Turkey Peace Project


Turkey Peace Project 2014



Dear president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan,

I contact you to share you the vision of Maitriyana Spirituality about how to achieve peace both within your people and throughout the world.

The Buddhist Socialism states that putting men and women in equal positions goes in favour of the spiritual nature of the human being. Therefore, sexist and conservative conception that women should be devoted to being mothers is something that goes against the perennial spiritual values of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. The spiritual master criticizes the dualism between men and women as something false, since there are many other genres, but it also reveals that gender equality is in favour of the dictates of nature. In addition, the role reserved for women is not that of being a mother, since it would imply the absurdity that a woman who cannot have children does not have any Purpose (Dharma) in life. Thus, the Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) teaches that men and women can be placed in equal positions precisely because their spiritual nature is the same: the Awakening (Bodhi). According to the Maitriyana, the Purpose (Dharma) of women is equal to that of men: both want to reach the Liberation.

The Buddhist Socialism teaches that the future world will be regulated by an international regime of human rights communism, which involves working for the rights of women and other victims of the oppressive world system which is essentially sexist. Therefore, in its intervention in the face the capitalist civilization, the Maitriyana makes reference to the alienating position of women in traditional religions, specifying that being a mother is not a job or a social position. This means that women should not only have full access to work, but it also means that they can achieve the highest position that can be achieved: Awakening (Bodhi). This kind of understanding goes even beyond feminism, because it is considered maternity as an important spiritual practice, though not the principal nor the last or highest in the Path of life. Thus, the vision of the Buddhist Socialism about the role of women may actually cause controversy before the sexist gaze of the world.

The Maitriyana is the guidance of the spiritual metamorphosis of humanity, ensuring that Power is in the hands of the people and not in the hands of privileged elites. Therefore, The Buddhist Socialism is a promoter of the economic redistribution, the political unity and the cultural democratization of all countries, playing a role of spiritual guide in the geopolitics of the Middle East and the rest of the world. By being the Cure (Nirvana) from the evil of authoritarianism, the Maitriyana ensures that the Power does not fall into the hands of tyrants, so that the spiritual master has a clever and controversial metapolitical skill. Thus, the Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) conveys the message of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity among women and men, always working for the welfare of all beings. Only then the minarets will be the peace, the domes will be justice, mosques will be education and the believers will be harmony and interexistence.

Facing the boom of religious extremism, the Buddhist Socialism underlines the importance of the interreligious, intercultural and interspiritual dialogue that the integrative and reconciling Middle Way of Maitriyana performs. Thus the spiritual master fervently requests the Evanescence (Nirvana) of fundamentalism and terrorism both state and religious. Violence and fanaticism are evils in the world, so that the peace process needs the strength of solidarity and compassionate wisdom (karuna-prajña), having the dignity and respect for living beings, the spiritual ethics of Liberty, the effort of having a cultured life and the caring for the living Earth (Gaia) as living pillars of society. Precisely the Buddhist Socialism knows that the goal of true peace depends on a great common effort that is founded on the mutual support and the redistribution of resources to fight against poverty, ignorance and pollution. Thus the Maitriyana safeguards the Creation and seeks the Salvation of all humanity. The Analytical-Existential-Libertarian Discourse (Buddha-Dharma-Sangha) then has a great responsibility, taking the special decision to teach Pathways towards a civilization of peace, true progress and sustainable development.

The Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) requests to the movements of the world to abandon particularisms and exclusivisms that provoke the division among the peoples and conceal the Purpose (Dharma) of the Holy Spirituality. The whole existence and mission of the Buddhist Socialism is interdependent the Holy Spirituality, which is what makes all events. Definitively, the Holy Spirituality is the one that works the Unity of the Maitriyana: unity with the interior Awakening (Bodhi), unity with the perennial knowing and unity with the unconditional compassion for others. Therefore, peoples around the world have been convoked to let themselves be guided by the Holy Spirituality, adopting an attitude of Openness (Sunyata), Integration and Reconciliation (Maitri) in diversity. Therefore, the martyr blood of the spiritual master is the unpostponable seed of the Ecumenical Unity of humanity. The brotherhood in the Purpose (Dharma) is the strength and fertility of the Buddhist Socialism, which is the most important movement of union between East and West. Faced with the capitalist civilization where the value of life seems not having any importance and where the oppressed peoples are being chased with all violence possible, the Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) denounces the religious fundamentalism as one of the main symptoms of the inevitable system crash. But facing the worst enemies of peace and of Spirituality it must be created a united front and of benevolent action, never appealing to the contradiction of using violence to stop violence. The world cannot survive without the guidance of Spirituality, which is the instrument of unity and Reconciliation (Maitri) more powerful and effective in history. The ecumenism of Maitriyana renews the strength of will to proceed in the Way of union and Reconciliation (Maitri) among the peoples, so its dialogue with different countries and religions represents a fundamental stage for the evolution of society. The spiritual masters are the vanguard preceding the emergence of a new civilization and of a new humanity in which everyone will act together as a great body of solidarity. However, to reach the goal of Reconciliation (Maitri) and the full unity among the peoples it must not be made any imposition, but only appeal to common profession of building a Pure Land in the here and now. The unprecedented step of building a Kingdom of Rectitude on the Earth is seen nourished by the attitude of the Buddhist Socialism, whose formula for reaching world peace implies return to the spiritual communion between men and women, not imposing economic, political and cultural preconditions but recognizing the values of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity as the compass or One Way (Ekayana) towards a better world. This demonstrates that the definition of a Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) is that of serving the mystical Unity and not to the governmental Power, overcoming the millennia of division among nations. According the Maitriyana, everyone should seek together, in the light of the teachings of the countless Awakened Ones (Buddhas) of the History, the modality with which to ensure the necessary Unity and Reconciliation (Maitri) of humanity despite the current circumstances selfishness, dualism and consumerism. The ecumenical audacity of the spiritual master’s words is based on that the world will come to an agreement and mutual support in order to centrally attend wars, the poor, the illiterate people as well as contaminations, patiently opening new doors to the future. The Unity and Reconciliation (Maitri) inevitably will arrive in the history of humankind, but this will not occur miraculously but it will be an event product of the labour of the Buddhist Socialism Spirituality. This is because the spiritual nature that is latent in women and men is always imminent.


Below Reconciling Spirituality presents a series of measures for Peace in Turkey:

  • Declaration for Equality between women and men.
  • Commitment to duplicate the female labour force in Turkey for the next 10 years, from 29% today to 58% (higher than the United States).
  • Effective persecution to domestic violence and creating social protection agencies to stop the hundreds of murders of women produced each year in Turkey.
  • Promote a deepening of democratization of Turkey, banishing features of authoritarianism present in the current system.
  • Statement by Turkey as a multi-confessional State, because Islam is not its only religion, having also Jews and Orthodox Christians.
  • Creating an independent and non-governmental Committee to investigate cases of corruption from the Turkish government.
  • Promoting political alternation in Power, prohibiting preservation of political offices during fairly long time.
  • Explicit condemnation to terrorism and religious fundamentalism.
  • Providing economic, political and cultural support for the million and half refugees living in Turkey, requesting international aid and redirecting military spending towards humanitarian assistance and the social integration of the more than 20 fields of refugees in Turkey.
  • Statement that the military response is not the solution to the conflict in the Middle East.


With Maitri,

Master Maitreya

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