Governing Council of Buddhist Tribunal

In Resolution No. 12 of the Steering Committee of the Seventh Buddhist Council organized by the Indian Buddhist Federation it is created an International Buddhist Ethics Committee which will be led by experts in law and Spirituality with the purpose (Dharma) to analyze cases of violations and crimes against Buddhism that are perpetrated by alleged Buddhist people throughout the world. This organization should operate in a similar manner to the Ethics Committee created by the Master Siddhartha Gautama Buddha in order to deal with these cases.
At the same time, it is performed the co-founding of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights, which is a body that will have the important task of analyzing violations of the Human Rights of oppressed people (Buddhists and non-Buddhists), but it will also analyze violations of Animal rights and Earth rights.

President and Judge

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha


Master Yan Maitri-Shi


Peace Ambassador

Ven. Bhikkhu Tep Vuthy




Jury Members

* Ven. Yon Bunyon
Representing to World Association of Theravada

* Amar Mane
Representing to Indian Buddhist Federation

* Pravin S. Kamble
Representing to Super-Integral Institute

* Alejandro Tovar González
Representing to International Association of Buddhist Socialism

* Andres Gil
Representing to Zen-University of Integral Buddhism

* Fancisco Javier Ayón Nungaray
Representing to Institute of Buddhist Psychoanalysis & Zen-Analysis









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