Irak Peace Project


Irak Peace Project 2014



September 8, 2014

Dear people from Irak,

The Peace Project presented by the Maitriyana is a proposal that has the Purpose of helping you to rebuild your country, by offering spiritual guidance in order to put an end to the violence. Since the people of Iraq have been systematically stalked by the Capitalist Fundamentalism and the Religious Fundamentalism, your nation no longer knows what peace is, so it is transcendental that the spiritual masters show the correct Way to this destination. In a country where hundreds of thousands of people have been outraged from their homes and threatened with death, the movement of Buddhist Socialism as a Way of Reconciliation is positioned with compassionate wisdom facing this tragic situation representing the humanitarian catastrophe of millions of people. Thus, the Libertarian Spirituality considers that this warlike problem suffered by the people of Iraq is nothing more than a symptom of the decline of the materialistic contemporary civilization so tainted by war, social injustice, illiteracy and contamination. The Iraqi people should sue the Security Council of the United Nations for having allowed that genocide occurs in their country. In the past, Iraq suffered siege from USA through an economic blockade and a military invasion that resulted in the death of millions of people. Today, Iraq is suffering the persecution of religious fundamentalism. Both types of fundamentalism, either the modern capitalist and the feudal religious, are merely a way to interfere with the future of humanity which is a Pure Land of peace, justice, education and harmony.

In the face of the pain of the Iraqi people, the Maitriyana renews its spiritual closeness to those oppressed beings, by teaching them that all pain is a proof that the Universe puts so that everyone can learn what is truly important in life. Since no god will solve the problems of society, the Reconciliatory Spirituality appeals to the nature of Liberty and the Awakening which lies in the depth of every human being, invoking this Awakened Spirit as a way of producing the event of the gift of peace. Although there are people persecuted and expelled, even if they have to leave their properties to try to survive, there is something that they will never lose, something that is intrinsic of the human existence, which is the possibility of the spiritual Cure through the teachings of the Free and Enlightened Being.

Faced with the anguish of the people of Iraq, the Buddhist Socialism makes a call for all the peoples of the Earth in order to assist in ending the enormous suffering and the social massacre through solidarity and revolutionary acts which banish violence through peace, healing hatred through the most powerful force in the Universe: Spiritual Love. This is what any subject who practices silent contemplation discovers.

Although the situation is dramatic, there is still hope to save the people of Iraq. But, the Maitriyana states that there is no resolution of the conflict through military intervention, since a massacre cannot be prevented or intervened with another massacre. The only possibility to resolve the conflict is the Way of Reconciliation.

The warlike group called the Islamic State is a fundamentalist movement that has been waging a bloody war, while it performs an ethnic purging where thousands of Christians, Yazidis, Shabaks, Turkmen, Shiites and even Sunnis are harassed, exiled, tortured, killed or sold as slaves. But the governments of USA and UK are also a dangerous form of ultramaterialist fundamentalism, claiming to be the leaders of the world, althought they only represent the economic interests of large corporations. Both systems, the medieval ultrareligious and the modern capitalism are absolutely cruel and oppress those who opposed to them. Therefore, the Buddhist Socialism proposes a Third Pathway based on the ethics of the Middle Way of Spirituality.

In order to overcome the terror, brutality and devastation generated by the despotic and tyrannical regimes, the Iraqi people must publicly assume that the holy war is solely a process of inner purification but it is not an armed struggle against the neighbour. Any political system or religious fanaticism that violates Human Rights is nothing but a fraudulent and evil organization. This must be a banner for the people of Iraq if they wish peace. Therefore, Iraq should also opposing any attempt to bombardment against these armies or terrorist groups, especially if said military solution is provided by countries like the USA who are responsible for an invasion and genocide in Iraq. Hatred can only be overcome with compassionate wisdom. The Maitriyana teaches that if Iraq wishes to survive this conflict must operate according to the Human Rights, so that this system of universal ethics should be the essence of the Constitution of your country. This will allow that none minority may be persecuted again. The Libertarian Spirituality has a redemptive Purpose in the world, which is why it struggles peacefully against impunity, especially when the international community does not react to the danger of life of millions of people. However, the situation of the world only will start to really improve if the peoples unite under the lighthouse of hope and cease all violence, working together to overcome the oppression and alienation.

