Spiritual Leader

*Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

Spiritual Leader of Maitriyana Buddhist Community since 2005. Rector of Zen-University of Integral Buddhism and Super-Integral Institute. Patron of the Indian Buddhist Federation. Judge of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights. President of United Buddhist Nations Organization.

Master Maitreya has graduated as Buddhologist and Master in Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist Psychology and Buddhist Meditation. For creating New Ways of Buddhism called Maitriyana,  like the models of Buddhist Psychoanalysis, Perennial Buddhism, Purna (Integral) Buddhism and Mahapurna (Super-Integral) Buddhism since 2005, he has received higher Buddhist Degrees from World Association of Theravada, certifing him as Agga Maha Pandita (Great Chief Scholar), Abhidhaja Maharatthaguru (Most Eminent Spiritual Master), Sangharaja (Supreme Patriarch) and Vinayadhara (Buddhist Jurist). Also, he have a certificate in Buddhist Scriptures from Harvard University, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation from University of Virginia, and also studies in Mindfulness with Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Master Maitreya has graduated as Haiku Poet, Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Medicine practitioner and Shamanic Spiritual Guide. He also has graduated as Comparative Theologian, Islamologist, Evangelic Pastor, Christian Chaplain, Biblical Catechist, Ecclesiastical Judge and Canon Law Specialist.

Master Maitreya has professionally graduated as University Teacher, Philosophical Anthropologist of Education, Sociologist of education, Social Psychologist, Integral Counselor, Psychoanalyst, Emotional Intelligence Master, Life Mentor, Cooperative Educator, Social Work Assistant, Social Inclusion Agent, Therapeutic Companion, Transpersonal Therapist, Comparative Metaphysical Philosopher, Esoteric Thinker, Political Social Philosopher, International Political Scientist, and Sustainable Social Economist.

Master Maitreya has graduated as Human Rights Defender, Constitutionalist, Intercultural Social Mediator, Extrajudicial Conciliator, International Arbitrator, Judge of Peace, Restorative Justice practitioner, Criminological Profiler, International Criminal Law Jurist, Indigenous Environmental Jurist, Ecologist, Citizen’s Defender, Environmental Defender, Legal Advisor, Regulatory Compliance Analyst, Legal Secretariat, Political Journalist, Conflictologist, Terrorism and Extremism Expert, Peacebuilder, Universal Historian, Diplomatic, Ethicist, Bioethicist, Social Responsibility Expert, Gender Equality Technician, Environmental Architecture Specialist, Bachelor in Social Science and Humanities, Archaeologist Egyptologist, and Expert in Public Health.

Master Maitreya has a certificate in Legal Advocacy from University of Buenos Aires, a certificate in Justice from Harvard University, certificate of Restorative Justice at Victoria University of Wellington, a certificate of Investigating and Prosecuting International Crimes from Universiteit Leiden, a certificate in Moral Politics from Yale University, a certificate in Distributive Justice from Tel Aviv University, a certificate in Social Justice from Stanford University, certificate of Economic Democracy at University of Edinburgh, a certificate in Social Journalism from Berkeley University of California, a certificate in Classical Sociological Theory from University of Amsterdam, certificate in Global Diplomacy from the University of London, a certificate in Global Health and Humanitarianism from University of Manchester, a certificate in Ethical Leadership from Boston University, a certificate of Bioethics at Harvard University, a certificate in American Modernist Poetry at Harvard University, and a certificate in University Teaching from the University of Hong Kong, a certificate in Philosophy from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), a certificate in Confucian Philosophy at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), a certificate in Evolution from Leiden University, a certificate in Current World Anthropology from University of Queensland, a certificate in Aboriginal Worldview from University of Toronto, a certificate in Reconciliatory Indigenous Education from University of British Columbia, a certificate in Sartrean Thought at University of Buenos Aires, a certificate in Sustainability and Social Economies at the University of Chile, and a certificate in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy at Universidad Católica Argentina. Also, he has certificates in Neuroscience and Quantum Physics.

Receptor of the “Gautama Peace Prize” in 2013. He has performed the spiritual transmission of the Gautama Peace Prize to His Eminence Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 2017.

Founder of International Association of Buddhist Socialism, International Institute of Buddhist Psychoanalysis, International Institute of Buddhist Existentialism and Institute of Contemporary Buddhist Science.

Professor of Psychoanalysis and Lacanian Philosophy. Professor of World Peace, Social Justice, Advanced Education and Environmental Health. Professor of Super-Integral Yoga, Daoism, Confucianism, Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Chinese Civilization.

Professor of Buddhist Psychology, Buddhist Psychiatry, Buddhist Medicine, Buddhist Psychoteraphy, Buddhist Pedagogy, Buddhist Philosophy , Buddhist Ethics, Buddhist Art, Buddhist Science, Buddhist Ecology, Buddhist Politics, Buddhist Economy, Buddhist Sociology, Buddhist Law, Buddhist Anthropology, Buddhist Theology, Buddhist History, Buddhist Gnosis, Buddhist Mysticism, Buddhist Religion, Buddhist Humanism, Buddhist Transpersonalism, Buddhist Cognitivism, Buddhist Integralism, Buddhist Existentialism, Buddhist Environmentalism, Buddhist Socialism, Buddhist Cooperativism, Buddhist Anarchism, Buddhist Shamanism, Buddhist Revisionism, Buddhist Messianism, Buddhist Mysticism, Buddhist Ecumenism.

Creator and Professor of Buddhist Psychoanalysis, Buddhist Stoicism, Buddhist Surrealism, Buddhist Relativism, Buddhist Abolitionism, Buddhist Christianism. Creator and Professor of Zen Christianity.

Professor of Theravada, Socially Engaged Buddhism, Ekayana Buddhism, Saijojo Zen, Integral Buddhism and Super-Integral Buddhism.

Creator of the “Universal Declaration of Spiritual Rights”, the “Universal Declaration of Ecological Rights”, the “Universal Declaration of the Right to World Peace”, the “Universal Declaration on the Rights of Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities”, the “Universal Declaration on the Rights of Non-Human Beings”, the “Universal Declaration on the Right to Interspiritual and Interfaith Harmony”, the “Universal Declaration on the Responsability to Save the World”, the “Declaration of Independence of the United Buddhist Nations Organization”, the “Universal Declaration on Buddhism as Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, the “Buddhist Manifesto to the Nations of the World”, the “Buddhist Statement against Terrorism and Religious Manipulation” and the “Buddhist Convention on Human Rights”.

Member of the Commission on Legal Pluralism.



* Master Yan Maitri-Shi
Buddhist Psychology Counselor, Yoga Teacher and Pilates Trainer, Diploma in Nutrition, Master in Oriental Philosophy, PhD in Spiritual Coaching, PhD in Buddhist Philosophy. Human Rights Teacher. Expert in Child Education. English Trainer. Professional Translator.

She has studies as Private detective and police investigator.

International Secretary of Indian Buddhist Federation.
Spiritual Adviser of World Association of Theravada.
Prosecutor of International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights.
Vice-President of United Buddhist Nations Organization.



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