Institute of Buddhist Psychoanalysis & Zen-Analysis

The MBU has created this space of thought not only to explore the parallels between Eastern Buddhism and Western Psychoanalysis, which is something developed by hundreds of authors, but to produce a fascinating interdisciplinary synthesis called Buddhist Psychoanalysis and Zen-Analysis, which is a fundamental pillar of the spiritual development of Maitriyana. However, Buddhist Psychoanalysis or Zen-Analysis is not a matter that forces the union of two different traditions, given that they have never really been separated.

In effect, every practitioner of Buddhist Psychoanalysis must be a professional psychoanalyst and also a Buddhist practitioner. The Institute of Buddhist Psychoanalysis and Zen-Analysis not only transmits this avant-garde discipline created by Master Maitreya Samysaksambuddha, Rector of the MBU, but also protects that this discipline created in 2007 is not plagiarized or perverted. This new School has been presented with great success in international conferences of Psychology, as well as in the creation of a practical training and theory that transmits and protects the adequate vision of Buddhist Psychoanalysis and Zen-Analysis. In this sense, the Institute of Buddhist Psychoanalysis and Zen-Analysis offers services of courses and also services of professional analysis open to all the public in order to achieve the Cure (Nirvana) of suffering.



 Gautama with Foucault: Postmodern Spirituality

 Gautama with Zizek: Psychoanalysis with Politics

 Gautama with Lacan: Ethics of Buddhist Psychoanalysis

Gautama with Freud: Floating Mindfulness

Maitriyana Spirituality: the Postpsychoanalytical Revolution

The Psychoanalysis of Future: the Spiritual Cure (Nirvana)

Buddhist Existential Psychoanalysis: Gautama with Sartre

PhD in Buddhist Psychoanalysis



Case “University of Kelaniya”


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