Master in Gnosticism

Master in Gnosticism




First Semester

1. Manuscripts of Nag Hammadi
2. Original Christianity
3. First Apocalypse of Santiago
4. Spiritual Liberation
5. Ascetic practice
6. Esoteric life
7. Salvation through contemplative knowledge
8. Initiation Processes
9. Transcendent truth
10. Body and Spirit
11. Gospel of Mary Magdalene
12. Gospel of Judas


Second Semester

1. Gnosticism and Buddhism
2. Christian mysticism
3. Gnosticism versus Catholicism
4. Jesus as a Gnostic Savior
5. Carl Jung’s thought
6. Hegel’s thought
7. Theosophy
8. Egyptian Gnosticism
9. Persian Gnosticism
10. Eastern Gnosticism
11. Meister Eckhart
12. Gospel according to Thomas

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