With the spiritual intention of curbing a genocide in Iraq, the Buddhist Socialism decides to present a Peace Project of a radical nature but it can cause the Salvation of hundreds of thousands of people, being something that no bombing or war can achieve. In fact, when trying to resolve a conflict through war such conflict is only getting worse. This is something that any apprentice can experience by practicing meditation. Although for the spiritual master launching this kind of Project of a huge wingspan is something that jeopardizes his own life, when one is a representative of Good, Love and Reconciliation, then this is something which unfolds naturally and without expecting any results. The only thing that is clear from the look of the Free and Enlightened Being is that any military offensive is not conducive to the aim of peace, being a failure in itself. This is something that any child in kindergarten can understand, so that the Maitriyana requests the people of Iraq that claim their political leaders have a greater spiritual conviction and really defend their nation. Reconciliatory Spirituality has a huge responsibility to lead the world towards Salvation, by building a Pure Land in the here and now. Luckily, this movement is not alone, since there are many people who, for thousands of years, have been denouncing that evil cannot be overcame with evil.

When US troops invaded in 2003 in search for oil, they destroyed the entire Iraqi state, leaving a system of chaos and social disorder that could never be put back. It was never returned to build a strong alternative to the old regime. Here is precisely where the Buddhist Socialism presents its offering of assistance to guide the people of Iraq towards the True Peace, which is a construct that cannot be easily tumbled down.

The Maitriyana is a pacifist opposition against the military intervention, accompanying the peoples through a comprehensive strategy for the world which is based on humanitarian intentions. The spiritual master provides a strategy in order to build a long-term peace for everyone. But the Free and Enlightened Being cannot support initiatives that do not show a comprehensive plan for the humanity, which seems to be convinced that peace does not exist. Therein lies the challenge that the Libertarian Spirituality has: teach the peoples to restore the faith and hope in a better world. The Buddhist Socialism asks the people of Iraq that assume a strategy to develop a lasting world peace, by finding the solution at the right point which is the ethics of Detachment. The people of Iraq must understand that military actions are not a response, so that the Maitriyana urges that the political representatives of this beautiful country declare the announcement of an immovable pacifist position. The entire humanity must unite and not allow that the warlike superpowers or the Religious Fundamentalism recreate a war against the people. At this point, the Buddhist Socialism collides with the status quo of the contemporary civilization, which does not care to understand that the military actions lead to hatred and war and not to peace and compassion. The Maitriyana then presents a pacifist strategic plan in order to banish the structural violence afflicting Iraq and finish this humanitarian catastrophe.

While the United States appeals to the bombardment against jihadists, the Buddhist Socialism are delivering spiritual humanitarian aid, demonstrating that the global powers do nothing but mobilize themselves towards purposes based on greed, hatred and delusion. Humanity is hungry for food and water, as the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have escaped from the siege and the death threats, but they are also thirsty for peace and spiritual welfare. Thus the Maitriyana considers that the genocide that is suffering the people of Iraq should be solved through the compassionate wisdom, which is the Only Way to the Evanescence of the ills of the world. Iraq should prevent that United States redeploy their attacks on this country, because this government is as dangerous as the very religious fundamentalist group ISIS which is killing hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq and Syria. The only thing that can banish this wake of destruction and death is the Path towards the Reconciliation and the Awakening of the people. Therefore, any humanitarian effort should bring peace, since only providing food and water does no more than maintaining the current state of suffering of the world.

