Master in Meditation & Mindfulness





First Semester

Module 1. Zazen

Module 2. Koan Meditation

Module 3. Vipassana Meditation

Module 4. Sound and Mantra Meditation

Module 5. Meditations on Samsara, Human Life, Impermanence and impurities

Module 6. Meditation on Unity of Self and Others

Module 7. Tonglen Meditation

Module 8. Meditation on Equanimity

Module 9. Tantra meditation, Pure presence, spontaneity and release

Module 10. Mundane and Transcendent meditations

Module 11. Socially Engaged Meditation

Module 12. Yoga, Daoist, Christian and Sufi Meditations


Second Semester

Module 1. Preliminary Buddhist Meditations

Module 2. Mindfulness Meditation

Module 3. Calm Meditation

Module 4. Insight Meditation

Module 5. Objects of Early Buddhist Meditation

Module 6. Emptiness Meditation

Module 7. Compassionate Meditation

Module 8. Extraordinary Preliminary Practices of Relationality

Module 9. Creation Phase Meditation of Deity Yoga

Module 10. Perfection Phase Meditation of Subtle Body

Module 11. Great Seal of Naturalness Meditation

Module 12. Great Perfection of Visionary Meditation

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