College of International Buddhist Law

The MBU has created this space of thought not only to explore the parallels between Eastern Buddhist Law and Western Human Rights, but also to produce a fascinating interdisciplinary synthesis called International Buddhist Law, which is a fundamental pillar of the spiritual development of Maitriyana. However, International Buddhist Law is only the contemporary expression of the ancient community and tribal justice system. The College of International Buddhist Law transmits this avant-garde discipline created by Master Maitreya Samysaksambuddha, Rector of the MBU.



Dialogue with International Court of Justice

Dialogue with European Court of Human Rights

Dialogue with Norway

Dialogue with France

Dialogue with Spanish Society for International Human Rights Law

Dialogue with Russell Tribunal on Palestine

Dialogue with USA

Dialogue with Bolivia

Dialogue with International Labour Organization

Dialogue with International Red Cross

Dialogue with Mexico

Dialogue with African Court on Human and Peoples Rights

Dialogue with Palestine

Dialogue with Human Rights Watch

Dialogue with Organization of American States

Dialogue with National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI)

Dialogue with the Supreme Court of Navajo Nation

Dialogue with the Tibetan Parliament in Exile

Dialogue with the International Criminal Court

Dialogue with the Court of Justice of European Union

Dialogue with Amnesty International

Dialogue with Cherokee Nation Supreme Court

Dialogue with Supreme Court of Justice of Bhutan


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