Legal Act on Waco Genocide


CASE 48-2018: Mondo Zen & Hollow Bones Order & Integral Zen

Legal Act on Waco Genocide

On September 6, 2019, an International Repudiation Act is made toward Mondo Zen & Hollow Bones Order, which have already been previously sentenced by the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights for the charges of Violation of Buddhist Law, Fraud, Militarism, Complicity with Violations of International Human Rights Law, Complicity with Genocide, Complicity with Crimes against Humanity, Complicity with War Crimes, Complicity with Crimes against Peace and Complicity with Violations of International Humanitarian Law. This Repudiation is due to the fact that the Buddhist Community called Mondo Zen & Hollow Bones Order has affiliated with the Armed Forces of the United States of America (USA), which constitutes a Violation of the Pacifist Buddhist Ethics, thus carrying out a support that is complicit with all international crimes and human rights violations committed by said US military forces.

This Violation of the Pacifist Buddhist Ethics is evident because the US security forces have not only committed Crimes against Humanity in foreign countries, but in addition they carried out in their own country a brutal and impressive unpunished Genocide against the Christian spiritual community of the Davidians led by David Koresh in Waco (Texas) in the United States on April 19, 1993. The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has been able to study the testimony of survivor David Thibodeau,[1] and the testimony of FBI hostage negotiator Gary Noesmer,[2] as well as a large number of stories from scientific experts along with the two extraordinary investigations of Michael McNulty,[3] concluding that the US government’s version about the supposed collective suicide of the Davidian Christian community is totally fiction and an act of Denialism, since the US security forces made a conspiracy that covered up the bloody massacre carried out by the government against a hundred helpless children, women and men, who were not only gruesomely killed and tortured for 50 days but were even accused of committing mass suicide. Through the critical historical investigation of Buddhist Revisionism, the Maitriyana calls into question the official truth that the American security forces disclosed, by demonstrating a much deeper and prejudice-free perspective, which allows one to glimpse the Truth of the terrible events suffered by the victims of this Genocide, who were unfairly accused by the FBI as fanatics, abusers and suicides. In fact, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights rejects the violent, military and criminal methods used by the US security forces of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms), carrying out all kinds of criminal attacks against people who did not make any kind of provocation. By means of Mindfulness and open listening to the stories of victims, witnesses and scientists, the Buddhist Law concludes not only that the events in Waco against the Davidian Christian community were Genocide, as it was a deliberate attempt to destroy partially or totally a religious group, but there was also a government manipulation and Cover-up of the Extermination, by hiding or eliminating the evidence of the massacre against the Davidian Spiritual Commune, as is the case with the bullet holes, the victims’ bodies and videos of the assault. Although Buddhist Law does not share the lifestyle and beliefs of David Koresh, however, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights undoubtedly condemns torture, siege, psychological warfare and extrajudicial execution as criminal acts systematically suffered by the Davidian Christian community on the part of the US government of President Bill Clinton. Indeed, this scenario of crimes against humanity constituted a true Holocaust and Genocide for an entire religious community, killing a large number of children and women. Although most historians of religion claim that the authorship of the Waco massacre was the responsibility of David Koresh and Davidian Christians who would have immolated themselves,[4] since the existence of a mass suicide plan is the official governmental version of the USA, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights confirms that the voracious fire that burned down the Christian community was actually caused by a highly flammable military tear gas used by the FBI and ATF. In addition, the autopsies revealed that the war tanks when entering the Davidian Christian community demolished the exit of a safe bunker where there were about 40 women and children from the Christian community, thus producing a shocking death from suffocation and trauma resulting from demolished concrete, something that was divulged by the FBI as if the Davidian Christians had beaten their own children to death.

Obviously, when governments make a conspiracy of such magnitude and slaughter dozens of innocent lives with total impunity, people decide to do justice on their own, as is the case of Timothy McVeigh who several years later used inappropriate methods to avenge the Genocide of Waco, killing more than 160 people when a bomb exploded against the ATF building.

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights also confirms that the cause for which the ATF began on February 28, 1993 an initial attack against the Davidian Christian community would be marketing and public relations, as it sought to receive good publicity of its work, and therefore the ATF exaggeratedly carried out an attack with war helicopters, sixty armored vehicles and one hundred armed agents against the Davidian Christian commune for the only reason of breaching a state permit that cost USD 25. The Buddhist Law confirms that the Davidian Christians were clearly being attacked just for being a sect that left the traditional cultural and religious system, performing the most violent, disastrous and shameful police-military intervention in US history. Given that the ATF broke into the Davidian Christian community carrying out a large-scale military attack that killed and wounded several unarmed Davidian Christians, only then would there have been an act of self-defense on the part of the Davidian Christian community and would had counterattacked against government officials. Precisely, the siege and genocide carried out later by the FBI would have been a vengeance against the Davidian Christian community for preventing the ATF assault.

