Spiritual Leader


*Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

Spiritual Leader of Maitriyana Buddhist Community since 2005.




Justice of the Peace training.

Certificate in Justice.

Training in Genocides and Crimes against humanity.

Diploma in International Arbitration.

Diploma in Extrajudicial Conciliation in Law.

Master in Intercultural Social Mediation.

Diploma in Human Rights.

Master-PhD in Human Rights.

Specialization in Human Rights and Constitutional Law.

Certificate in Investigation and Prosecution of International Crimes.

Diploma in International Criminal Law.

Diploma in Restorative Justice.

Restorative Justice Certificate.

Diploma in Criminal Law.

Certificate of Profiling and Criminology.

Training of Criminologist Psychologist.

Diploma in Criminology.

Criminal Intelligence Analyst Training.

Training of Legal Advisor.

Regulatory Compliance Analyst Training.

Diploma in Legal Studies.

Training of Legislative Advisor.

Training of Legal Secretariat and Justice of the Peace.

Diploma in Conflict Resolution.

Training of Citizen Ombudsman.

Certificate in Law.

Specialist in Defense and International Environmental Law.

Certificate in Indigenous Legal Systems and Human Rights.

Environmental Specialist in Rights of Indigenous and Native Peoples.

Improvement in Native American Studies.

Certificate in Aboriginal Worldviews and Education.

Certificate in Indigenous Education.

Certificate in Reconciliatory Indigenous Education.

Certificate in Environmental Education.

Specialization in Environmental Law and Indigenous Peoples.

Training of Indigenous Health Agent.

Diploma in Leadership and Community Development.

Certificate in Indigenous Social Work.

Social Work Assistant Training.

Coronavirus Specialist.

Specialist in Environmental Health and Public Health.

Diploma in Ecology Studies.

Diploma in Architecture and Environment.

Certificate of Environment and Future.

Certificate in Current Evolution.

Improvement in Future Studies.

Training of Social Inclusion Agent.

Training of Social Integrator.

Certificate in Protection and Rights of the Child.

Certificate in Social Change Journalism.

Diploma in Journalism.

Training in Political Journalism.

Certificate in Terrorism and Extremism.

Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Diploma in Sociology.

Technician in Educational Sociology and Anthropology of Education in values.

Certificate in Classical Sociological Theory.

Certificate in Anthropology of Contemporary Global Affairs.

Certificate in Cultural Anthropology.

Diploma in Contemporary Philosophical Anthropology.

Teaching Improvement in Philosophy with Children and Adolescents.

Certificate in Childhood in Philosophy.

Improvement in Teaching in Cooperative Groups.

Certificate in University Teaching.

Diploma in University Teaching.

Training in Educational Centers and Institutions.

Teacher of Trainer of Trainers.

Certificate of Citizenship Trainers.

Certificate in Teaching Philosophy in the face of major world conflicts.

Peace Builders Certificate.

Diploma in Pedagogy for Peace.

Group Coordinator Training.

Group Coordination Technician.

Technician in Gender Equality.

Diploma in Healthcare Ethics Committees.

Technician in Bioethics and Ethics Committees.

Certificate in Bioethics.

Certificate in Ethical Leadership.

Master in Emotional Intelligence.

Diploma in Ethics and Business Law.

Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Certificate in Ethics and Social Responsibility.

Specialist in Social Economy and Cooperatives.

Diploma in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies.

Financial and Stock Market Technical Analyst.

Certificate in Macroeconomics.

Certificate in Financial Markets.

Certificate in Stock Trading.

Certificate in Financial Market Analysis.

Diploma in Sustainable Development.

Certificate in Geoeconomics.

Certificate in Sustainability and Social Economies.

Certificate of Economic Democracy and cooperative alternative.

Certificate in Social Justice.

Certificate in Distributive Justice and economic growth.

Diploma in Health Economics.

Certificate in Global Health and Humanitarianism.

