Case 48: Mondo Zen

Case 48-2018: Mondo Zen & Hollow Bones Order & Integral Zen

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee finds them RESPONSIBLE of the charges:

  • Violation of Buddhist Law
  • Fraud
  • Militarism
  • Complicity with Violations of International Human Rights Law
  • Complicity with Genocide
  • Complicity with Crimes against Humanity
  • Complicity with War Crimes
  • Complicity with Crimes against Peace
  • Complicity with Violations of International Humanitarian Law
  • Violation of the Pacifist Buddhist Ethics
  • Denialism
  • Complicity with Extermination and Holocaust
  • Violation of the Rights of Spiritual Communities
  • Complicity with the Use of Chemical Weapons
  • Complicity with Violations of Constitutional Law
  • Complicity with State Terrorism


Evidences of Mondo Zen Case

Judgment on Mondo Zen

Legal Act on Waco Genocide





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