Judgment on Noam Chomsky

CASE 59-2020: Noam Chomsky


Dear Prosecutor, Peace Ambassador and Human Rights Defenders of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR), regarding Case 59-2020 against “Noam Chomsky”, on January 3 2021, it is hereby recorded that the ethical trial to analyze the violations of Human Rights and Buddhist Ethics carried out by the accused has been concluded.

After analyzing the Case’s filing and validation of proofs, the voting of 4 Human Rights Defenders was carried out, and all of them confirmed it is “Fair” the accusation against Noam Chomsky for the serious crime of Genocide Denialism.

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee has been able to file evidence proving that Noam Chomsky has committed Genocide Denialism for manifesting himself in favor of the dictatorial regime that caused massacre of tens of thousands of Buddhist Masters in Cambodia, which is an expression prohibited by International Law. Noam Chomsky has even also committed other acts of Denialism about the genocides in Rwanda and Srebrenica, which clearly demonstrates an immoral and criminal intellectual pattern that for political reasons takes the side of terror instead of putting himself in the place of the victims. Clearly, the lack of empathy (shu) with victims of massacres demonstrates a level of huge intellectual perversion.

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee has been capable of discovering that this Genocide Denial by Noam Chomsky has evident political motivations, since this thinker is allied to leftist regimes and assumes an anti-American position that is skewing and clouding his whole understanding on the worst tragedies of history. Chomsky‘s denialist politics is an inadequate view that is tainted with aversion and dualism, leading him to be a social thinker lacking both empathy (shu) to victims as well as detachment from mundane Power, which is evident in his denial or justification of the worst crimes against humanity that have occurred in the history of civilization. The Buddhist Law strongly condemns this criminal intellectual deviation that despises life and Truth.

The Maitriyana teaches that social thinkers must defend the highest ideals of the human being, behaving ethically and always protecting the intrinsic dignity of life. Despite the fact that Chomsky has had an important influence on the Western intellectual field, undoubtedly his symbolic and cultural figure is idealized, developing a totally insignificant thought in comparison with the social philosophies of Gautama and Confucius. In this sense, while the recognition of Truth led Masters Gautama and Confucius to embody the level of the Free Being (Bodhisattva), which is the Noble or Ethically Evolved Being (Junzi) that manifests the spiritual values of compassion and the sense of Purpose of humanitarianism (ren), instead, Genocide Denialism leads social thinkers to embody the level of the ethically deficient or underdeveloped Being (jian zhang fu), which is the dishonorable or unscrupulous Being (xiaoren) defending the way of the tyrants (badao).

The Maitriyana shows that Masters Gautama and Confucius developed the broadest social philosophical movement in history, teaching the way toward the ideal development of human nature (xing), which means that the society should have righteousness (yi) in political, economic, cultural and environmental structures. Thus, the appropriate conduct (li) of the human being is not just to achieve individual Awakening (Bodhi) but also to achieve the highest level of civilization: the way of the true ruler (wangdao), a world ruled by peace (tai), justice (yi), wisdom (zhi) and harmony (he). Obviously, this stage of libertarian socialist civilization requires transcending savage capitalism and authoritarian communism, emptying the human being from the evils of greed, hatred and deceit.

Unlike the ethically deficient or underdeveloped thinkers (jian zhang fu), who are dishonorable or unscrupulous beings (xiaoren), on the other hand, the Noble or Ethically Evolved Being (Junzi) follows the Path of compassion and humanitarianism (ren), being an example for others at all times and places. In fact, although the Free and Fulfilled Being (Bodhisattva-Junzi) is clearly a Noble and culturally evolved Being very different from ordinary people, he or she certainly lives in peace with these ones, while the ethically deficient and dishonorable thinker (jian zhang fu – xiaoren) is equal to ordinary people although this individual does not live in peace with them. The Noble Being (Junzi) is spiritually evolved, by being kind, humble, respectful, reliable, considerate, audacious and critical, although this special status does not make his or her learning (xue) to stop nor does it separate him or her from the rest of human beings, but it even makes him or her to feel much more concerned about the neighbor’s life, seeking that all beings can achieve Liberation and never experience oppression or genocide. In short, without the compassionate guidance and humanitarian ideals of the Noble and Evolved Being (Junzi), society loses its appropriate conduct and civility (li), turning into chaotic involution of war, injustice, ignorance and contamination.

By being the most developed manifestation of Buddhist and Confucian Spirituality, the Noble and Evolved Being (Junzi) should not position himself or herself in society as a mere specialized academic thinker, which is something too easy to achieve, but rather must be a vessel (qi) of the adequate conduct (li) and the Spiritual Path (Dao), practicing righteousness (yi) and fulfilling the Divine Mission (Tianming) instead of being allied to authoritarian political regimes.

In conclusion, Master Gautama Samyaksambuddha assumed the defense of Truth, which is the duty of every true social philosopher, reason why the Buddhist Spirituality considers deceitfulness as one of the main ills or poisons of mind. In this way, the Buddhist Law judges “Noam Chomsky” as Responsible for Genocide Denialism.

With spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

H.E. Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Judge of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

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