Manifesto on Peronist Movement

MANIFESTO on Peronist Movement


The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights, defender of the rights of global citizenship and of all beings of Mother Earth, exercising the cultural sovereignty emanating from the Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities, is perfectly aware of the situation of poverty and oppression in which most of the Tribal populations of the world are living, and these people have suffered the total or partial loss of their political, economic, legal and environmental means;

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has a universal ethical vocation, so that all humanity needs to become aware of the terrible situation that tribal peoples from all continents have suffered and still are suffering it, because they have historically suffered genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes of against humanity;

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights, at the special moment in which the world seems to be inclined toward populist regimes,  is communicating with the Argentine Republic in order to analyze the legal situation of the Peronist Movement, which was structurally populist and authoritarian, from the perspective of the International Law;

It is stated that the Peronist political movement created by the general Juan Domingo Perón was accomplice of Nazism, and that, after the Second World War, it converted the Argentine Republic into a refuge of Nazis.

It is stated that the Peronist movement has covered up terrorist attacks on Argentine soil against the Jewish community.

It is stated that the Peronist movement is responsible for the assassination of prosecutor Nisman, who had denounced the complicity of the Argentine government with the Iranian government for ensuring impunity concerning the above mentioned attacks.

It is stated that the Peronist movement has been the most corrupt form of government in the history of the Argentine Republic, using poor people with populist electoral demagogues.

It is stated that the Peronist movement has used thousands of individuals from tribal peoples as slave laborers, who lived in conditions of exploitation by the State, private companies and the Catholic Church.

It is stated that the Peronist movement on day October 10, 1947, during the Perón administration, was an unjust and immoral order that committed crimes against humanity during three weeks in the province of Formosa, by carrying out a real persecution and genocide against the Pilagá tribal people, killing more than a thousand people with war weaponry such as machine guns and combat aircraft, because this peaceful people refused to be subjected to conditions of forced labor.

It is stated that the basic human rights of the Pilagá people were violated and even the survivors were persecuted in order that there were no witnesses, in a historical episode that has passed almost unnoticed by the entire population of the country thanks to the complicit silence of politicians, journalists and the Catholic Church, who did not denounce the fact.

It is stated that in the genocide carried out by the Peronist movement, hundreds of children, unarmed men and elderly individuals were persecuted and murdered, young women and girls were raped; accesses to rivers were cut off, corpses were burned and buried in mass graves.

It is stated that this genocide carried out by the Peronist movement was in line with previous military episodes, such as the terrible Napalpí massacre in 1924 against the Toba People.

It is stated that the genocide carried out by the Peronist movement has a colonialist trait similar to that of the conquest of the desert performed in Argentina in 19th century by General Roca against all tribal peoples, where there were concentration camps, shootings, mass murders, slavery and stealing of babies.

It is stated that these episodes have remained unpunished due to the complicity of the military, judges and Peronist governments of the 20th and 21th centuries.

It is stated that most of the judicial cases in the province of Formosa are carried out against tribal peoples, who continue to be persecuted, criminalized and imprisoned.

It is required the deep investigation into the massacres suffered by the Pilagá and Toba Peoples.

It is required that this sad episode of the Argentine Republic is taught in history books, being the biggest betrayal against the patriotic dreams of Argentine heroes such as Belgrano, San Martin and Güemes.

It is required the immediate adoption of legal measures that bring justice to the families of tribal peoples who have suffered genocidal acts by the Peronist movement and other governments.

It is required the urgent implementation of humanitarian assistance for tribal peoples living in marginalization, malnutrition, disease and discrimination, contributing to the well-being and sustainable development of these indigenous peoples.

It is required the compliance with the 169 Convention concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries (ILO), and also with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

It is required the destruction of the statue made in honor of President Peron, since this statue constitutes disrespect for the memory and spiritual integrity of tribal peoples.

It is required the political proscription of the Peronist movement for being a fascist and genocidal regime.

On December 10, 2016, the present Manifesto on the Peronist Movement is expressed as a contribution to a more peaceful, just, educated and healthy world.


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