Ukraine Peace Project


Ukraine Peace Project 2014



September 21, 2014

Dear President from Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko,

Faced with the possibility that the civil war in your nation reaches to be extended to a war between Europe and Russia, the revolutionary spiritual movement of the Maitriyana proposes to carry out a historic Peace Agreement for Ukraine.

The Ukrainian crisis neither will be resolved in a distancing from Moscow, nor in the destruction of the pro-Russian separatist groups, nor does by a military pact with the NATO. The peace of the people of Ukraine only will be achieved through a supreme guidance that Spirituality provides.

Thus, the Buddhist Socialism ratifies that Peace will not come simply by adopting a series of measures such as calling Elections, ensuring greater autonomy in self-government rights to the pro-Russian eastern regions of the country and giving amnesty to soldiers and insurgents. Although said measures go in the right direction, they are certainly incomplete from the libertarian perspective of the Free and Enlightened Being, being nothing but a first step on the long Way of Peace and Reconciliation.

The finalization of the current armed conflict in Ukraine represents the choice of what kind of civilization the humankind wants: peaceful, egalitarian, educated and harmonious. Thus, the fact of resolving the conflict in Ukraine opens the Way towards a historic moment: the time when the human being confronts the Power and says enough wars.

Through the libertarian meditation, the Maitriyana proposes a Peace Agreement for Ukraine that is completely beneficial for the people, since it does not only ensure the Cure of the conflict but it also provides economic, political and cultural growth. In this way the Buddhist Socialism uses a paradoxical dialectical logic that solves the fundamental problem afflicting the people of Ukraine, which is the accession to the European Union and the breakdown of relations with Russia. According to the metapolitical optics of the spiritual master, this malaise will cease only with the inclusion of Russia to the European Union (EU). This historic association agreement will ratify a new stage in the interrelation of the peoples all over the world, instead of continuing to maintain a logic based on the distancing, dualism and conflict. This covenant will make Kiev and the Kremlin comply both with the European standards in the fields of human rights, arms control and trade barriers, so that the ultimate approach of Russia to the West will be seen very favourably. Furthermore, this will definitely resolve the civil crisis which was triggered in Ukraine with the stance of entering the European economic bloc. Since it is a terrible thing the 3000 dead and 600,000 displaced persons from Donetsk and Lugansk, this Peace Project proposed by the Maitriyana is indispensable for the future of Ukraine and the entire region.

But unfortunately Peace will not come if the Capitalist Empire threatens the diplomatic negotiations through the presence of its military might in the Ukrainian zone as it has happened with the recent military manoeuvres of thousands of NATO soldiers provoking Russia. For such reason the Free and Enlightened Being is sceptical towards the global governmental Power, since the latter tends to bring down the hopes of peace of the peoples. The search for peace should not be promoted through empty speeches but through pragmatic, clear and regular contributions.

The Buddhist Socialism qualifies this Peace Project for Ukraine as an attempt to liberate the international community in order to prevent new wars in the world. This plan has a Supreme Purpose of saving the peoples from a confrontation between Russia and the NATO, while showing a pathway in order that Ukraine is able to establish real steps towards Peace. According to the perspective of the spiritual master, the world has already been on the edge of destruction during the Cold War era, so that this stage must culminate. The Maitriyana is a new spiritual force that enables the humanity to be deployed quickly to show its ethical determination against the evil of war. But obviously this involves showing the illusions that the global Powers transmit, which tend to alienate the peoples through a lifestyle based on greed, hatred and delusion.

The Peace Project for Ukraine designed by the Buddhist Socialism proves that the only way out is a reconciliatory solid solution between Ukraine and Russia, but also between Europe and Russia. The Maitriyana unexpectedly reveals that the incorporation of Russia to the European Union would grant a definitive ceasefire along with an economic, political and cultural growth for all the linked nations. Even though building peace is often something difficult to make possible, the Buddhist Socialism shows that taking one simple step is required to provide help and security to the world. With the aim to impede the establishment of a war between NATO and Russia, the metapolitical leadership of Maitriyana outlines a plan of Curing the Ukrainian crisis. These are the measures of Peace Project for Ukraine:

  1. A permanent ceasefire both from the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the pro-Russian militias. This Ceasefire should be followed by international observers, who also will confirm the compliance with the amnesty towards the soldiers and insurgents.
  2. Signing a treaty between Ukraine and Russia in which a prohibition to establish any kind of warlike conflicts between the two countries is set, including the demilitarization of the zone of Crimea.
  3. Create a binational economic fund aimed at spreading humanitarian aid and rebuilding infrastructure to the civilian populations who were damaged with the conflict.
  4. Incorporation of Ukraine and Russia to the European Union, along with the annulment of the economic sanctions that the latter suffered in the recent months.
  5. Obligatory education of the Russian language in all educational levels in Ukraine.
  6. Prohibiting that NATO performs military activities in Ukraine without the permission of Russia.

The Free and Enlightened Being expresses his support for Peace in Ukraine, considering this Project as the beginning of a comforting process. Only the steps taught by the Socially Engaged Spirituality can give relief to the people, contributing with a supreme effort to the aim of peace, equality, wisdom and compassion. In a world full of massacres and persecution, the spiritual support is the only blessing worthy of imparting, using an Analytical Existential Libertarian Discourse which expresses its condemnation towards any act of violence, both from the external world and the internal world. Therefore, it is taught to peacefully fight against selfishness, dualism and consumerism which infect the minds of human beings. The Buddhist Socialism then concludes that, in the face of the damage, one must invite to the fraternal correction, which is a service of mutual and reciprocal support between the people, turning humanity into a spiritual family. The Maitriyana is based on the awareness of Awakening, which is the Salvation of all human beings joined in the same table. The spiritual master gives his life to accompany those who suffer, but he also provides guidance to those who have lost their Way.

With Reconciliation,

Master Maitreya


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