Letter to Putin



Dear Mr. Putin, President of Russia,

I would like to tell you that the future of the world is Socialism. This is inevitable. The other alternative is the self-destruction of humanity, since it is evident that the capitalist civilization will collapse. But to attain this new phase of history we must promote the values of Pacifism, Social Justice, Education and Ecology. This simple formula is the Cure (Nirvana) for the ills of world. Please remember this. Humanity does not need leaders willing to establish wars, it needs leaders willing to sacrifice their lives in pursuit of a better future free from war, poverty, illiteracy and pollution. In the absence of a U.S. leadership, if Russia embraces Peace it could become the next leader of the world. But in case you do not embrace the values of Pacifism, I think that a new war will be inevitable. This concern to me , because it involves the destruction of the planet. Please do not make the mistakes of your predecessors. Remember to Gandhi: he defeated one of the mightiest empires of the world through the power of Peace. If Russia embraces Peace I think this world has many chances to survive and move towards Socialism : which is the Awakening (Bodhi) of the whole Society.

Attentively, Always with a Spirit of Reconciliation (Maitri),

Master Maitreya Buddha

President of Indian Buddhist Federation


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