Notice to Antonio Guterres (UN Secretary-general)


Case NO. 20/2016: United Nations (UN) & Secretary General Ban Ki-moon





By means of the present Notice, on January 27, 2017, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee notifies you that in a trial held during December 2016 the UN was found “Responsible” for the serious crimes of GENOCIDE, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, WAR CRIMES, CORRUPTION AND VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW, all of which are interpreted as HIGH CRIMES AGAINST WORLD PEACE. This Ethical Sentence has been directed against the UN and the current former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, as a consequence that under his command international crimes were committed while continuing to cover up crimes of the past, which completely violates human rights, fundamental freedoms and ethical values. As a new UN Secretary-General has recently assumed, he is asked to investigate said organization for the international crimes denounced and judged by the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights. In order to undertake such a task an ad hoc international tribunal could be set up. In this regard, the new Secretary-General of the UN, Mr. Guterres, is requested to remove immunity from all officials and military forces who have committed genocidal acts, war crimes and crimes against humanity, allowing them to be tried by local or international courts for their systematic and widespread violations. Thus, the current Secretary General of the UN is also requested to cancel the Nobel Peace Prizes that have received in the past both the Peacekeepers and the UN itself. Any organization or country that commits genocidal acts cannot continue to bear a distinction that gives it ethical authority in matter of peace and human rights. In case of silence or failure to respond adequately to these requests, Mr Guterres will be carrying out an act of Complicity with the violation of human rights by the UN and former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Obviously, the annulment of the Nobel Peace Prize is also the responsibility of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, so it will also have ethical and legal consequences at the international level any omission by this organization against the violations and criminal acts carried out by those that have been awarded by said organization.

Frankly, it is an international shame that the UN, with its millions of dollars in budgets, does absolutely nothing for International Justice, whereas the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights performs a supreme work without receiving any kind of economic recourse. At the same time, it is also a shame that former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who was sentenced by the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights, has accused world leaders of having blood in their hands when actually the UN has participated in several genocides (in some as an accomplice and in others as an author). However, if this is true and several international leaders have their hands full of blood as a result of mass killings, then the former Secretary-General had and has the legal duty to denounce criminals to justice, even if they are heads of State. The former Secretary-General accused the Syrian president of killing civilians in his internal war, ignoring the fact that the UN has produced even greater genocide in Iraq by means of  blocking or siege techniques against the civilian population, which killed more than half a million children. The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights strongly criticizes this level of hypocrisy on the part of an official who withdraws from office as if he had no Responsibility in the massacres of the superpowers. The position of Secretary-General of the UN is a position of unimaginable power, not a symbolic post. The military attacks on humanitarian workers are repugnant, savage and coward, but they are war crimes that must be denounced before international justice, and not simply being criticized in the last speech before leaving an office. Actually, true cowardice is not that of the aggressor or attacker, but that of the one who covers up a crime. The true heroes of the world are those who unveil the Truth, even though they will later be persecuted and punished, just as the UN has done immorally against anyone who denounced the traumatic Truth of human rights violations committed by the organization. In case the former UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, has accurate knowledge that there are representatives of governments that have ignored, facilitated, financed, participated or planned and executed atrocities inflicted on civilians, then he has the ethical and legal duty to denounce these facts before Justice, otherwise he will be Responsible for Complicity with human rights violations, specifically war crimes. This obscurity and cynicism is the great danger of international politics, and it is a matter that the new UN Secretary-General has the duty to solve urgently, building a world based on Truth and not on lies. There is an urgent need to create a new system of planetary civilization based on fundamental freedoms and the vision of participatory democracy, rather than isolating civil society from decision-making, which is something that always leads to corruption, impunity and atrocities. Although the Buddhist Peoples are independent communities, they are always at the disposal of creating a better world, because the Path of Spirituality is the ultimate protection of the rights of human and non-human beings. This obviously requires an open-minded and reformist attitude, respecting the rule of Law and maintaining fair criticism of the evils of the world, such as fundamentalism, racism, nationalism, colonialism, authoritarianism, populism and terrorism.

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has shown that the UN does not serve the interests of the global community but rather the interests of the military and economic superpowers, having no moral authority over humanity, unlike the spiritual masters who have correctly embodied the voice of ethical consciousness for two thousand six hundred years. The Free and Enlightened Beings (Arhats-Bodhisattvas) of history have shown an unswerving vocation for the protection of the poor and oppressed, while government officials – especially of the UN – have only shown an insatiable search for power and money. Following this spirit of sincere friendship toward all sentient beings, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights exercises its responsibility in the world as a genuine voice of ethical consciousness of humanity and Mother Earth (Pachamama). The prophetic voice of the spiritual masters clearly states that if world is not transformed by means of the evanescence of egoism, dualism and consumerism, then there will be no world but only chaos.

The Purpose (Dharma) of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights is solidary and humanitarian, wise and compassionate, so that it will never be an accomplice of Genocides, ethnic cleansings and crimes against humanity, much less when such crimes are carried out in the name of the Good, Liberty and Democracy, such as the United Nations has done. Righteousness and True Humanitarianism are the key to create a civilization of peace, justice, knowledge and ecology, so we give ourselves to the defense of this Path of Universal Ethics.


Best regards, with a reconciling spirit,

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Spiritual Guide of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR)

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