Letter to Tipler


Dear Dr. Tipler,
I am contacting you to share a paradoxical teaching that emerged as a product from my meditation about time.
May this contemplative hypothesis is useful to your Path. I am aware it is currently considered that the creation of the Cosmos was the product of the contact between two parallel universes. It is a beautiful hypothesis of String Theory. I think, from the point of view of the Quantum Theory, my hypothesis is not so misguided, considering that the creation and destruction of the Universe should be phenomena outside of time. It would be an alternative vision to the Big Freeze, Big Crunch, Big Rip and the Big Bounce. There is no heat death, nor we go backwards towards singularity, neither we will be ripped, nor we are a rebound from a Twin Universe. There is no a pre-existing or previous Universe to the Big Bang as stated in the “Loop Quantum Cosmology”. In any case we ourselves are the previous Universe, since according to my hypothesis, we would live in a single Self-created Universe in which its own destruction is what caused its very creation. It is certainly a temporary Koan: the past created by the future. Our death giving rise to our birth. This theory which I call the “Big Dependent Origination” or the “Big Interdependent Co-Arising” is the Buddhist theory of the Pratitya-samutpada (Sanskrit) or Paticca-samuppada. For such reason the Buddhist Relativism claims that one cannot identify a beginning or origin of the Universe, because all phenomena are interdependent and multi-causal. In this ancient Buddhist vision, there would not be a first cause that initiated the creation of Cosmos. Thus the Buddhist Metaphilosophy refutes both the metaphysical concept of a creator God as well as the materialistic concept of an inaugural event as the Big Bang. In accordance with the teaching of Dhammananda Maha Thera regarding the Origin of the World, the Buddhist Relativism believes that the Cosmos has been “created” countless times “by itself”. It will be born and will always die by itself. This is the quantum Wheel of Samsara.
Cordial greetings,
With Maitri (Reconciliation)
Master Maitreya

President of Indian Buddhist Federation


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