Legal Act on Master Love disciples


Dear ones,

Through the present Act, on day August 5, 2016, we communicate with you in order to make an International Repudiation to misbehavior that your Foundation develops, operating with complacency and complicit silence in the face of crimes of Mr. Ocampo (alias Master Love). Even though our ethical judgment was within the field of Buddhist Law, you have chosen to ignore these spiritual corrections and behave as accomplices of the violations committed by Mr. Ocampo, who besides being a criminal sentenced for child abuse he also teaches visions that are spiritually fraudulent from the ancient perspective of Customary Law of the Buddhist People. Although we have offered the disciples of Mr. Ocampo the opportunity to acquire a genuine spiritual formation at no cost, they have decided to respond with legal threats. This has happened as a result of letters from Rafael Indlekofer and Martina Corvalan threatening the International Buddhist Ethics Committee with initiating criminal and civil complaints of harassment, damages, ideological and discriminatory persecution. In that letter it is said that our procedures were false accusations, which were libelous, devoid of legal formality and intimations exceeding the frameworks of the law, so Committee should be refrained from making any kind of judgment or opinion about his institution. The International Buddhist Ethics Committee deplores that you resist to peacefully learn from mistakes and that do not have the basic knowledge to understand our traditional procedures. We confirm that the fact to have commitment to evaluation and criticism regarding all those who violate the Buddhist ethical precepts is not harassment but an intrinsic function of every Buddhist commune (sangha), being a legal resource that has over 2600 years old in order to keep Spirituality (Sasana) pure. We confirm that all analysis and accurate expression can only cause harm and injury to fraudulent and deceptive activities, because the expression of Truth is solidary, humanitarian and always aims at Salvation and learning of those who commit crimes and errors. Only those who are a fraud or an illusion may feel harassed, damaged and hurt by the Truth. We want to be clear that the Buddhist people have the right to investigate and denounce those who lie and use Buddhist aspects or images – like the term “Zen” – in order to deceive people. If you consider you are not acting like a spiritual fraud we invite you to call your leader, Mr. Ocampo, in order to perform his alleged paranormal feats before a qualified scientific committee. Yet even in face of the possibility that these are not mere magic tricks and they amazingly are genuine parapsychological powers, from the perspective of Buddhist Law this is one of the worst crimes a spiritual master may commit, since an Enlightened Being should never boast or arrogate any divinity or power. Obviously, this question is not competent to criminal or civil justice, but it is properly a matter of Buddhist justice, which is not recognized as valid on your part precisely because you are ignoring all kinds of jurisprudence on Spiritual Ethics and Buddhist Customary Law. In a world where materialism and metaphysics daily attack Spirituality, either through superficiality or fantasy, the Buddhist Law cannot fail to denounce those who are engaged in spiritually fraudulent activities, even in cases where there are threats toward the International Buddhist Ethics Committee. This ethical and ethnic positioning is not outside the framework of law, but it is supported by the Tribal Law and International Law of Human Rights. Indeed, requesting an institution of Buddhist ethics to refrain from making any kind of judgment or opinion violates Freedom of Expression. Finally, we confirm that what is outside the framework of law is complicity with those who commit sexual abuses.


Always with a reconciling spirit,

Buddhist Master Maitreya

President of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee

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