Letter to Communist Party


Dear Communist Comrades,

Party & Communist Party of Great Britain & CPGB-ML & New Communist Party of Britain & RCPB(ML)

I am appalled by what I have read it is happening in the UK. According to my information, there are clinics and hospitals that burn about 15,000 aborted foetuses for heating. This is repugnant. Although many Communists are in favour of abortion, I believe that our comrades cannot allow this. It is terrible that a human life can be used for energy purposes. Although the law considers foetuses as clinical waste it is heartbreaking and unethical. A major perversion of capitalism is to turn the human being into a battery, and this reminds me of that disgusting death drive which the bourgeois or aristocrat has by wearing animal skins as decorations. My question is: Is there any difference between using a human foetus for heating and using animal skin for adornment?In addition, this is not very different from what the Nazis did, by making soap with the bodies of Jewish and Romany people.This is a terrible story that should not go unnoticed. For this reason I want to convene action in protest against this situation. Even though the UK law considers that a foetus is not a human-being; to use a foetus for heating is an extremely capitalist, perverse and anti-human practice. For the Buddhists, within each human being lies a potential seed of Spirituality: it is called Buddha-nature. That potentiality must be respected and never turned into an object of consumption.As a Buddhist I do not possess any religious beliefs. My only beliefs are ethical. That is to say I think life is invaluable; I believe in the timeless force of Love, I believe in friendship and camaraderie against the oppression of governments. And above all, I believe that Socialism is the future of humanity. My proposal is to carry out a joint protest among all the comrades in UK. I propose as a date April 5th or 12th for claiming the immediate prohibition of this barbaric practice.


Always with a Spirit of Reconciliation (Maitri),

Master Maitreya


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