The spiritual master advises the people of Iraq to form a government of national unity that seeks the reconciliation with the insurgent forces and the international community, but while maintaining its self-determination and Liberty. In this context, given that both the Religious Fundamentalism and the Capitalist Empire are essentially fighter sanguinary movements who violate the human rights, a government of Peace for Iraq must be based on the unity with the neighboring peoples and with other global non-bellicose Powers. The people of Iraq is needed of guiding principles as a nation in order to reconstruct itself, and pacifism, redistributionism, literacy and environmentalism are precisely governing principles which help the people to achieve Liberty and Cure. Instead, war and violence are not guiding principles, they are forces of selfdestruction. In this regard, the Buddhist Socialism is a true spiritual doctrine in international politics, helping the peoples of the world to achieve the gradual integration under a same Superior Purpose. Only the compassionate wisdom can reverse the advance of the violence in the world, by teaching to the great majorities that this crisis may generate an opportunity for change: a planetary Unity that reveals the dualism between East and West as false. This Statement of Reconciliation, which should be the true work of the Organisation of the United Nations (UN), will have enormous consequences for all the humankind and the Earth Mother.

Definitively, the crises of the people of Iraq are not entirely the fault of the USA or the ISIS group, but rather they are a consequence of the original sin of selfishness, dualism and consumerism. Therefore, by achieving the evanescence of the origin of the social problems one will be able to start a new creation of the Iraqi people. The Maitriyana offers all its spiritual guidance to assist in the foundation of a State of Iraq based on libertarian socialist ideals which always point to Peace. The Buddhist Socialism shows that only the modality of direct democracy will help Iraq to banish the vestiges of the despotic regimes of the past, by being able to vindicate the welfare of every minority of the nation.

Another fundamental step for the true peace is that Iraq establishes a complete reconciliation with the people of Iran, by consolidating a relationship of brotherhood and solidarity that will help to rebuild the country. This guidance that the Maitriyana provides is a peace operation called the Awakening for Iraq, in order that the government can work in pursuit of the majorities and minorities dwelling on its territory.

The Buddhist Socialism declares that war does not lead to democracy, so that it is advisable to dismantle any political settlement with warmongers and neoconservative superpowers which do nothing more than disunite the whole human community. All government has to abandon any sectarian agenda that ignores the needs of all communities, by developing a unitary and autonomous State where all the citizens can live with a significant level of Liberty. Currently, the armed and economical forces are ruling the world, so that the Maitriyana propels the peoples take control over their own lives rather than ceding their capacity of choosing to bureaucratic functionaries.

The people of Iraq must return to be a significant regional actor, a process which will be accelerated if it is facilitated the growth of direct democracy along with a reconciled relationship with the neighboring peoples. Only the brotherhood and fraternity will improve the security situation of the citizens while the weaponry does no more than make it worse. The practice of contemplation revolutionary which transmits the Buddhist Socialism is precisely a way of understanding that peoples are not real enemies, because they have common interests: the survival of humanity and of the Earth. Thus, the political, economical and social success of Iraq will never be provided by the sectarianism and the division between Sunnis and Shiites, or between Muslims and Christians, but actually it will be achieved through the creation of an integrated and reconciled nation. But this work begins with unity and harmony with oneself, by healing the divisions that afflict the ordinary mind and that then promote greater divisions in society.

The Maitriyana states that Iraq can become a world power, using its oil wealth to achieve the Cure from war, poverty, ignorance and the contamination suffered by the majority of your people. Therefore, an unbreakable law for the Iraq of the future is that every governor enters the government as a humble subject and that leave it as a humble subject too. While corruption exists, any attempt of political, economic and social transformation will be doomed to failure. Of course, the internal conflicts in Iraq also interexist with a world in conflict, which implies that the warlike growth of the peoples must be confronted with an increase in the levels of Awakening. The support for this type of revolutionary policies will facilitate the emergence and consolidation of peace. Although the international agenda of the Buddhist Socialism is ambitious there is consistent evidence that when the people pay attention to the insurgent teaching of the Free and Enlightened Beings, it achieves to concentrate more on establishing social structures of equality.