Certificate in Global Diplomacy in the modern world.

Diploma in Law and International Relations and Diplomacy.

Certificate in Geopolitics of Europe.

Certificate in Geopolitics and Global Governance.

Improvement in Geopolitical Analysis.

Certificate in Moral Foundations of Politics.

International Diploma of Political Scientist in Political and Social Philosophy.

Expert in Legislative Regulatory Technique.

Modern Political Thought Course.

Improvement in Communist Theory.

Course in Sartre’s Thought.

Certificate in Modernist American Poetry.

Certificate in Haiku Poem Writing.

Master in Oriental Philosophies.

Course of Ancient Philosophy Studies: Heraclitus and Parmenides.

Certificate in Philosophy.

PhD in Philosophy.

Certificate in Confucian Philosophy.

Improvement in Confucian Wisdom.

Certificate in Comparative Philosophies of East and West.

Diploma in Universal History.

Certificate in History of Quantum Mechanics.

Improvement in Quantum Physics.

Certificate in Quantum Physics.

Improvement in String Theory.

Certificate in Archaeoastronomy.

Diploma in Archaeology.

Improvement in Gaia Theory.

Certificate in Astrobiology.

Improvement in Theory of Parallel Universes.

Diploma in Astronomy.

Certificate in Cosmology.

Diploma in Cosmology.

Improvement in Complex Thinking.

Doctor in Metaphysics.

Improvement in Stoic Philosophy.

Diploma in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis.

Certificate in Existentialism.

Certificate in Phenomenology.

Neurophenomenology Course.

Certificate in Phenomenological Existential Psychotherapy.

Certificate in Psychoanalysis.

Improvement in Neuropsychoanalysis.

Certificate in Work of Lacan.

Training in Psychoanalysis.

Master in Analytical Psychology.

Postgraduate in Psychoanalytic Social Psychology.

Certificate in Social Psychology.

Child Psychologist Training.

Training of Therapeutic Companion.

Life Coaching Certificate.

Certificate in Transactional Analysis.

Counselor in Integral Psychology.

Certificate in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy.

Certificate in Hypnosis.

Clinical Update in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

Certificate of Transpersonal Psychology.

Master in Transpersonal Psychology.

Certified Therapist Certificate.

Master in Oriental Psychology.

Certificate in Theoretical-Clinical Updates in Jungian Psychology.

Certificate in Psychology and Transvivential Therapy.

Training in Transpersonal Therapy.

Certificate in Paradigms, Methods and Techniques of Researchers in Psychology of Mercosur.

History of Scientific Thought Course.

Epistemology of Chaos and Order Course.

Diploma in Epistemology and Philosophy of Science.

Certificate in Artificial Intelligence.

Certificate in Neuroscience.

Certificate in Neuroeducation Technique.

Teaching Diploma in Neuroscience.

Certificate in Neuropsychology.

Doctor in Scientific Paranormal Psychology.

Certificate in Psychomanteum and Extrasensory Perception.

Certified in Reiki (Level I-II).

Karuna Reiki Master.

Master in Alternative Therapies.

Yoga Gymnastics Instructor.

Technician in Ayurveda Natural Medicine.

Master in Esotericism.

Diploma in Egyptology.

Improvement in Egyptian Shamanic Religion.

Shamanic Initiation for Spiritual Awakening and Liberation.

Shamanic Life Guide Training.

Master in Shamanic Path.

Certificate in History of Religions.

Master in Comparative Religions.

Certificate in Ecumenism.

Course of Interreligious Dialogue for the Construction of Peace.

Certificate in Interreligious Dialogue.

Certificate in Sufism.

Specialization in Sciences of Islam.

Improvement in Kabbalah.

Certificate in Fundamental Theology.

Diploma in Theology.

Certificate in Christology.

Christian Chaplain Training.

Diploma in Catechesis and Bible.

Ecclesiastical Justice of the Peace training.

Certificate in Canonical Matrimonial Law.

