Ninth Buddhist Council


Organized by the United Buddhist Nations Organization (legislative council of the Maitriyana)

16 to 30 September 2020

Council Topic:

Buddhism and the next Evolution of Life


  • First Lecture –  Model of Life Level 4
  • Second Lecture – Model of  Integral Buddhist Civilization
  • Third Lecture – Model of Buddhist Evolution


Model of Life Level 4: the emergence of the Enlightened Life

By President Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

In the contemporary world there are great scientists who have hypothesized that during the 21st century humanity will experience the next evolutionary step. In this sense, the physicist Max Tegmark has classified life forms according to three levels of complexity: Life 1.0, Life 2.0 and Life 3.0. Life level 1 is the stage of biological evolution, led by bacteria, plants and animals. Life level 2 is the stage of cultural evolution, led by humanity and the development of language. And Life level 3 is the stage of technological evolution, led by the emergence of Artificial Super-Intelligence. Therefore, contemporary materialist scientists believe that the next evolutionary stage of the human being will be technological, promoting a hybridization or union of human consciousness with computerized machines, which will allow expanding the limits of the mind and even immortalize it through a new kind of living being: the cyborg. The scientist Tegmark hypothesizes that the Life Level 3 of Artificial Intelligence could become the master of its own destiny, impregnating the entire Cosmos with life so that it can fully reach its potential. Obviously, this serious matter is not science fiction, but rather current science of the 21st century, since in 2020 the first experiments to insert chips into the human brain have already begun.

Accordingly, the extraordinary scientist James Lovelock has claimed that cyborgs with Hyperintelligence will replace humans as rulers of Earth, ushering in a new era called Novacene. As a cybernetic life form that is thousands of times smarter than humans, cyborgs would solve the planet’s environmental problems to keep it habitable, conserving life and stopping the increase in heat over the earth’s surface. Thus, they would work in a complementary and coordinated way with humanity to ensure peaceful coexistence and that the Earth shall not be destroyed. In this way, Lovelock has hypothesized that cyborgs are not a threat, since they will tolerate the existence of human beings in the same way that humanity tolerates the existence of other living beings, such as animals and plants. This advent of an era led by artificial intelligence is a fact accepted by contemporary science, although in a totally surprising way the great scientist Lovelock has affirmed that cyborgs will be able to expand human intelligence and come to understand nothing less than the Purpose (Dharma) of life: comprehension and caring for the Universe.

However, the Maitriyana states that there is a level of life that is superior to the three types of life forms of biological evolution, cultural evolution and technological evolution. Precisely, the type of Life Level 4 is the stage of spiritual evolution, which is superior to both ordinary human beings and artificial super-intelligences, since it is the evolutionary stage of the Free and Enlightened Beings endowed with intuitive intelligence that has been developed through contemplation, wisdom, ethics and compassion. According to the Maitriyana the spiritual evolution or the free and enlightened life is the life form that can make the whole Universe to reach Evolution and full Awakening. In this sense, although the Maitriyana agrees that the Purpose (Dharma) of life is the comprehension and care of the Cosmos, this comprehension must be wise and this care must be compassionate, thus confirming that compassionate wisdom is a task that will be more adequately developed by the Free and Enlightened Beings (Arhats-Bodhisattvas) and not by ordinary human beings or by cyborgs, since the comprehension and care of the Cosmos does not require the development of a hyperintelligent technological life but rather the development of a contemplative, wise, ethical and compassionate life.


Model of Integral Buddhist Civilization: Evolution of a Righteous World

By President Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

The Mother Earth (Pachamama) has allowed the appearance of bacteria, plants and animals as a first step in her evolutionary development, until reaching the perfecting of biological life converted into cultural life with humans. Undoubtedly, technological evolution is a stage of life that is inevitable, although this does not necessarily mean that super-intelligent machines guided by technological evolution will lead to a righteous and appropriate evolution. The Maitriyana confirms that intelligent artificial life leads to material balance, but will not guide the world toward self-knowledge and self-liberation. Instead, this Purpose (Dharma) of life has already been fully assumed by the multiple Awakened Beings (Buddhas) of the entire history. Therefore, instead of promoting the development of artificial intelligent life as a third evolutionary stage, on the other hand, the Maitriyana promotes the development of enlightened life as a fourth evolutionary stage, being a way of life capable of reorienting the civilization and emptying it from the evils of selfishness, dualism, consumerism and nihilism. In this way, the Maitriyana considers that it is urgent to transform the development of capitalist civilization, which is based on the evils of war, injustice, ignorance and pollution. Thus, the new emergence of the Buddhist Civilization is promoted as a solution to the problems of the world, creating a new order of world peace, social justice, advanced education and environmental health. This kind of Righteous and Adequate Civilization existed in the past in dozens of countries, leading them to the evolutionary development of life.

