Master in World Peace


First semester:
Module 1. Equanimity and inner peace
Module 2. Peace according to Master Gautama Buddha
Module 3. Socially Engaged Buddhism
Module 4. Peace according to Confucius and Pythagoras
Module 5. Peace according to Jesus of Nazareth
Module 6. Peace according to Francis of Assisi
Module 7. Thought by Leon Tolstoi
Module 8. Civil Disobedience and Henry Thoreau
Module 9. Hunger strike and Mahatma Gandhi
Module 10. Peaceful Manifestation and Martin Luther King
Module 11. Peace according to Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela
Module 12. Practice of Non-Violence

Second semester:
Module 1. Peace according to Daisaku Ikeda and Thich Nhat Hanh
Module 2. Humanitarianism and Compassionate Wisdom
Module 3. Transformation of the Social Conflict
Module 4. Democratic Peace
Module 5. Resolution of war conflicts and Peace Treaties
Module 6. Beyond Just War
Module 7. Peace in the UN system
Module 8. Globalization and Global Governance
Module 9. Philosophy of Pacifism
Module 10. Utopias of World Peace
Module 11. Luigi Ferrajoli and juridical pacifism
Module 12. Antimilitarism

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