Statement on Responsibilities of the Argentine Government


Official Statement on Responsibilities of the Argentine Government

On February 11, 2017, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights decided to carry out a reorganization of the crimes for which the Argentine government and its President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner were sentenced as “Responsible” in order to better clarify the judged criminal actions, keeping the lower charges as evidence of the higher charges. In accordance with this Official Statement, it is recognized the “Responsibility” of the Argentine Government and the former President Cristina Kirchner in the following crimes:

  • Crimes against Humanity
  • Human Rights Violations
  • Violation of the Rights of Tribal Peoples
  • Ecocide
  • Corruption

The charge of Crimes against Humanity has been amply demonstrated by the evidences of an alliance with the State of Iran to conspire and cover up those responsible for terrorist attacks in Argentina, in addition to carry out a magnicide against the Prosecutor who denounced this cover-up. It is also included in these crimes against humanity the complicity with drug trafficking and human trafficking, which maintain a market for sexual slavery, as well as sustaining a police system of violent repression, abuses, torture and inhuman prison treatment from the State.

The charge of Human Rights Violations has been amply demonstrated by the fact of making threats, illegal espionage, attacks on freedom of expression, violations of women’s rights and religious discrimination, in addition of establishing a non-independent judicial system where impunity and injustice are guaranteed for the powerful people in a systematic and widespread way.

The charge of Violations of the Rights of Tribal Peoples, previously defined as Aboriginal Exclusion, is accompanied and interrelated with ample evidence of violations of the rights of the child, such as child malnutrition and health abandonment.

The charge of Ecocide is totally justifiable because the Argentine government is responsible for the constant depredation of numerous forest ecosystems.

The charge of Corruption is the crime most demonstrated in the case, because the Argentine government have generated a social system plenty of insecurity and poverty at the same time that the officials enriched themselves grossly and with impunity, performing acts of abuse of power, failure to comply with the duties of a public servant, money laundering, fraud, manipulation of students and pornography, influence peddling and incompatible negotiations, negligence, scams, political cronyism, authoritarianism and fascism.

On the other hand, it is essential to point out that these charges alluded to former President Cristina Kirchner are crimes that the current Argentine Presidency of Mauricio Macri is also carrying out, where there have also been cases of corruption, ecocide, violation of the rights of tribal peoples and violations of human rights. Moreover, the police system responsible for crimes against humanity has still persisted. In this sense, the only real advance by the current Argentine government of Macri appears to be the annulment of the cover-up regarding Iran for its terrorist acts and the alleged commitment to investigate the assassination of Prosecutor Nisman. However, the current Argentine government has decided to cover up crimes against humanity committed by its current Chancellor Susana Malcorra, who was Assistant of Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary-General of UN, an organization “Responsible” for numerous genocidal acts that have been judged by the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights.

Argentina may have become the most important country in the world, because it has all the human and natural resources to achieve it, although its political and military leaders have been responsible for destroying and devastating all its wealth for nearly 90 years, violently blocking the emergence of a genuine revolutionary government that democratically represents the people, who are systematically and widespreadly deceived and manipulated by their governors.

Finally, the defenders of Human Rights, of Fundamental Freedoms and Ethics are the key players for the renewal and development of democracies, seeking peace and justice along with the advancement of education and health. The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights, as a free and independent organization, will continue to provide a pathway of defense of political, economic, cultural and environmental rights, defying governments in power and rejecting any reprisals by corporations oppressing society from the shadows.

Master Maitreya


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