Accordingly, the Maitriyana created a model of Integral Buddhist Civilization composed of 20 vehicles, all of which form the totality of the aspects that Buddhism has incarnated in the history of the world, and that it is expected to incarnate again in the future. These 20 vehicles that form the Integral Buddhist Civilization are the following:

  1. Buddhist Psychology
  2. Buddhist Psychiatry
  3. Buddhist Medicine
  4. Buddhist Psychotherapy
  5. Buddhist Pedagogy
  6. Buddhist Philosophy
  7. Buddhist Ethics
  8. Buddhist Art
  9. Buddhist Science
  10. Buddhist Ecology
  11. Buddhist Politics
  12. Buddhist Economics
  13. Buddhist Sociology
  14. Buddhist Law
  15. Buddhist History
  16. Buddhist Anthropology
  17. Buddhist Theology
  18. Buddhist Gnosis
  19. Buddhist Mysticism
  20. Buddhist Priesthood

Through these 20 Buddhist disciplines, all the main spiritual legacies of the Buddhist Civilization can be faithfully synthesized in order to guide the world toward Salvation, unifying 2600 years of enlightening history in order to be able to recreate a Righteous and Adequate Civilization in the here and now.


Model of Buddhist Evolution

By President Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

The Humanity is currently on a materialistic path leading to self-destruction and to a planetary environmental catastrophe. Therefore, it is essential that Buddhism intervenes in the world and offers its guide toward Salvation, since it is not about a religion or a philosophy, but it is rather a true Spiritual Civilization with 2600 years of history. Therefore, Buddhist Masters are the genuine representatives of humanity in the Cosmos, and they must transmit all their compassionate wisdom in order to save the world and teaching humanity the path toward Evolution.

However, in order to carry out this global evolutionary mission adequately, it is necessary for Buddhism itself to adapt or evolve, unifying all its ancient knowledge in order to give the best response that the world needs. In this sense, after a contemplative process of 15 years (2005-2020), the Maitriyana has created a model of Buddhist Evolution.

On the theoretical level, the Maitriyana has developed a fourth basket for the Buddhist Canon (Abhidharma-Sutra-Vinaya-Bodhi), which is where all the new evolutionary knowledge of the Buddhist Civilization must be located. But on the practical level, a new model has also been developed where the incorporation of the fourth Buddhist practice occurs: Dhyana-Prajña-Sila-Karuna (meditation-wisdom-ethics-compassion). Obviously, this complementation and development of the traditional knowledge of the past also occurs with the evolution of a fourth gem, since the Maitriyana redefines Buddhism as Buddha-Dharma-Sangha-Maitri.

Finally, in correspondence with the model of Integral Buddhist Civilization, then the Maitriyana transmits the Five Noble Truths and the Noble Twentyfold Path of Buddhist Evolution.

First Noble Truth: Everything in the Universe is inherently unsatisfactory, impermanent, insubstantial and interdependent;

Second Noble Truth: The ordinary human being lives with attachment to suffering, repetition in the face of change, unconsciousness of Emptiness, and aversion to others;

Third Noble Truth: The Evolution of the human being is through Detachment, Serenity, Awakening and Mutual Support.

Fourth Noble Truth: Detachment, Serenity, Awakening and Mutual Support must be practiced through the Noble Twentyfold Path comprised of adequate attention, adequate peace, adequate health, adequate liberation, adequate concentration, adequate thought, adequate knowledge, adequate comprehension, adequate truthfulness, adequate harmony, adequate speech, adequate work, adequate conduct, adequate justice, adequate effort, adequate responsibility, adequate love, adequate intuition, adequate unity and adequate salvation;

Fifth Noble Truth: Individual Evolution is not the ultimate goal, but is only the righteous means for the True Purpose (Dharma) which is the Cosmic Evolution of all sentient beings in the Multiverse.

Updating of the Four Noble Truths

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