Notice on Resignation to the INTERNATIONAL PEACE BUREAU

CASE 59-2020: Noam Chomsky

Legal Notice on Resignation to the INTERNATIONAL PEACE BUREAU (IPB)

On December 3, 2021, it is declared that the Maitriyana Buddhist Community formally renounces institutional membership within the International Peace Bureau (IPB). This decision was meditated for months, in which the IPB was given a chance to have time to correct its terrible mistakes, which has never happened. For years, the Buddhist Community has been a member of the International Peace Bureau, publicly supporting many of its initiatives related to the disarmament of countries. But this support can no longer continue because the IPB is carrying out immoral and criminal actions, since they are supporting human rights violations.

In the first place, the Supreme Council of World Peace, an internal institute of the Buddhist Community, suffered a violent censorship on the Internet after criticizing the illegal quarantines that were carried out in 2020. When this news was communicated to the IPB and its solidarity was requested, they did not answer and decided to completely ignore this violation of freedom of expression and of the cultural rights of the Buddhist Community.

Second, at the end of 2021 the International Peace Bureau organized an international conference on Peace and decided to invite Chomsky as a speaker. Immediately after hearing this news, the Maitriyana Buddhist Community requested the IPB to cancel this invitation to Chomsky because this person had been accused of Genocide Denialism. In the compiled evidence it has been publicly demonstrated the fact that Chomsky is specifically involved in the denial of the existence of 4 genocides among which was the Cambodian Buddhist Genocide. Again, despite Denialism being an international crime, the International Peace Bureau decided to ignore these terrible facts and did not respond to the request to condemn the Cambodian Buddhist Genocide.

Third, the Maitriyana Buddhist Community contacted hundreds of organizations that are also members of the IPB, requesting their support in requiring the International Peace Bureau to immediately annul their criminal actions and correct their damage to the memory of millions of Genocide victims. The institutional members of the IPB did not respond to this humanitarian request either.

Faced with these three episodes, it is concluded that the International Peace Bureau (IPB) is betraying its legacy of defense of the World Peace, turning into an immoral institution and complicit in the terrible crime of Genocide Denialism.

Always with reconciliation (maitri),

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

Judge of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

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