Letter to Meyer


Dear Dr. Meyer,
I am communicating with you in order to share a paradoxical teaching that emerged as a product of my meditation on the Intelligent Design. If by any reason someone points out that the theory of the Intelligent Design is theological or esoteric, alluding to the vision that there is a divine or extraterrestrial creator behind the origin of life, one could say the following:
For Buddhist people, life (like the Cosmos) was not created, but it was created itself through multi-causal processes. This principle also allows one to think that the future human beings have been responsible for fertilizing the Earth in the first place.
Francis Crick came to affirm that the origin of life was created by a non-human intelligence simply because there is engineering in it. If this engineering is the Intelligent Design, I believe the possibility of the “directed panspermia” by an extraterrestrial civilization seeding on Earth  can be improved philosophically through a temporal paradox: the future humanity might have been sown by itself (even yet accidentally). This temporal paradox would imply the absence of a creator or designer, saying that life was self-originated in a kind of “dependent origination” or “interdependent co-arising”, which is the Buddhist theory of Pratitya-samutpada (Sanskrit) or Paticca-samuppada (pali).
This may even be similar to the Tipler’s position about the Omega Point, by returning to the past to self-causing itself.
Cordial Regards,
With Maitri
Master Maitreya



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