarding the genocide carried out by Myanmar, the government of the United Kingdom (UK) has decided to suspend all military aid to that country for its human rights violations.

It is stated that the Israeli Supreme Court of Justice should hear and support lawyer Eitay Mack’s request to prohibit selling arms to Myanmar.

It is expressed that Ofer Neiman, an Israeli human rights activist, has not only criticized the fact that the arms sale from Israel to Myanmar has been going on for many years, but has also criticized that the armament sold is the same one that has been used against the Palestinian People.

It is stated that the State of Israel could have used genocidal tactics against the Palestinian People, which is a fact that urgently needs to be investigated by International Courts.

The State of Israel is required to totally interrupt illegal arms selling to Myanmar.

The renunciation of the Israeli diplomat Amir Sagie is demanded, since he not only defended selling arms to Myanmar, but also accused the Rohingya People of carrying out war crimes.

On November 12, 2017 this Manifesto on Israel’s Arms Sale is expressed as a way of contribution to a more peaceful, just, cultured and healthy world.

Always with reconciliation (maitri),

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Judge of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR)

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