Master in Ecumenism

Master in Ecumenism




First Semester

1. Interreligious Dialogue
2. Unity of religions
3. Inter-spiritual dialogue
4. Inter-civilizatory dialogue
5. Christian Unity
6. The evil of the divisions
7. Judaism-Christianity-Islam Synthesis
8. Ecumenical consciousness
9. Resistance against ecumenism
10. Contemporary Theology
11. Eastern Christianity and Western Christianity
12. Protestant Ecumenism


Second Semester

1. Catholic Ecumenism
2. Interdenominational Ecumenism
3. Doctrinal Ecumenism
4. Institutional ecumenism
5. Social ecumenism
6. Spiritual ecumenism
7. Buddhist Ecumenism
8. Science and religion
9. Buddhism-Taoism-Confucianism Synthesis
10. Buddhism-Christianity-Islam Synthesis
11. Criticism of pontifical infallibility
12. Future of Ecumenism

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