Ven Shih-FaLu


Born in Caracas, Venezuela, on May 18, 1955. University graduate in Education, religion and computer science; Master in Psychotherapy; Honorary Doctorate in Comparative Religions. Eighth level Master (TWKSF) in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (kung Fu – Kuoshu).
From a very young age he dedicated himself to the study and practice of various oriental disciplines and philosophies. He begins the practice of Buddhism in his 20s, exploring Tibetan Buddhism and Zen / Chan Buddhism. In 2006 he is ordained as Buddhist monk by Ven. Shih-Shenlung, receiving from him the Soto Zen (Japanese) and Chan Linji (Chinese) lineages. He starts and currently chairs the Yong Kai International School of Buddhism, with branches in Venezuela, Germany and the United States.
In 2015 he emigrated to the United States and currently (2021) resides in Dallas, Texas, where he continues his practice and teaching work

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