The Libertarian Spirituality is very ancient, at the same time it represents the future of humanity. Thus, although there are decapitations crucifixions and mass executions on the part of the religious fundamentalists, the Maitriyana rises up as the Cure for the terror and brutality of both the fundamentalist attacks and the US bombardments. The spiritual master cares about accompanying the peoples persecuted by the desolation, so he feels an infinite compassion towards the genocide that is suffering the Iraqi people; at the same time he shows that the violent punishment against those responsible is not the solution. The solution is neither the fundamentalist sword nor the American bomb. The only solution is to accept the neighbor as a brother and Companion of Way. This is what Gautama and Jesus taught: do no harm, doing good and purify the mind. The real solution is a peaceful action that leads to Salvation, but it is never the destruction or the violent intervention. The Libertarian Spirituality works hard to achieve a worldwide government of unity and reconciliation, spiritually guiding the governments to really help their own peoples. The solution to the conflicts is not exterminating the adversaries but rather in doing an internal cleaning which will transform then into a social transformation of an enormous magnitude. While children continue to die because of the missiles, while there are sick with famine, while the schools do not open, while the situation of the living beings is absolutely terrible, Buddhist Socialism will denounce the world powers and will seek to become aware the peoples that the future depends on the coexistence in the here and now. From the point of view of the Free and Enlightened Being, all non-humanitarian solution is insufficient or even negative. The only possibility for a solution is to support the practice of forgiveness, unity and reconciliation, since it is the best step towards the construction of a better world. Thus the Maitriyana assumes the position of a chosen movement which is rise to the occasion, accompanying the people with the Purpose of the world peace until the end of time.

Buddhist Socialism seeks to liberate the Iraqi people from the vicious process of repetition from authoritarianism, whose monstrosity must be transformed by the direct democracy. Only the power of the people can banish any attempt to despotic dominion which often leads to the collective suicide of thousands of people, by opting for a type of activism that is an alternative to the military action. Although the Maitriyana condemns the violence of certain fundamentalist groups, the peace movement of Spirituality should never yield to the temptation to provide a blessing to the military action, since the concept of a just war is one of the most dangerous and nefarious illusions of the history of humanity, by referring to the remembrance of the Crusades. While it may not be accepted the fanatic and barbaric leaderships who despise the human life and they even practice segregation and genocide, certainly the military condemnation is not the appropriate response. This is where the ethics of Detachment that the spiritual master teaches can really help the peoples, promoting the exponential growth of peace by overcoming the difficulties that are opened by the complex geopolitical fabric of the contemporary world, within which the civil or state terrorism seem to have more and more political, economic and cultural power. If humanity wishes to survive then it must to abandon the monstrous practices of war, in order to be able to unite in pursuit of higher interests which only can be not diluted in a genuine democratic level. Since the despotic leaders prefer the ultrareligious Fundamentalism rather than the democratic instance, the Reconciliatory Spirituality presents itself as the evanescence of the evils of the authoritarian power, by teaching the peoples how to reach the Liberty.

The Buddhist Socialism seeks that all the peoples position themselves against the aberrant acts that are happening in Iraq, pledging to help stopping the genocide that is currently taking place, where thousands of people are being threatened and massacred daily in the name of God, despite the fact that all mysticism is essentially merciful and compassionate. Since Maitriyana is a movement that has wide-open eyes to what is happening in the reality, calls upon the international community to put a peaceful cessation to the humanitarian drama that is hurting the Iraqi people, which seems to be caught between the option of the sword or the option of bombardment. Beyond that Iraq is experiencing a religious cleansing it also is suffering an ethnic purging, by expelling or eliminating anyone who is not a fundamentalist. Therefore, the Purpose of performing a true Peace Project for Iraq turns into one of the most important current needs for the entire humanity. In the face of this, the Buddhist Socialism does not observe the facts passively, being in accordance with Saint Paul the Apostle to teach the ethical Way that can stop this escalation of violence against the defenseless people: be beleaguered is not to be despondent; be perplexed is not to be hopeless; be pursued is not to be abandoned; be knocked down is not to be annihilated. Always and everywhere, the Maitriyana carries in its vision the compassionate wisdom which has inherited from Gautama and Jesus, so that the human being is able to self-sacrifice in pursuit of the Good and Salvation of others.

