Master in Sufism

Master in Sufism




First Semester

1. Mysticism and Islamic Spirituality
2. Direct encounter with the divine
3. Purity of heart
4. Detachment from worldly possessions
5. Meditation and remembrance of the divine
6. Ecstasy, Realization and Holiness
7. Supraconscience, Unveiling and Inspiration
8. Total abandonment
9. Empty of oneself
10. Mantras, dances and music
11. Spiritual poetry
12. Sufism and Quran


Second Semester

1. Sufism and Christianity
2. Sufism and Buddhism
3. Sufism and Zen
4. Sufism and Philosophy
5. Sufism and Gnosis
6. Enlightenment
7. Unity of Being and Cosmos
8. Development of Love
9. Islamic psychology
10. Self-knowledge and Purification
11. Noble character
12. Ascesis and spiritual life

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