Official Statement to Jun Po Denis Kelly

Case No. 31-2017: Ken Wilber

Official Statement to Jun Po Denis Kelly

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee, on February 7, 2018, decides to reaffirm once again that all organizations endorsing Ken Wilber’s  fraudulent teachings will be practizing a False Buddhism and a False Spirituality in the eyes of Buddhist Law, betraying the Fundamental teachings of Master Gautama, since Ken Wilber has been judged for Academic Dishonesty, Spiritual Scam and False Buddhism, Violation of Buddhist Law, Crime against Buddhist Cultural Heritage and Violation of Human Rights. In this sense, with regard to the organization called “Integral Zen”, which publicly claims to be a Zen lineage that follows Wilber’s teachings, it is confirmed that a False Zen would actually be practiced, since as has been demonstrated during the Wilber Case, this writer conveys anti-Buddhist and anti-Zen ideas, transmitting a heresy and a betrayal of the fundamental principles of Buddhist Spirituality.

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee also confirms that the alleged Lineage of “Integral Zen” would have fraudulent biases that must be immediately solved, not only for incorporating Wilber‘s fraudulent teachings, but also because Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi, the leader of “Integral Zen“, says that he has received the Dharma transmission in an uninterrupted line that goes back to Siddharta Gautama himself. Beyond the fact that historically and philosophically one can doubt the uninterruption of the Zen lineages that go back to Gautama Buddha, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee considers that such an affirmation on the part of the “Integral Zen” is fraudulent for different possible reasons:

  1. Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi‘s Master was Jun Po Denis Kelly, who renounced his Zen lineage due to a conflict with his Master named Eido Shimano, which is something that shows a clear interruption in the line.
  2. Two decades later, Master Eido Shimano has had to resign due to public allegations of sexual misconduct, which is a clear interruption in the line, in addition to delegitimizing any Dharma transmission that he may have previously granted, since this lack of ethics corrupts deeply his Zen lineage.
  • On the other hand, there are public testimonies coming from Sanghas of Japan manifesting that Master Eido Shimano has not finished his training process, and therefore, he would not have received the Dharma transmission, which would definitively destroy all possible legitimacy on the part of his Zen lineage.

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee confirms that if the “Integral Zen” lineage wishes to be legitimate, it should not only abandon Ken Wilber’s anti-Buddhist teachings that support criminal and insane gurus, but it should also abandon the fraudulent claim to go back in time without interruption to Siddhartha Gautama, besides the fact that they should definitely renounce being Dharma heirs of someone whose ethical and spiritual legitimacy has been invalidated: Master Eido Shimano‘s.

Finally, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee confirms that it will initiate an international legal investigation into Eido Shimano‘s misbehavior, which could even lead to the annulment of his alleged title of Roshi.

Always with spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Spiritual Judge of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

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