The Buddhist Socialism launches a Peace Project for Iraq in order to stop the humanitarian crisis product from war, poverty, ignorance and contamination, because helping others is not merely to provide them with food and water, being rather to provide the spiritual food of peace to be able to overcome the violence and chaos. Teaching the Way to Salvation is then the most significant move of humanitarian assistance that there may be against violence. For such reason, the Maitriyana expresses its willingness to go to Iraq in order to try to achieve Reconciliation with the aggressors, stopping the massacre which is being committed there against all the minorities. But the Free and Enlightened Being clarifies that a human being on his own cannot stop to an entire aggressor movement, so that it is necessary that the people rise up against the aggression but without resorting to violence, for it is not licit to detain the aggressor through a new aggression. It is essential that this lesson of the spiritual master be learned once and for all by the superpowers and even by the religions, which usually consider the possibility of righteous aggressors and allow the invasion and conquest under the pretext of Liberation. In the Reconciliatory Spirituality it is essential the issue of the the correct means, so that the process of stopping the aggressor must be evaluated through the pacifist ethics, not emotionally reacting to the horror and cruelty of war. Given that Buddhist Socialism is a revolutionary initiative it has no objection to pay the political cost of saying what nobody wants to say or even hear, but when one is convinced that the only Pathway to peace is the dialogue one cannot be afraid of telling the Truth. Peace is the most precious gift and therefore it deserves a hard work, by teaching the humanity that besides the political negotiations there is also the Way of meditation to solve any conjunctural situation. The Maitriyana is precisely a lantern illuminating the pathway that is found beyond war.

The Buddhist Socialism copes with the danger with his libertarian vision that can radically transform the face of the world, helping the peoples not with weaponry or financing but with compassionate wisdom, which is vital for the survival and evolution of the population of Iraq and the entire world. The Maitriyana has a pacifist tactic and strategy, so it does not resemble any traditional political ideology. His long-term vision allows the consolidation of peace in order to change the face of the Middle East, by creating a scenario of global Awakening which certainly threatens the capitalist Power. In fact, tens of thousands of Western fighters who have joined the ISIS movement are a symptom of the failure of the capitalist civilization, since these people do not adhere to the armed struggle of the religious Fundamentalism because they have military training or Islamic knowledge, but rather they do so because they are essentially dissatisfied with the world government. The Buddhist Socialism has practical plans for the long term, by claiming that the oil refineries from Iraq have to finance the welfare of their people and not some sort of military strategy. Therefore, the organization of Maitriyana is a spiritual discipline that threatens the status quo, promoting the major objective of the Cure from the ills of the world.

The libertarian presence of the Free and Enlightened Being overturns the world capitalist board, since it is a systemic anomaly impossible to be regulated through the political, economic and cultural Power, being a foretaste of the human being of the future. No less is the effect that the guidance of the spiritual master causes, so that ignoring his teachings is a non advisable attitude that can lead to the global instability through wars throughout the world. The Buddhist Socialism also claims that the global instability is reflected not only in war but in poverty and the social inequality, as the States that concentrate the incomes at the same time they undermine democracy. This whole system of civilization generates an enormous frustration and the sense that there is no possible future, this being the main reason for the presence of Western individuals within warlike religious fundamentalist movements such as ISIS. Against this, the Maitriyana is the pacifist revolutionary movement most complex in history, by establishing a Peace Project capable of saving the Middle East. Since there are armed groups willing to kill all the Jews, Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Kurds, Yazidis, and Turkomans, the Buddhist Socialism promotes the creation of a non-armed international coalition able to revive the same pacifist rhetoric used by Mahatma Gandhi to liberate the people of India and Pakistan. This implies that one should not try to destroy the enemy, but rather to be reconciled with this one through the realization that it is a brother. This is the only possible direction towards world peace; by risking everything to illuminate what the Power intends to keep hidden.

