World Association of Theravada


World Association of Theravada (WAT)

This association is the product of the Seventh Buddhist Council and the First Theravada-Mahayana Council organized by the World Association of Buddhism (WBA) in 2014. Since that time, the World Association of Theravada (WAT) is founded, inviting Buddhists around the world to form a Board of this new partnership.


1. WAT has the purpose of bringing together the laymen and Theravada monks.
2. Membership in WAT is free and open to Theravada Buddhists worldwide.
3. WAT find avoid sectarianism in Theravada Buddhism through the relationship with other Buddhist groups.
4. WAT spiritually validates to Mahayana, Vajrayana, Navayana and Maitriyana, considering them as a Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Way as valid as the first Way of Buddhism.
5. WAT promotes the vision of Gautama as a reconciliation of all Buddhist groups, so all his teachings should be preserved and transmitted.
6. WAT organize and support to Theravada Buddhist Councils in order to update its practice and theory in the world.
7. WAT provides ordinations to Theravada monks.
8. WAT offers Honorary Degrees to Buddhist Masters from other traditions and lineages.
9. WAT recognizes India as the birthplace of Buddhism, but at the same time it considers important the influence of Buddhism on the cultures of East and West.
10. WAT share compassionate wisdom to all mankind through the spiritual teaching.
11. Any donations received by WAT must be immediately implemented in social action or Engaged Buddhism.
12. The Dharma should be the guiding principle of WAT at any time and place.
13. Membership of an individual or group within WAT will be terminated before a disrespectful or impolite behavior.
14. The Board of Administration must have at least one member of Mahayana or Maitriyana Buddhism in order to promote Unity and Reconciliation among all yanas.
15. WAT promotes equality between man and woman inside Theravada Buddhism.

Activities (2014-2019)

1. WAT offers spiritual support to the project of construction of Buddhist Temples in India.
2. WAT has created a project of Free Education for all the Bhikkhus of the world, offering them the possibility of advanced Buddhist studies free of any charge, like studies in Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist Psychology, Buddhist Politics, Buddhist Law and Theravada Spirituality, due to an international covenant.
3. WAT has participated in the International Buddhist Ethics Committee and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights, constantly evaluating and judging the Bhikkhus behavior throughout the world.
4. WAT has participated in the creation of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION ON THE RIGHT TO WORLD PEACE.

5. WAT has created a project of Spiritual Degrees to great Buddhist Masters from the main traditions: Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (THERAVADA)  , Master Thich Nhat Hanh (ZEN)  , His Holiness Dalai Lama (VAJRAYANA)  , B.R. Ambedkar (NAVAYANA)  , Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha (MAITRIYANA)  .


7. WAT has become founding member of the UNITED BUDDHIST NATIONS ORGANIZATION, with Registry Number A032017.

8. WAT has participated in the EIGHTH BUDDHIST COUNCIL.

9. WAT is offering full scholarships to all the Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis of the world for the course of Buddhist Doctor in Theravada.

Contact Us

President Office of World Association of Theravada:
Wat Andong Ithvinayadharo,Thmey village, Samaki commune  Brasadh district, Kampong Thom province, Cambodia
President Office of World Association of Theravada:
Ashoka Buddha Vihara, Old power House Road, Rajghat New Delhi-110002, India
President Office of World Association of Theravada:

Rudura Buddhananda Dharmamitra Buddhist Monk and Novice Training and Meditation Centre, Rudura Ananda Niketan Buddhist Monastery, Anwara, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

President Office of World Association of Theravada:
Buddhist Temple & Meditation centre, P.O.Box 6665, Plot no 606, Mindu Street, West Upanga, Dar es salaam, Tanzania, East Africa.
President Office of World Association of Theravada:
DHAMMALAND THE ROYAL MONASTIC SCHOOL, Village- BirBira- Siripur, Jalki, District- Mahasamund. State: CHHATTISGARH, BHARAT (INDIA) PIN:493445
Vice-President Office of World Association of Theravada:
Aung Mangalar Buddhist Temple, 369 Saint Francis Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015, USA



Ven. Yon Bunyom (PRESIDENT & JUROR)

Ven. Laka Mitra Bhikkhu (PRESIDENT)

Rev. Dr. ILukpitiye Pannasekara (PRESIDENT)

Bhikkhu Saddharakkhita (PRESIDENT)

Dr. Ven Sheelratna Bodhi (PRESIDENT)

Ven. Ashin Acara (VICE-PRESIDENT)

Panhasiri Pandito Guru Tep Vuthy (PEACE AMBASSADOR)

Master Yan Maitri-Shi (SPIRITUAL ADVISER)

Ven. Dr Sumedh Thero (ASSISTANT)

Ven. Bodhimitra Mahathero (ASSISTANT)

V. Vijayalakshmi (ASSISTANT)

Dr. M. Velusamy (ASSISTANT)



Ven Wattegama Dhammawasa Thero
Ven. Akurala Samitha
Ven. Chhay Korn
Dr. Arun Kumar Yadav
Ven. Dr. Medagampitiye Wijithadhamma
Sanjoy Barua Chowdhury
Bhante K. Uparatana
Ven. Mom Lei
Ven Prohm Samnang
Ven. Tep Sithoeun
Ven. Dr. Dhammapal
Ven. Hoeu Sophal
Ven. Hun Chanden
Ven. Chhum Sothy
Ven. Leng Bunneang
Ms. Kim Sean Pal
Ms. Sam Ritho
Ms. Hang Bunphal
Ms. Keo Maly
Ms. Chhea Kim Nin
Mr. Sok Seri Uttum
Mr. Nipakalankara
Rev. Debashish Chowdhury
Bhante Dhammika (Ven. Dr Tawalama Dhammika)
Ven. Walpola Kalyanatissa Nayaka Thero
Mahesha Yahampath
Rev. Athale Sumana Thero
Upasaka Kalaimathi
Upasaka Vasanthy Adhikesavan
Upasaka Vasanthy Ramesh
Upasaka Malligai Shenbagavalli
Upasaka Chitrarasu Venkatesan
Upasaka Sankar Munisamy
Upasaka D. Velumayilone
Upasaka V. Vivekanandan

Upasaka Azhagu Siddharth

Saibyasachi Barua

Mrs. Sumi Barua
Indian Buddhist Federation
Cambodian Monastery-Kaushambi (CM-K)
Maitriyana Buddhist University
Integral Buddhist University
International Buddhist Friends Association (IBFA)
Sakyamuni Buddha Vihar Trust
Centre Bouddhiste International de Genève
Adher Manik Shanti Niketan Monastery
International Buddhist Foundation (IBF)
Sudarsana meditation centre
Zurich Buddhist Vihara
Triple Gem of the North (A Buddhist Vihara)
Bangladesh Bouddha Bhikkhu Mahasabha (The Supreme Buddhist Sangha Council of Bangladesh)
Sri Subodharama International Buddhist Center
Aung Mangalar Buddhist Temple
International Buddhist Ethics Committe & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

Sanghamithra Buddha Dhamma Followers association

Ananda Buddha Dhamma Followers Association for men

2 thoughts on “World Association of Theravada

  1. Sir
    I am ayusmati:Lalitha Hebsur treasurer of Buddhist pali and Research University Dharwad liking rules of world Buddhists and I shall want to become member for WAT.Thanking you sir


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