Dialogue with Organization of American States

Buddhist Defense of the Awakening of the peoples

The Buddhist Law seeks that the society is headed steadily toward a libertarian socialist civilization, sustainably developing itself with a specific weight in the evanescence of poverty. Indeed, the project of ascension or Awakening (Bodhi) of the peoples undoubtedly has its origin in the many Free and Enlightened Beings (Arhats-Bodhisattvas) that have existed in the history of humanity, who patiently taught world societies how to quench their thirst for peace, social justice, education and ecology. This presupposes that the spiritual master is an individual of a supreme power that makes a certain counterweight to the self-destructive deployment of the materialistic civilization, which has been crumbling due to the greatest misfortunes that have accompanied governments for generations: greed, hatred and delusion. Excepting very few cases, most of governments are a structure of corruption that profoundly impoverishes the people by not releasing it from their miseries. The Maitriyana teaches that when an apprentice can understand the reality then devotes all his goodwill to social development, by achieving unimaginable things. Instead, governments and religions do not seek the peoples to awaken, but rather seek to control society through nepotism, lack of republicanism and abuse of military forces. However, the Buddhist Law establishes that all corrupt ideology or social structure is destined to perish before the event of the future. Consequently, the spiritual master is a sign of hope in the face of the dangerous authoritarian governments, showing a direct pathway toward the new humanity. The Great Planetary Awakening (Maha Bodhi) is an innovative course change, by establishing certain measures of Opening (Sunyata) of a better world without war, poverty, ignorance and pollution. Although it is a Purpose (Dharma) that is very difficult to achieve, certainly it is not unattainable or impossible, because it is about the sudden and utopian happening of liberation from oppression. This positions the movement of Maitriyana as an influential player for the emergence of tomorrow’s civilization, by teaching how to create a Pure Land or Kingdom of Righteousness in the here and now. It has been a journey of more than 2600 years, but the Buddhist Law still maintains an ethical and legal power that does not give back to the suffering of the people. Thus the Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) teaches the peoples to stop having loyalty toward their governors, to start having loyalty toward Law and Justice. This eloquent Detachment is key for the Awakening (Bodhi) of humanity, making the din of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity resonates in every continent. Undoubtedly, the maturation of society depends on the fact that the peoples seek to vanish their spiritual poverty, fighting peacefully against corrupt and authoritarian governments, whose tendency is never the social welfare but the accumulation of wealth and power. The Maitriyana is then a daring, unexpected and unsuspected movement for those who are attached to the hegemonic structures that oppress the peoples by setting them their destinations. In this sense, the spiritual master teaches how to make possible what is impossible, progressively restoring the relations of harmony between human beings and uniting the States in respecting Ethics, Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Through exemplary ethical judgments the Buddhist Law fights against corruption and oppression of governmental, corporative and religious institutions, fostering the investigation of Truth. Obviously, this Path differs from those who are demagogues and use the suffering of fellow beings. The Maitriyana is the creation of a future of evolution and collective maturity, profoundly transforming the society through a new libertarian vision that leads people toward a peaceful, just, wise and compassionate civilizational system.


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