Resolution on Human Rights Watch

Case 20-2016: ONU & Secretary General Ban Ki-moon


Resolution on Human Rights Watch

Thursday 16 February, 2017


The International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights,

Assuming the ethical and juridical principles of Buddhist Law, the International Human Rights Law and fundamental freedoms established by international instruments, such as the Buddhist legal code (vinaya) adopted by the spiritual commune (Sangha) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the international community;

Considering that on February 13, 2017 Human Rights Watch issued a report called “Pakistan Coercion, UN Complicity: The Mass Forced Return of Afghan Refugees,” which demonstrated the Complicity and promotion of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) with the campaign of Pakistani government abuses and coercion that forcibly displaced around 600,000 Afghans since July 2016, including 365,000 registered refugees, violating their political, economic, cultural and environmental rights, and especially their human right to peace;

Aware that on January 21, 2017 the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights judged the UN and its Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for Crimes against humanity and also for High Crimes against peace, which demonstrates the superior ethics of the Buddhist People and its true mission to save the world;

Affirming that the Judgment to UN carried out by the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights was the result of the analysis of a series of evidences among which was found “UN Complicity in Crimes against Humanity in Asia”, which implies that the report of Human Rights Watch is an indirect endorsement of the ethical judgment of the Buddhist Tribunal;

Deeply concerned by testimonies coming from Pakistan, where hundreds of thousands of refugees are systematically and widespreadly receiving abuses of their human rights, such as police threats, extortion, violence, arbitrary detentions, illegal searches, house demolitions, discrimination and denial of education to Afghan children, which is a situation that forces hundreds of thousands of Afghans refugees to return to a war zone from which they had fled and where their lives are surely to be in great danger, being one of the largest forced relocations in history;

Reaffirming that the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) establishes that deportation or forcible transfer of populations constitutes a crime against humanity;

Deploring that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) not only has not publicly condemned this international crime against humanity, but it has promoted it by increasing economic assistance for every Afghan who returns, evidencing clear complicity and promotion of this crime of massive forced transfer of people, even creating a fictional story that these transfers are really voluntary returns;

Taking into account that the European Union, an inter-state community which in recent years received the Nobel Peace Prize, has not only created a plan for the massive deportation of immigrants and refugees from Syria, which is a crime against humanity; but also the European Union is responsible for rejecting thousands of Afghan refugees seeking asylum, which violates International Law;

Examining that the UN Complicity with Pakistan’s forced relocations and with the massive deportation of the European Union replicate the illegal and xenophobic discourse of President Trump of the United States of America, causing a historical damage to the instruments of Human Rights;

Bearing in mind that xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and apartheid constitute violations of International Law, so that those presidents who promote discrimination and racism should be judged, especially if they are presidents of war superpowers or members of the UN Security Council, because they should be an ethical and humanitarian example for the rest of the international community;

Showing dismay at the fact that this fascist discourse is spreading all over the world, endangering the healthy and adequate existence of humanity;

  1. Affirms that the UN should follow the ethical and humanitarian example of the Buddhist People, which is the true defender of World Peace, Social Justice, Free Education and Environmental Health.
  2. Calls on the UN to immediately stop its complicity with Pakistan’s human rights violations against hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees, not only having the duty to protect one million Afghan refugees still residing in Pakistan but also it must protect lives of those 600,000 refugees who have already been illegally expelled.
  3. It solemnly states that every refugee has the supreme human right to live in peace and in the absence of violence or war.
  4. Expresses hope that both Pakistan and the European Union cease their conduct of massive deportations of refugees, regaining respect for the international Human Rights instruments, as well as showing solidarity and compassion towards one of the world’s poorest and most oppressed nations.
  5. Deplores any governmental measure promoting forced relocations and massive deportations as illegal.
  6. Declares that the UN must immediately carry out a process of democratic reform that provides peace and justice, combating corruption, impunity and authoritarianism within this international organization.
  7. It calls on all members of the international community to follow the Path of Law and Righteousness by developing the compassionate wisdom as an antidote to the world evils of greed, hatred and deceit.
  8. Encourages non-governmental organizations to follow the ethical example of the Buddhist People and to request that the UN cease to commit human rights violations.


Best regards, with a reconciling spirit.

Master Maitreya

President and Spiritual Judge of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights


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