Master in Ekayana Buddhism

First Semester

Module 1. Theravada and Mahayana

Module 2. Siddharta Gautama

Module 3. Nagarjuna

Module 4. The Bodhisattva Vehicle

Module 5. Mahayana sutras

Module 6. Ekayana

Module 7. Pure Land Buddhism

Module 8. Chan-Zen Buddhism

Module 9. Nichiren Buddhism

Module 10. Tiantai and Tendai Buddhism

Module 11. Shingon Buddhism

Module 12. Vajrayana Buddhism of Tibet

Second Semester:

Module 1. Yogacara

Module 2. Madhyamika

Module 3. Theory of the multiple Buddhas

Module 4. Theory of the Sunyata

Module 5. Theory of Liberation

Module 6. Theory of the Buddhic Nature

Module 7. Buddhism and Confucianism

Module 8. Buddhism and Taoism

Module 9. Buddhism and Yoga

Module 10. Nyingma and Mahamudra

Module 11. Dzogchen

Module 12. Ambedkar and the Navayana

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