Syria Peace Project

Syria Peace Project


To the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad,

March 2, 2014


More than 2200 years ago, the King Ashoka of the ancient India sent Buddhist peace missions to several countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. One of these missions arrived at Syria, where it prospered for 300 years, to later play a fundamental role in the development of the early Christianity. Currently, Buddhist spirituality is starting to exert a similar spiritual leadership, by guiding to the peoples towards Self-Determination and Liberty. This so singular task is being conducted by the Maitriyana movement, which I have the pleasure and responsibility of leading.

Global interdependence is a frame of reference that clearly will lead the humanity towards a new kind of civilization, where the peoples will reach peace, equity, knowledge and the ecological harmony. It is really possible to create a more fraternal world than the capitalist civilization; but it is fundamental to have an absolute Commitment to the libertarian struggle against war, famine, ignorance and pollution. Sadly, the presidents of countries do not have this Supreme Purpose in their economic agendas, so that they neglect and ignore the search for happiness of people.

However, the world will survive the inevitable fall of the materialistic civilization if it offers a decent Pathway which all human beings from Earth can live with welfare. As long as the governments continue to invest in weapons, while there are people dying of hunger, while there is illiteracy and while there is pollution, the Maitriyana movement will be a critical force against the ills of the world.

Only Spirituality can save the world. This is one of the Maitriyana commandments, since our movement indicates the Way Towards the Reconciliation of divisions that torment the nations. The wounds of the oppression can only close with the most powerful Force of the Universe: Compassion. If a country opens its heart to the Wisdom of Spiritual Love it can become a world power.

Buddhist Spirituality has allowed that tyrannical kings and serial-murderers, such as Ashoka and Angulimala, become fair, full of peace, and kind people. Thereby, even if it were true that you have committed crimes of genocide, such as the powerful countries are accusing to the Syria government, you still have the opportunity to change and guide your people towards Salvation: it is not too late. We are here to help in this task. For that reason, when USA has attempted to initiate a war against your country, we have intervened to prevent this from happening, which has cost us to suffer political and economical persecution about this fact.

Greed, hatred and ignorance are unconscious mechanisms which repress the development of the upcoming dharmic civilization. The problem of the world is not the suffering, sickness and death, because this is something inevitable. The real challenge lies in living with Liberty and Peace, and a government does not need to be an economical or an armamentistic power to provide to its nation with such values. What it is necessary is to have a Spiritual Commitment in order to follow the practical Wisdom of the great Awakened Beings. This is the Path towards Development, Peace, Salvation and the Evolution of humanity.

Although the governments with the most powerful economies lack the global harmony as its main Purpose, I believe if Syria undertakes the Way of Peace it can get to become an example for all the humanity. The solution to the conflict will not come from any war, but from a spiritual conversion to pacifism. An example of this may be the elimination of the armed forces, and the corresponding redistribution of those costs towards Health, Education and the Security of people. This is how a wise leader governs: with an ethical rectitude. Your people do not need armies; they need brotherhood, love and goodness in order to overcome the dramatic situations that they are suffering.

As a spiritual master, my dedication to peace is absolute, and I humbly hope that the political leaders of the world begin to listen to those who can provide harmony and wisdom. Please remember that there are no military solutions. But resolving the conflict involves finding a peaceful solution that comes from the courage and gallantry which very few human beings possess. Governments must have the duty to seek the welfare of the people, both inside and outside the country. Therefore, without a dialogue with the neighboring countries this will be impossible.



Concordantly, the Maitriyana formally presents a “Project of Peace for the Syria of Future.” The general principles of this project are the dialogue of Peace and the Reconciliation (Maitri) in order to resolve the division and defend the integrity of your nation.

  1. In the Syria of Future there must be place for all human beings, respecting their economic status, ethnicity and their type of religion.
  2. In the Syria of the Future all group from Syria, whether majority or minority, must be involved in the refoundation of a new Constitution which is at the Vanguard of the defense of human rights.
  3. In the Syria of the Future there shall not be linkages with extremist groups that promote violence, so that every governing must be against from both terrorism and the State oppression.
  4. In the Syria of Future there should be a large presence of embassies of the bordering countries in order that they perform humanitarian aid and they simultaneously check that there is not violations of Human Rights. This cooperation will enable a speedy reconstruction of the country. At the same time, Syria should maintain strong relationships with humanitarian organizations from around the world with the aim of raising funds to alleviate poverty and other ills.
  5. In the Syria of Future there should be no army, but a citizen defense force, by redistributing the military expenditures towards Education and Health.
  6. In the Syria of Future there should be no chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.
  7. In the Syria of Future the guidance of great masters and thinkers will be requested in order to maintain an exemplary rectitude before the world, by organizing a period of reconstruction and growth of society.

This “Project of Peace for the Syria of Future” is a spiritual intervention that Maitriyana performs in order to put an end to the violence. It is not about a Utopia, but a plan that can be applied in the here and now, only needing courage and bravery to do it. Peace must be a value promoted by the international community. That is why we can not remain passive before the violations of human rights. Buddhist Spirituality -along with Christianity- is at the forefront of the humanitarian aid at a global level, so that Syria will have our solidarity and cooperation. Only the pursuit of global political interests, such as peace, social justice, education and ecology, can put an end to the conflict. Maitriyana fully respects the Liberty and Self-determination of the people of Syria, by understanding these values as essentially spiritual, and not as an aversive positioning against the help and the foreign intervention. In an essentially interconnected world the difference between what is local and foreign is actually an illusion. Thus, the problem that Syria suffers it is a problem for all the humanity, and vice versa. However, Maitriyana coincides that it should be suspected of the legitimacy of the UN, whose behavior has always gone against the ethical rectitude.


Mr. President, I beg you to use the wisdom of Maitriyana whose libertarian thought is one of the most important spiritual contributions of history. Personally, I do not use the prayer, but I am constantly meditating on how I can help in constructing a better world. Hopefully, Syria can receive to a Buddhist delegation of Peace as it did 2200 years ago. I take this opportunity to make the comment that today our humble Temple has gathered to meditate and to send our spiritual energy towards the dear people of Syria.


Always with a spirit of Reconciliation,

Master Maitreya


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