Letter to Barack Obama


July 25, 2013

Estimated President of the USA, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama,

In terms of the Imaginary, this is a letter from a representative of a worldwide organization, but in terms of the Real, this is a message from an Ambassador of Peace (and Mother Nature), who strives to make a difference as to the type of civilizations we want to exist within.

On behalf of Buddhist Spirituality, we respectfully request that your government desists from any initiative to attack Syria. In this 21st century, the peoples of the world are heading towards World Peace, and the U.S. government has to learn to listen to this calling. Although the situation in the Middle East is worrying, no military superpower has the right to launch attacks on other nations, and even less in the name of Freedom or human rights. We question whether your government knows the genuine meaning of the term Liberation, and that it points directly towards Spiritual Awakening.

This world does not need bureaucratic leaders that claim to represent the people but in fact are loyal to dark powers operating from the shadows. This world needs spiritual leaders, people fully committed to the Salvation and Evolution of humanity. Therefore, through the present, we offer our services as Mediators to attempt to reach a peaceful settlement with the people of Syria, which surely wants the same as everyone: Peace and Self-Determination.

No conflict can be resolved through war, which is the main evil in the world. Conflicts can only be resolved through the most powerful Force history: Compassion. In this way, we should dialogue with the people of Syria and help them to heal their wounds. In case there has been a genocide committed in that country, the U.S. government has the right to publicly denounce Syria to International Justice. But first, in order that there is a true and equitable justice for all, the U.S. government should recognize their own participation in the systematic violation of human rights throughout the twentieth century. In the interests of Freedom and Justice to the whole world, the U.S. government should recognize that their own political leaders have committed genocide on several populations, and bring those leaders to the judgment of international law. The U.S. government is guilty of having dropped atomic bombs on Japan, at the same time as supporting dozens of overthrows of legitimate governments in almost every continent of the globe, along with the declaration of war on the poorest countries.

We hope that the American people follow the spiritual guidance of the great avatars of pacifism, such as Siddhartha Gautama, Jesus of Nazareth, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. They have had a vision of a Pure Land, and have dedicated their lives fighting peacefully against racism. Our dream is to see the people of USA standing up to face the oppression which establish hegemonic powers, by setting up a civil disobedience that opposes all imperialist war.

Capitalist civilization may resist this change, militarily invading poor countries, but the transformation of humanity is inevitable. We are completely sure that the world is heading towards a dharmic civilization. If peace is not established, humanity itself will self-destruct.  Therefore, all possible futures depend on the Awakening of the people so that they understand that their neighbor is a Brother and the Earth is their Mother. There are no enemies, there are only companions. Humanity does not dwell in a cold and inert planet, but forms part of a global superorganism. It is indispensable to comprehend this, because capitalist civilization has behaved like a cancer within the body of the Earth. And if the U.S. government continues to propagate their greed, hatred and ignorance, then Mother Nature will respond like any body that wants to extirpate something bad. Certainly, war is a disease within the planetary body.

No government has the moral authority to justify a military intervention, much less the U.S. government. The military attacks only worsen the conflict. We hope that International Bodies, (which historically are corrupt and inefficient organizations), this time adopt a pacifist position, and are willing to punish the U.S. government for crimes against humanity.

As you can see, the Buddhist Spirituality can not be an accomplice of new deaths in the world. Every time a government endangers the World Peace, we will be denouncing the evil, working to establish harmony and pacifism around the world.

Capitalist civilization is slowly transforming into a new civilization, and although international corporations try to stop this change through wars, violence will be replaced by the power of Compassion, stabilizing all regions of the Earth with the objective of establishing the utopian vision of the great spiritual masters.

There can not be a bigger indignation than the death of millions of children.  The U.S. government should intervene in the world not with bombs, but by providing food, medicine and free education. Only then will their apparent enemies may support them.

The U.S. government can learn so much from, and be Guided by the teachings of the spiritual masters and assist in building peaceful negotiation for every conflict existing in the world. Buddhist Spirituality is the most revolutionary metapolitical movement in the history of humanity, and its potential good effects for the world are immeasurable.

The people of Syria need a peaceful solution through social organizations which seek human wellbeing.  Therefore the international community should not provide military support but rather spiritual support. Self-determination and Freedom are the deepest rights of humanity; the superpowers should not manipulate democratic processes of other nations, especially considering that capitalist civilization has democratic systems completely manipulated by economic corporations.

Buddhist Spirituality has legitimacy and ethical authority to guide the world through the example of Free and Enlightened Beings (Arhats & Bodhisattvas).  A Buddhist should not legitimize or legalize the evil that represents war.

Although we know that the position of President of USA is a fictitious position (because it secretly obeys powerful groups such as the Bilderberg Group), your administration can make the decision to reveal itself as a revolutionary force against this dark Power. The current U.S. government should cease becoming the main danger to the international balance and USA’s own people. The U.S. government should export life and humanist values instead of spreading death for children and women around the world to maintain its economy and capitalist power.

If you decide to choose the Way of Justice, Freedom and Peace, you have our full support, but if you continue propagating the war, we will continue resisting peacefully, trying to impede humanity from destroying itself.

Mr. President of USA, although you do not know, humanity has never left Eden. Paradise is here and now, really is this Earth so beautiful and full of life. Please be aware of a Future which demands Evolution, a Present which claims Peace and a Past which demands Justice. Humanity should be transformed, by eliminating both physical and psychological weapons that repress the True Being.

We hope that the U.S. government be inspired by the lives of those who have sown peace and brotherhood in the world. Buddhists of the USA can help in this process. Please go with them, and request their advice.

An attentive greeting full of Peace and Goodness.  Please think about what kind of world you wish your sons and daughters to inherit.

With Spirit of Reconciliation (Maitri)

Master Maitreya Buddha

President of the Indian Buddhist Federation



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