Indra Prasad Kafle

I am Indra Prasad Kafle, born on 7 MARCH 1977, in a remote area of Nepal’s western hilly region.  When doing a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in Kathmandu, I got an opportunity to join transcendental meditation as taught by famous Hindu Guru and Physicist Dr. Mahesh Yogi and Dynamic meditation taught by Osho Rajnish.  During that time, I had an opportunity to study Buddhism. Some of my Buddhist friends suggested me to learn insight meditation as instructed by the Buddha. I joined ten days of Vipassana Meditation as taught by S N Goenka.  I have a profound impression of this precious tradition. After this, I was entirely motivated to minimize the mental defilements to feel inner peace in the course of life. Thus, I have been feeling very fortunate to be connected with Buddha’s universal and precious teachings. Due to my deep interest and devotion to Buddhism, I got my Post Graduate Diploma and Master’s degree in Buddhist studies. After completing my Masters’s degree, I joined Tribhuban University as a teacher for two years in my carrier’s preliminary phase.

I have an intense devotion towards Lumbini, the sacred birthplace of Lord Buddha. Finally, I left Kathmandu valley, Nepal’s capital, and joined Lumbini Buddhist University, established in Buddha’s exact birthplace. I have been teaching at this University for 13 years as a founder principal.  I have been learning Mahayana-Vajrayana meditation under the Master, His eminence Mahayogi Viddhadhara Acarya Sridhar Rana Rinpoche for 15 years. I have sincere respect and profound devotion towards all Buddhism schools, but my particular interest is in the Mahayana- Vajrayana vehicle of Buddhism. I have been engaging in developing Lumbini Buddhist University as a center of excellence and for the promotion, preservation of the outstanding universal value of the greater Lumbini area as sacred Birthplace of the three Buddhas of this fortunate Kalpa, The Krakuchhanda Budda,  The  Kanakmuni Buddha, and The  Shakyamuni Buddha from the inner core of my heart.

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