International Association of Buddhist Socialism

In order to create a Pure Earth or Kingdom of Righteousness the IABS will need much spiritual support from the people. We invite you to join us in the Socially and Revolutionary Path of Buddhist Socialism, which is one of the internal pathways of Maitriyana Spirituality.

About Us

October 14: From 1956 to 2014
October 14, 1956 is a historic day because it is the public announcement of the spiritual conversion of Ambedkar. But it is also a date associated with the spiritual conversion of King Ashoka. Thus, the IABS is founded on this same day, paying tribute to these great political and spiritual leaders who contributed to the peace and freedom of India.
Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha: Spiritual Leader of Buddhist Socialism
Amar Mane: Administrator of IABS
Master Yan Maitri-Shi: Executive Secretary

Our History

Buddhist Socialism: Internal Way of Maitriyana
Buddhist Socialism is a main internal way of Maitriyana Spirituality, along with Buddhist Psychoanalysis, Buddhist Humanism, Buddhist Transpersonalism, Buddhist Existentialism, Buddhist Stoicism, Buddhist Relativism, Buddhist Anarchism and Buddhist Ecumenism.


The International Association of Buddhist Socialism (IABS) have several Political Projects that involves Dialogue with countries and international organizations with the Purpose (Dharma) of bring peace, social justice, universal education and ecological harmony to all the peoples of the world:


 Political Dialogue with United Nations (UN)

 Revolutionary Dialogue with Cuba

 Cultural Dialogue with China

 Legal Dialogue with International Court of Justice (ICJ)

 Hermeneutical Dialogue with India

 Reforming Dialogue with North Korea

 Postmodern Dialogue with Thailand

 Independence Dialogue with Taiwan

 Traditional Dialogue with Japan

 Engaged Dialogue with Vatican

 Compassionate Dialogue with UNICEF

Buddhist Tribute to Mandela

Support to the Mother Earth Rights Declaration

Syria Peace Project

India Peace Project

Israel-Palestine Peace Project

Irak Peace Project

Ukraine Peace Project

Turkey Peace Project

USA Peace Project

Burma & Tibet Peace Project

Letter to Barack Obama

Letter to Maduro

Letter to Putin

Letter to Communist Party

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