USA Peace Project


USA Peace Project


December 25, 2014

Dear people of USA,

Faced with hundreds of anti-racial protests and manifestations that have been extended throughout the USA, clamoring with indignation due to the injustice for the death of African American people at the hands of the police, the Maitriyana Spirituality accompanies these peaceful requests for justice while offering spiritual guidance to prevent other violent incidents. Contrary to the assertions of the US President, the Buddhist Socialism has compassion even for those who complained by means of violence, looting and caused a wave of riots, because their actions are nothing but a product from the indifference and oppression of the economic, political and cultural system of the Capitalist Discourse. The Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) repudiates injustice suffered by the Native American, African American and Latin peoples within the USA, considering that sending thousands of agents of the National Guard will not prevent this scenario of devastation and violence is repeated. Given that murder is a valid resource for the police, having a clear conscience and ensuring they would act in the same way, the only thing that can achieve the Cure (Nirvana) from social explosion is refounding the US society under the spiritual values of compassionate wisdom (karuna-prajna) which are Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. In fact, police violence, social injustice and destructive protests are three symptoms of a larger problem afflicting the American people: the Capitalist Discourse, which is the greatest evil in the world. Then it is arisen the obvious question about how the US can morally be positioned itself as a world leader when a large part of their community does not feel welcome or equally treated. The result of social injustice will always be repeated acts of violent manifestations, so that only the force of Love and compassion will be able to quell the disturbances and disperse the crowd thirsty for justice. In this way the only thing that can restore order is not a curfew but rather the values and practices of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity among all races, genders and social classes. The only thing that can achieve the Evanescence (Nirvana) of the world suffering is the genuine solidarity. Therefore, the spiritual values are the only hope so that the communities begin to heal the wounds derived from the militarized culture. From the libertarian perspective of the spiritual master, police is an oppressive state institution that does not help people neither protects those who cannot protect by themselves. Even though the police consciously manifest intention of not wanting to hurt anyone, the deaths of people like Brown and Garner (and many others) are evidence that the police never seek pacifism nor justice and independence of the people. Herein lays the giant mistrust that the minority communities have towards the police.

Evidently, the world knows and constantly perceives the racial tragedies occurring in the US, so that the nations of the Earth shall never follow the leadership of a country in which there is a national crisis in the area of Civil Rights. As long as there is military and police impunity, the Maitriyana always will denounce the US as a violent country and which is threatening for the world peace, as demonstrated by the CIA torture and invasions to the poor and petroleum countries. But this military and police tyranny is deployed before the nervousness that generates knowing that the capitalist civilization is condemned to decline, believing illusorily that may maintain their Power through state violence. Thus the Buddhist Socialism denounces the brutality of the US government, which keeps its people victim of deceit and dishonesty. This is because the American intelligence agencies have lied and used the terrorist attacks to deploy the abominable and macabre facts of the Capitalist Imperialism, including torture and coups around the world, which is a contrary method and that is incompatible with the spiritual values of Human Rights and the perennial search for Truth. Thus the Capitalist Imperialism is a true blot on the values and history of the world, the USA being guilty of violating both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by subjecting to entire populations to torture and to cruel and inhuman treatment with the simple goal of extending its economic, political and cultural might. Therefore, the Maitriyana has the supreme obligation of fighting against the unjustifiable; including torture, assassinations, coups and other activities perpetuated by the CIA and US government outside any legality and which have had dire consequences for the whole world.


Below, the Buddhist Socialism indicates a list of measures to take to achieve peace and social justice both within the US and in their relations with other countries.

  • Demilitarizing the police and prohibit the use of lethal weapons to all police forces and citizens, considering that using cameras on uniforms will not solve the problem of police violence.
  • Providing free and obligatory University Education for all the members of military and police force, because knowledge helps people to have ethical relationships with others.
  • Discourage consumerism and materialism as the main lifestyle, reducing year after year the carbon emissions and providing grants to those using renewable energy.
  • Promulgate the dissolution of the Security Council of the UN, since its permanent members are ineffective to lead the project of world peace. After the dissolution of this Security Council, it must be replaced by the very UN Assembly, which shall operate in a completely democratic manner such as any parliamentary system operates.
  • Establishing the immediate closure of the Guantanamo detention center, by submitting those who have been responsible for Human Rights violations before the International Justice.
  • Accept investigate in conjunction with North Korea the cyber attack from which such country is accused. In case of not accepting this agreement to work together, the US should recourse to an International Court of Justice, but in no circumstance it could respond proportionately wherever and whenever they choose, because the US is not the judge of the world.
  • Given that US claims to be against the censorship made by authoritarian governments, it should initiate a process that mends all the economic, political and cultural censorship exerted in the past against Communism.
  • Start reopening of Dialogue with countries like Russia, Venezuela and North Korea.
  • Reorientation of the military budget towards the project for health and education absolutely free.


