Judgment on Ricardo Javier Ocampo

Case NO. 17/2016: Ricardo Javier Ocampo, Meditazen Community & Bienaventuranza Foundation & Dharma Prema Association




Dear Prosecutors, Executive Secretaries and Jury Members of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR), regarding the case 17-2016 “Ricardo Javier Ocampo, Meditazen Community & Bienaventuranza Foundation & Dharma Prema Association” through the present, on July 19, 2016, I confirm that the case 17 of the Ethics Committee is conclude in order  to analyze the violation of Buddhist Spirituality by the accused, after voting of 6 members of the Jury, 2 of them issuing a vote of “Insanity” and 4 of them issuing the verdict that the accused is “Responsible” for the crimes of SPIRITUAL FRAUD AND FALSE ZEN.

The actions and teachings of the accused “Ricardo Javier Ocampo, Meditazen Community & Bienaventuranza Foundation & Dharma Prema Association” has breached the Buddhist ethical precepts and essential guidelines of all spiritual movement, demonstrating that Mr. Ocampo is not a fraud because he commits violations but rather he commits violations because he is a fraud. While every individual has the possibility of rehabilitating and transforming himself, by reaching the Cure (Nirvana) from his past, this case is not about someone who was abuser and then became a spiritual master after ceasing his criminal way of life. This case is about a scammer who has disguised himself as spiritual master in order to be able to commit crimes, which constitutes the essence of the charge of SPIRITUAL FRAUD AND FALSE ZEN. But the offense of sexual abuse is not the ultimate proof of his fraudulent condition but rather his own teachings are, because they closely resemble the ones of the delusional Discourse of psychotic people. This was the reason why some members of the Jury of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee have voted for the “Insanity” of the accused ones. However, the prosecutor did not oriented the investigation towards this path precisely because the actions of Mr. Ocampo show that do not come from a psychotic individual but rather a perverse individual, being fully “Responsible” for his actions. This kind of psychic structure that is Perversion is the basis of those who tend to be psychopaths, which is evidenced by the fact that Mr. Ocampo has been charged with multiple sexual abuses. Thus SPIRITUAL FRAUD AND FALSE ZEN carried out by the accused persons is not only an attack on Buddhist Spirituality but also constitutes a massive Scam to the whole community of disciples who naively trusted in the alleged Spirituality of the accused ones. While the teachings of the accused ones clearly fit into the psychotic Discourse, the actions of Mr. Ocampo are closer to perverse Discourse. Obviously, there is certain Responsibility on the part of the disciples of Mr. Ocampo due to the fact to ignore that the mystical Discourse of an Awakened One involves not having divine or parapsychological powers, but rather involves developing contemplation (Zen), compassionate wisdom (karuna-prajña) and ethics (sila). When these three pillars are absent in an alleged spiritual master, there is evidently deceit and religious manipulation. All this shows that the accused ones transmit a False Spirituality, which constitutes a threat to the purity of the Buddhist Path, but also a threat to the hope for Awakening (Bodhi) that humanity has.

This bad ethical behavior of Mr. Ocampo is part of an international context in which the spiritual disciplines are reduced to superficialisation and banality through the culture of mass media. In this sense, there are people in the world who take economical advantage of Spirituality, such as the accused did, since they have large financial resources to carry out their fraudulent activities which lack proper supervision by spiritual masters. Therefore, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee, as an organization dedicated to the ethical and humanitarian education, offers the community of disciples of Mr. Ocampo full scholarships for its members to study Zen at no cost, as long as such association publicly apologizes to the victims of Mr. Ocampo for the sexual abuses performed, by committing to live a life based on righteousness. We hope that this ethical teaching help the accused people and their disciples to redirect their mind and body toward Truth and Justice.

Following in the footsteps of the Master Siddhartha Gautama, who has led the Path of Curing the suffering of the victims, it is established that the accused ones “Ricardo Javier Ocampo, Meditazen Community & Bienaventuranza Foundation & Dharma Prema Association” have violated the Buddhist ethics and Spirituality, having been dictated their “Responsibility” on charges of SPIRITUAL FRAUD AND FALSE ZEN.

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee has the duty to protect Spirituality, establishing the present Judgment as a means of ethical teaching for the accused, his disciples and his victims.


Always with a spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

Buddhist Master Maitreya

Spiritual Guide and President of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR)



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