Notification on Irak

Case number 04/2015: ISIS




Dear government of Irak,

On December 1, 2016, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights notifies that while our organization has sentenced the guerrilla movement as Responsible of Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing and Crimes against Humanity, this does not imply that the ISIS armed movement deserves to be destroyed by violent and inhuman means. The present Notification is because there is evidence that IRAQ government is mutilating and dragging the corpses of members of ISIS, some of whom were killed after being captured. In addition to the fact that these acts have been carried out without due process of law and justice, which is the appropriate form of punishment, it is also highly objectionable that the corpses have been beheaded and hearts ripped out.

This brutal abuse violates Human Rights, specifically being a War Crime. Evidence shows that corpses of members of ISIS have been beaten, spat out and dragged through the streets, and Iraqi soldiers have been assisted by children when making these violations.

The ISIS group has undoubtedly carried out terrible violations of human rights, but this cannot be solved by new violations and brutal abuses that violate the ethical purposes and fundamental values of the human community.

Since these episodes have been isolated, the Iraqi government is still in time to change its mind, condemning and banning these actions by members of the military. It is formally requested that Iraqi government makes reports on these terrible actions before Justice. However, if these actions are not a mistake but a systematic and repetitive behavior, then the government of Iraq will have become a new evil in the world, and it should be brought before international courts for a just condemnation.

The best way to defeat ISIS movement is through peace, education and unity of Muslims, and not through violence, torture and violations of human rights.

Every living being, even terrorists, deserve the right to life and a dignified treatment, so all punishment must always be wise and compassionate. Without love toward the fellow men and women, humanity is condemned to disappear. The key to create a civilization of peace and justice lies in learning, stopping the repetition of the mistakes of the past.


Sincerely, with spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

Master Maitreya

President of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights





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