MANIFESTO on Pseudo-Islamic Terrorism

Case 04-2015: ISIS

MANIFESTO on Pseudo-Islamic Terrorism


The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights, defender of the rights of global citizenship and of all the beings on Mother Earth, exercising the cultural sovereignty that is emanated from the Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities, is perfectly aware of the situation of the terrorist attacks carried out by the ISIS guerrilla;

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has a universal ethical vocation, so that it is directed to the entire international community to become aware of the terrible crimes against humanity and genocidal acts that ISIS has carried out against 3 Christian churches in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia;

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights offers its condolences to the State of Indonesia for such terrible killings against a dozen innocent people of Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal churches;

It is stated that ISIS is committing Violations of the rights of children, because in order to carry out the terrorist attacks against the 3 Christian churches of Indonesia this terrorist group resorted to suicide attacks using children with explosives, which constitutes a new Supreme Offense against International Morality and the Sacredness of life.

It is stated that those genocide techniques against Christian churches constitute a Violation of the Rights of Spiritual Communities.

It is stated that ISIS is categorically betraying the spiritual traditions of the Islamic People, demonstrating once again that this guerrilla is absolutely pseudo-Islamic.

It is stated that President Joko Widodo of Indonesia is totally right when saying that terrorism is a crime against humanity and has no connection with any religion.

It is stated that Gumar Gultom, secretary general of the Indonesian Association of Churches, is also absolutely right that any religion teaches humanity, peace and love, and does not teach violence and murder.

It is stated that every murder against a single human being is a murder against the dignity of the entire humanity.

It is stated that ISIS should not be destroyed militarily but should be brought to justice, especially before the Islamic Law, because violence always breeds hatred while justice always generates Peace and Truth.

The entire international community is required to stop associating ISIS with True Islam.

On May 16, 2018, this Manifesto on Pseudo-Islamic Terrorism is expressed as a contribution to a more peaceful, just, cultured and healthy world.

Always with reconciliation (maitri),

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Judge of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

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