Master in Human Rights Justice


First semester
1. Right to life and respect for intrinsic dignity
2. Right to freedom, equality and fraternity
3. Right to non-discrimination and honor
4. Right to decent work and freedom from slavery and exploitation
5. Right not to suffer torture or arbitrary detention
6. Right to impartial justice, defense and presumption of innocence
7. Right to nationality, free movement and residence
8. Right to asylum and refugee status
9. Right to Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
10. Right to Freedom of opinion and freedom of expression
11. Right to free assembly and peaceful association
12. Right to democracy

Second semester
1. Rights of children and women
2. Right to privacy, marriage and family
3. Right to housing, drinking water and adequate food
4. Right to individual and collective property
5. Right to rest, to strike and to optimum social security
6. Right to health and to the sustainable environment
7. Right to adequate education
8. Right to culture and science
9. Right to peace and well-being
10. Right to an adequate and spiritual lifestyle
11. Rights of Tribal Communities and Indigenous Peoples
12. Rights and Duties of Buddhist Peoples

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