Improvement in Christian Ethics.

Evangelical Pastor Training.

Improvement in Gnostic Gospels.

Doctor of Theology.

Improvement in Liberation Theology.

Certificate in Spiritual Theology.

Instructor of Christian Mysticism.

Certificate in Theology and Philosophy of Eastern Religions.

Taoist Spirituality Instructor.

Certificate in Taoist Meditation.

Chi Kung instructor.

Certificate in Zen Art and Japanese Culture.

Certificate in Buddhism.

Certificate in Buddhist Scriptures.

Diploma in Buddhism.

Certificate in Indian-Tibetan Buddhism.

Improvement in Indo-Tibetan Civilization.

Course of Buddhism and Modern Psychology.

Mindfulness Master Practitioner.

Meditation Coach.

Certificate in Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and Modern World.

Dzogchen Instructor.

Certificate in Zen Meditation and Diamond Sutra.

Certificate in Mindfulness Practice for Happiness and Compassion.

Zen Instructor.



Gautama Peace Prize Award 2013.

Certificate of Vinayadhara (Jurist).

Agga Maha Pandita (Eminent Scholar) Certificate.

Certificate of Abhidhaja Maharatthaguru (Eminent Spiritual Master).

Certificate of Shangaraja (Supreme Patriarch).



Advanced level of English C1 – C2.



Rector. Zen-University of Integral Buddhism and Zen-University of Super-Integral Buddhism

Professor. Buddhist Psychology, Buddhist Psychiatry, Buddhist Medicine, Buddhist Psychotherapy, Buddhist Pedagogy, Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist Art, Buddhist Ethics, Buddhist Science, Buddhist Ecology, Buddhist Politology, Buddhist Economics, Buddhist Sociology, Buddhist Law, Buddhist Anthropology, Buddhist Theology, Buddhist History , Buddhist Gnosis, Buddhist Mysticism, Buddhist Religion, Buddhist Psychoanalysis, Buddhist Humanism, Buddhist Transpersonalism, Buddhist Cognitivism, Buddhist Integralism, Buddhist Existentialism, Buddhist Stoicism, Buddhist Surrealism, Buddhist Relativism, Buddhist Environmentalism, Buddhist Socialism, Buddhist Cooperativism, Buddhist Anarchism, Buddhist Abolitionism, Buddhist Revisionism, Buddhist Christianity, Buddhist Shamanism, Buddhist Messianism, Buddhist Sufism and Buddhist Ecumenism, Super-Integral Yoga, Daoism, Confucianism, Engaged Buddhism, Buddhism Ekayana, Saijojo Zen.

Founder. Purna Buddhism, Mahapurna Buddhism, Perennial Buddhism, Buddhist Psychoanalysis, Buddhist Christianity, Integral Buddhism and Super-Integral Buddhism.

Spiritual Leader. Maitriyana Buddhist Community

Spiritual Patron. Indian Buddhist Federation

President and Judge. International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

President. United Buddhist Nations Organization

Editor. “Universal Declaration of Spiritual Rights”, “Universal Declaration of Ecological Rights”, “Universal Declaration of the Right to World Peace”, “Universal Declaration on the Rights of Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities”, “Universal Declaration of Non-human Rights”, “Universal Declaration on the Right to Interreligious and Interspiritual Harmony”, “Universal Declaration on the Responsibility to Save the World”, “Declaration of Independence of the United Buddhist Nations Organization”, “Universal Declaration on Buddhism as Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, “Buddhist Manifesto to the Nations of the World”, “Buddhist Declaration against Terrorism and Religious Manipulation”, “Buddhist Convention on Human Rights”, “Report on the Coronavirus and the Global Panic Attack”, and “Ninth Buddhist Council”.

Spiritual transmitter. Gautama Peace Prize 2017 to the Eminence of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Gautama Peace Prize to Mahatma Gandhi 2018.

Member of the Commission on Legal Pluralism.

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