Act on Boko Haram

Case 04-2015: ISIS



Dear government of Nigeria,

On day December 8, 2016, we are communicating with you in order to perform an International Repudiation to the Boko Haram movement and its leader Abubakar Shekau, who operate paramilitarily within Nigeria. This repudiation is not only due to the fact that Boko Haram has participated in terrorist acts, abductions and rapes of hundreds of girls, but also because it has sworn allegiance to ISIS movement, which has been sentenced in our Court for the crimes of Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Crimes against humanity, and even for False Islam. In fact, there is evidence that Boko Haram is using girls to commit suicide bombing attacks, and these desperate girls are accepting this terrorist practice in order to end their anguishing state of sexual slavery. This means that Boko Haram is violating International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, committing crimes that should be judged by the entire world community. However, there is evidence that the Nigerian government is not seeking justice and end to impunity, but is performing revenge and repression against the Boko Haram movement, as demonstrated by the mass murder carried out against around 500 prisoners in Giwa prison in Maiduguri, where illegally executed prisoners have been buried in mass graves. In this way, as is the case of Iraq, it is clear that the governments fighting against ISIS are adopting its same brutal and perverse practices, perpetuating the chain of evil and horror in the world. Therefore, we are requesting the Government of Nigeria to bring both Boko Haram genocide movement and government officials who have violated Human Rights to justice.

On the other hand, the people of Nigeria urgently need humanitarian aid since thousands of children are dying of starvation as a result of the forced displacement of millions of people who lack homes and food. Along with war, ignorance and pollution, famine is one of the great evils of the world, so Nigeria should immediately resolve this problem that affects to all humanity. Certainly, millions of people depend on food aid to survive, although Nigeria is a country with resources that could meet the needs of all. This social injustice is a product of the colonial capitalist system that has been established for decades to plunder the country’s hydrocarbons, impoverishing the population and polluting the environment, poisoning the water, flora and fauna. This social injustice is the true origin of movements like Boko Haram, which only violently express the discontent of humanity toward the capitalist system of civilization. Indeed, in the Judgment of Case 08-2015 Australia, the President of Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights asserted that savage capitalism is a crime against humanity, to which one might also add that capitalism is inherently a genocidal system, and Nigeria is an example of this.


With a spirit of Reconciliation (Maitri),

Master Maitreya

President of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights




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