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights confirms that the image of Davidian Christians as a group of suicidal fanatics is not only wrong, but it represents a stereotype and demonization used by the FBI to justify or cover up the Genocide committed against this group. Although Waco’s Davidian Christians were very different from traditional Catholic and evangelical Christians, they did not represent a hostile and dangerous community toward the rest of society. In fact, Buddhist Law confirms that Davidian Christians were not a destructive sect but a spiritual community rooted in a legitimate tradition. From the study of multiple witnesses, as is the case of Sheriff Jack Harwell, it is confirmed that this community of women, children and elderly people had different beliefs from those of the rest of society, but they were good and well-educated people who did not give any problem. In fact, when first ATF assault or attack against the Davidian Christian community occurred, David Koresh himself asked to talk, since there were women and children inside the facilities, to which ATF only responded by shooting at everyone. Obviously, these facts hidden by the US government contrast with the image that the FBI spread about David Koresh as a sociopath obsessed with the Apocalypse, which was denied by expert psychiatrists and theologians who analyzed that Davidian Christians were very intelligent and well-educated people, not too different from any Baptist or Charismatic church. However, the ATF and the FBI carried out several war crimes and violations of Humanitarian Law against this Christian spiritual community for 50 days, using techniques of psychological torture, sleep deprivation and siege, carrying out inhuman treatment, depriving them of water, food, electricity and media, and simultaneously announcing in the media that the collective suicide of Davidian Christians was imminent. The Buddhist Law dictates that these acts were undoubtedly a Violation of the Rights of Spiritual Communities.

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights confirms that on April 19, 1993 war tanks broke the walls of the Davidian Christian community’s home and introduced the powerful CS tear gas for eight hours, despite the fact that it is a toxic and flammable compound which causes eye irritation, skin burns, vomiting, respiratory problems and even death, since substance CS would contain Cyanide radicals. This criminal action of the FBI, with consultancy and participation of the US Army, would have been another additional violation of International Law, because the 1993 Convention on Chemical Weapons (Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction) that the USA had just signed was being violated. In this sense, for more than 6 years the FBI and the ATF covered up and denied the use of CS Gas, blaming and holding the members of the Davidian Christian community responsible for the deadly fire. This position of covering up or deception was even maintained before the United States Congress, as confirmed by US Attorney Bill Johnston, as the FBI and the Department of Justice concealed the Genocide carried out by means of using chemical weapons. However, thanks to the extraordinary investigations of Michael McNulty that found the truth about the genocidal use of CS gas, the US Department of Justice years later finally recognized before society the use of this flammable deadly gas, although the image of Davidian Christians as suicidal fanatics was already firmly established in the social imaginary and was never corrected by the mainstream media.

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights confirms that thanks to the historical investigations of Michael McNulty it was also discovered that the genocidal military actions of the FBI counted on the advice and active participation of the Delta Force (Combat Applications Group) of the United States Army, which is a secret command unit that would also have been responsible, by using precision machine guns and rifles, for killing more than fifteen members of the Davidian Christian community fleeing their burning home. According to March Bell, of the investigative commission of the US Congress, US Army counseling was carried out from the very interior of war tanks and from the sniper positions. Thus, the Buddhist Law establishes that the FBI and US Army not only used chemical weapons against defenseless women and children by means of war tanks to suffocate them and set them on fire, but also decided to kill those Davidian Christians who wanted to flee from fire with shots coming from soldiers highly trained in war fighting, as evidenced by an infrared surveillance video of the FBI. Due to this discovery made by Michael McNulty, the US Department of Justice led by Janet Reno was forced to recognize the use of deadly gas and the US Department of Defense also recognized the participation of the US Army Delta Special Forces, something that is still being denied by the FBI in the present time. Consequently, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights denounces that the US government of President Clinton violated the Posse Comitatus federal law, which prohibits the Army from being used against US civilians, reason by which one of the most serious Violations of Constitutional Law was committed. However, the US government continues to cover up the Genocide and continues to deny the human right to reparation for the victims, emphatically claiming that the FBI never fired a shot and that the Davidian Christians themselves were the ones who would have shot each other during their apparent mass suicide. The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has studied the testimonies of Paul Beavers, an expert in military technology of the British Army, Edward Allard’s testimony, an expert in infrared images, and also Maurice Cox’s testimony, an analyst of the CIA, who confirmed that the images with infrared camera reveal that the FBI (or the Delta Army Forces) fired heavily with machine guns during the extrajudicial execution of Davidian Christians escaping from fire.

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights confirms that this Genocide could have been avoided, since FBI negotiators and Davidian Christians had reached a legal agreement that leader David Koresh would surrender to the authorities after ending his theological writings. However, the high authorities of the FBI and the US Army decided to breach this legal agreement, carrying out the most brutal attack and state repression against civilians in the history of the USA, which undoubtedly constitutes an act of State Terrorism. According to Henry Ruth, an independent specialist from the North American Department of Justice, the Waco massacre was primarily to scare the public and strengthen society’s morale, which obviously involved practicing macabre extermination procedures for dissident groups.

In conclusion, because Mondo Zen & Hollow Bones Order joined the US Army just ten years after the unpunished Waco Genocide, this act is declared by the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights as a Violation of the Pacifist Buddhist Ethics, Denialism, Complicity with Extermination and Holocaust, Violation of the Rights of Spiritual Communities, Complicity with the Use of Chemical Weapons, Complicity with Violations of Constitutional Law, and Complicity with State Terrorism.

Always with spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Judge of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

[1] David Thibodeau, A Place Called Waco.

[2] Gary Noesmer, Stalling For Time: My Life As An FBI Hostage Negotiator.

[3] Michael McNulty, Waco, the rules of engagement (1997) & Waco: The new revelation (1999).

[4] Edwin S. Gaustad, A documentary history of religion in America since 1865.




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