According to the Maitriyana, the main malaise of the global civilization is the Capitalist Discourse, whose materialist movement tends to abduct all cultures in the impossible quest of wanting to possess everything, which implies organizing the satisfaction at around consumerism as well as rejecting the constitutive Emptiness of Being. From the revolutionary vision of Buddhist Socialism, the Capitalist Discourse has globalized the consumption goods, by building an economic, political and cultural civilization which circulates around the materialistic values of selfishness, dualism and consumerism. This strengthens religious or nationalistic identities always under the dominion of greed, hatred and delusion. Thus, rather than a clash of civilizations, the Maitriyana proposes the very evolution of the global civilization, detaching itself from unbridled capitalism for moving to a libertarian socialist paradigm based on spiritual values of pacifism, communism human rights, education and ecology. This revolutionary vision is an ongoing Commitment to the Truth, destroying every illusion and lie. Therefore, the Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) does not fear rebelling nor lose his/her life before the increasing militarization of the world and its powerful financial capital. The current era of the Capitalist Discourse is essentially a rejection of emptiness as an impossibility of completeness, repressing the features of the Real – that are imperfection, impermanence and insubstantiality – in order to sell a superficial, false and harmful lifestyle. However, the libertarian meditation provides the apprentice a contact with the Truth through the experience of dis-completion. Since the movement of Capitalist Discourse is not eternal and it certainly has an ending, the spiritual master proposes the Buddhist Socialism as a solution or replacement. The inevitability of the collapse of capitalist civilization can be perceived in the numerous sorrows that are extended across the world and which are regulated through economic, political and cultural fictions. Therefore, the dualisms between imperialism-nationalism, east-west and civilization-barbarism are revealed as nonexistent and unreal, being deconstructed by the paradoxical dialectical perspective of Maitriyana. Nevertheless, illusoriness of each of these oppositions cannot be grasped intellectually, but through the practice of revolutionary contemplation (kakumei-zen) which calls the subject to a synthetic resolution of conflicts. The opposite poles only exist in the duality of language, because the symbolic oppositions do not coincide with the Real. Thus, for example, the Buddhist Socialism demonstrates that capitalism is both a form of civilization as a form of barbarism. In the networks of greed, aversion and unconsciousness to which the capitalist civilization tends, there is no more than a constant thrust towards barbarism of wanting to possess everything. Against this, the dimension of incompleteness is returned to the human beings by the Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) by transforming them ethically for truly saving the world. Currently, only the Maitriyana conceives and introduces a beyond the materialistic and capitalist Discourse, by imagining and building a new world or Kingdom of Righteousness despite the fact that this is unthinkable for most of humanity. Therefore, the Buddhist Socialism is undoubtedly a metapolitics of epiphanic, prophetic and universalistic nature. Thence the Desire detached proffered at the heart of Awakening (Bodhi): Only the Cure (Nirvana) can save humanity from the inevitable capitalist catastrophe.

Although the Capitalist Discourse is the model of global civilization of East and West, inside each apprentice the conditions for the emergence of a better world are latent. But this liberation involves a cut or radical disagreement with the materialist historical formulation. To this it is mainly due the failure of authoritarian communist system, which was unable to respect the spiritual nature of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity that is present within each individual. Thus, the correct output of capitalism can only happen through the Libertarian and Reconciliatory Spirituality of Maitriyana, because otherwise humanity is doomed to disappear. The world of the future shall be a planetary civilization based on the Buddhist Socialism project, which becomes detached from the Capitalist Discourse because its essence is supraeconomic, metapolitical and transcultural. In this sense, the post contemporary conformation of Maitriyana, insofar as it incorporates the technique and experience of libertarian meditation, establishes an absolute cut with the Capitalist Discourse, denouncing it as a system based on war, inequality, ignorance and contamination. Indeed, the Buddhist Socialism discusses the mundane Power about the correct way of inhabiting and being-with-the-world.


Far from the hypocrisy of partisanship or nationalism, the Maitriyana returns its socially engaged essence to politics in what is beginning to take shape as the construction of the global peace agreement most important in the history of humanity. Although the Buddhist Socialism is not a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, by possessing only the spiritual support of the figure of the Awakened One (Buddha), it will always offer its mediation for the dialogue and interexistence among all the peoples, by supporting peace and respect for all human beings, so the spiritual master considers as brothers and never as enemies to those which are different. In opposition to the mundane history of religions, full of violence, war and inquisition, the Maitriyana honors the legacy of the Free and Enlightened Beings (Arhats-Bodhisattvas) through its quest for peace, social justice, wisdom and compassion. Currently, the Buddhist Socialism is a solidary and originating Spirituality, whose legacy for the future generations is the Path of Reconciliation, Salvation and Evolution of the entire humanity. In a moment of history in which the capitalist civilization is coming to its inevitable downfall, the Maitriyana becomes detached from the disreputable government policy for giving back the true metapolitical essence of the Purpose (Dharma) of changing the world and rebuild a Pure Land or Kingdom of Righteousness to the people. Although the spiritual master should not be involved in state politics, he or she certainly is a representative of the highest values, striving to purify the whole world through metapsychology, metaphilosophy and metapolitics, by transforming then the inner world, the vision of things and the external world. Thus, the Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) always manages the common good, selflessly fighting against war, injustice, ignorance and pollution. The difference between the metapolitics of the Buddhist Socialism and other ordinary political movements is the work in favor of dialogue and reconciliation, rescuing the true universal dignity that resides in every living being. Thus, the spiritual master perceives and feels the fellow being as a comrade and companion of Way, defending life against the empire of merchandise and exploitation. Although the Maitriyana Spirituality can be accused of being the least religious of all the movements it is the largest hope for peace in the world. Furthermore, despite being non-partisan and non-governmental, the Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) certainly belongs to the party of the Awakened One (Buddha), to the government of Purpose (Dharma) and to the Republic of the Commune (Sangha). This is why the metapolitics of the Buddhist Socialism is sealed with the authenticity and spontaneity of a simple and humble lifestyle that is always on the side of those who suffer. In short, in the Kingdom of Righteousness proclaimed by the Maitriyana there is no place for hostility, hypocrisy and the double standards which have characterized the governments and religions of history.


At your entire disposal and wishing you a merry Christmas,

Always with a profound spirit of Reconciliation (Maitri),

Master Maitreya


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