Dialogue with African Court on Human and Peoples Rights


Buddhist Defense on the Fight against Racism

The international community of Buddhist spirituality is actively involved in fighting against racial discrimination, transmitting that the evanescence of these prejudices is essential for the construction of a dharmic and postmodern civilization. Therefore, the Maitriyana works so that the peoples take urgent measures which fully solve this global problem that is racism. Faced with racial discrimination, the spiritual master teaches the value of equality as Cure (Nirvana) from this evil that is present throughout the world, proposing a practical and theoretical system of higher education in Human Rights that all peoples can apply in the here and now.

The principles of Buddhist Spirituality tend to racial unity, reason why the integration and reconciliation (Maitri) of humanity is a central teaching in Maitriyana, striving to establish a global dharmic civilization which is oriented by the fundamental values of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, which implies the paradoxical dialectical understanding of unity in diversity. Therefore, Buddhist spirituality is a pioneer movement in Human Rights that recognizes the value and intrinsic dignity of every human being, never resorting to mechanisms of distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference for reasons of race, lineage or ethnic origin that nullify or discredit the recognition or exercise of the human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, cultural and environmental spheres. The Maitriyana considers that all human beings have an egalitarian spiritual nature, reason why any ethical evaluation on an individual or group must always start from their thoughts, words and behavior, but never from an evaluation on their race, nationality, ethnicity or lineage. Consequently, the Buddhist spirituality seeks the evanescence of racial and ethnic prejudices, considering that those who commit discredit, dishonor and offend people or groups because of race, national origin or lineage are committing a flagrant violation of the vision of Siddharta Gautama as well as of the spirit of Human Rights. The Purpose (Dharma) of unity and reconciliation (Maitri) of humankind requires prioritizing the development of the common points that underlie all races, cultures, ethnicities and lineages. The teachings of Maitriyana advice open the eyes to unity and integration, simultaneously going beyond the differences. Thus, this international movement recognizes and encourages the Perennial Spirituality that unites the entire human family.

The Buddhist Spirituality is an international community that promotes racial unity, putting into practice the spiritual principles taught by Gautama. In the lessons taught by the spiritual masters the peoples are trained in libertarian, egalitarian and fraternal values which allows achieving the Awakening (Bodhi) of a new higher and amplified state of consciousness (H-ASC), which is the Cure (Nirvana) for the disease of prejudice and discrimination. Thus, the Maitriyana is actively involved in promoting human rights, which are the ethical principles that guide the daily life of the Free and Enlightened Beings (Arhats-Bodhisattvas) who are the greatest testimony of engagement with the unity of all humankind. In the communes (sanghas) of Buddhist Spirituality apprentices must be associated with friendship and concord, showing a way of living that takes into consideration the value of each human being. Indeed, the racial origin or lineage of an individual does not represent any kind of spiritual significance, because only his actions and teachings are what is true, showing that what is sacred is the practical realization of egalitarian principles whose goal is the Awakening (Bodhi) of the whole world. Therefore, the Maitriyana fights against racism, by defending human rights and fundamental freedoms for all individuals without any distinction of race, nationality, ethnicity or lineage.

To reach this horizon that is the eradication of prejudice and racial discrimination, the Buddhist Spirituality gives special importance to advanced spiritual education. All spiritual masters create activities that embody the fundamental objective of the unity of humanity through the Evanescence of prejudice and discrimination, whose source is greed, hatred and delusion. Therefore, Maitriyana considers then that these evils have a spiritual solution by means of the Cure (Nirvana) of mind, which is nourished by the ethics of Detachment, the direction of the Truth and apropriate conduct. Consequently, the Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) teaches that in order to vanish racism and stereotypy it is required advanced spiritual education which aims to promote an appropriate lifestyle, by inculcating in the minds of the people the principle of interdependence e interexistence of all beings. This education of Buddhist Spirituality develops awareness about understanding of the organic unity of humanity and the Earth (Gaia).

Maitriyana’s teachings constitute a perfected program for the unity and reconciliation (Maitri) of humanity, considering that it is essential to establish a universal system of spiritual education in ethics and human rights that can be applied to all cultures of the world. This integrating program is inspired by the Buddhist Spirituality developed by Gautama, who fought against racial prejudice and ethnic discrimination when seeking the eradication of oppressive social ties based on lineages or caste division. However, the program of spiritual Education of Maitriyana is not idealistic, but is pragmatic, using contemporary knowledge of psychology, philosophy, science, politics and theology to teach spiritual ethics with an updated language. All these knowledges are harmonized by the ethics of Buddhist spirituality so that they can give witness to the Truth which is the unity and interexistence of all of reality. Thus, the program of Maitriyana is an extraordinary way to eradicate the evil of racism and discrimination, proposing to teach topics such as the interdependence of peoples, the spiritual and cultural evolution of all humanity, thinking beyond the intellect, sublime emotions, the search for the Sense of life, the friendship bonds as a fundamental pillar of society of the future, the need to develop an identity beyond national boundaries, and the ethics applied to the fields of politics, economy, culture and environment. In the vision of spiritual masters each of these topics helps to meet the universal needs of human beings, eradicating the evil of prejudice and discrimination against individuals or groups based on race, nationality, ethnicity or lineage. Indeed, the rules relating to human rights were already preestablished by the ethical field of Buddhist spirituality, whose teachings about the unity of humankind are oriented toward the most evolutionary stages of consciousness of the human being. Therefore, the Maitriyana provides hope of change which is completely realistic, by seeking to vanish prejudice and discrimination to guide the peoples to the true progress that is the Awakening (Bodhi). This objective must be experienced and accepted with a renewed spiritual attitude that acts on the principles and experiences that the Free and Enlightened Beings (Arhats-Bodhisattvas) have accumulated over the past 2600 years. The Buddhist spirituality is convinced that the evils of prejudice and discrimination can be eliminated if people express sincere attitudes of hope, optimism and determination to respect the organic interexistence of all beings.





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