The Maitriyana calls the people of Iraq to deal with these unimaginable tragedies, not with weapons but with compassionate wisdom, which is the force of communion and liberation most important in history. In Iraq, thousands of children periodically die, both in the past as a result of the economic blockade and in the present time product of the warlike genocide. Thus the Buddhist Socialism is a cry into the darkness so that the world wakes up from its deep sleep, stopping to be entertained with superficialities and illusions in order to begin to build peace. Neither the diplomacy nor the weapons will solve this conflict; only the spiritual Awakening of the people will do it.

The Maitriyana calls for urgently form an international coalition of peace to assist the people of Iraq and Syria by protecting them from both the sword on the part of fascist religious fundamentalism and from the bombing on the part of the capitalist imperialism. The violence and terrorism are not only a part of some extremist groups, since the Free and Enlightened Being also denounces that this is a cruel practice to which the main world superpowers appeal. In this manner, the Buddhist Socialism proposes a Peace Project for Iraq that is a Third Way or a Middle Path to ensure the welfare and Liberty of your people.

The Maitriyana denounces the terrible practices of those who use the beautiful religion of Islam as a pretext to massively kill or displace, but it also denounces those countries that invade and destroy in the name of Democracy and Liberty. In this sense, the Buddhist Socialism is not positioned against a specific group, but it attempts to achieve the Cure from the cancer of war and the violence which is extended along the entire planet. Therefore, one of the most important aspects of the Purpose of the spiritual master is to confront the plague of totalitarianism and oppression, overcoming it through the force of Love and fraternity. Thus, the expansion of Liberty for the people of Iraq involves forming a unity that respects all its minorities, that be reconciled to its neighboring peoples and that is autonomous from the warmongering superpowers that beset the world and systematically violate the human rights.

Faced with this catastrophic situation suffered by the people of Iraq, the Maitriyana movement presents a Peace Project composed of a series of points:

  • Public condemnation towards the definition of Jihad as holy war.
  • In exchange for the surrender it is offered to the ISIS movement a legal pardon for all crimes committed, by inviting them to join the Armed Forces of Iraq.
  • The request before the UN for the remission of the entire external debt of Iraq as a form of financial compensation by the invasion suffered in 2003.
  • The request for the Inter-American Development Bank financing for rebuilding the social infrastructure destroyed by the war, such as hospitals and schools.
  • Nationalization of all the natural resources of Iraq, primarily the oil.
  • Declaration of a multifaith State of Iraq.
  • Construction of an economic, political and social strategical Alliance with Iran and Syria.
  • Prohibiting that the superpowers militarily interfere in political and economic issues of Iraq.
  • Promoting the system of direct democracy in the whole country.

The Buddhist Socialism dedicates this Peace Project not only to the peace of the people of Iraq, but also to the welfare of the Mother Earth, seeking to protect all the defenseless and persecuted ones. The Maitriyana suffers before the oppression and suffering of the people that are harassed by torture and starvation. Ultimately, the suffering of the people is primordial force of Buddhist Socialism, being a concrete witness to the necessity that the world has to be transformed through the forgiveness and the Spiritual Love, since only these values lead to the Salvation of humanity and the protection of the Earth. The Maitriyana stresses that the Mother Earth is that which gives life and helps to understand that all living beings are brothers in communion with the spirit of the Cosmos. But this Mother Earth is modeled on the spiritual Awakening to which Gautama and Jesus reached, who constitute the most beautiful and superior ethical model possible. The process by which the Mother Earth contains to all human beings as cells of the same overall body is certainly something mysterious, unique and singular, but it will be fully understood in the future when humanity evolves and gives birth to a Pure Land or a Kingdom of Heavens in the here and now. To reach this Golden Age of Peace and Reconciliation, the peoples shall become aware that they are essentially free and that their fate depends entirely on their actions. The Earth is the Mother of all the living beings, and the human beings are brothers inside this holistic and living field. Every time a child dies the whole humanity is being murdered. Whenever a subject awakens, the world is becoming a better place. That is how the Reconciliation is the Only Way to Salvation: do no harm, do good, purify the mind.

Always with a Reconciling Spirit,

Master Maitreya


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