PhD in Buddhist Psychoanalysis

PhD in Buddhist Psychoanalysis




First Year

  1. The Being and the Nothingness​
  2. The doctrine of Empty Being​
  3. The doctrine of the lack of Essence
  4. Science of the dialectic paradoxical subjective logic
  5. Desire in Gautama, Hegel and Sartre
  6. Death by Gautama and Hegel
  7. Philosophy of Gautama and Merleau-Ponty
  8. The contemplative analytical perception
  9. Hermeneutic and postmetaphysical phenomenology
  10. Heidegger and the Kyoto School
  11. The topology, spatiality, temporality and corporeality of Zen

​12. The transformative praxis of Gautama, Marx and Heidegger


Second Year

  1. Freud and Heraclitus​
  2. Wittgenstein and Psychoanalysis
  3. Intuition and Unconscious Creator
  4. Philosophy, Logic and Psychoanalysis
  5. Frontiers of Psychoanalysis in Philosophy Discourse
  6. Philosophy with Analysis
  7. Mysticism and Archaeology of Psychoanalytic Knowledge

​8. Myths and Psychoanalysis

  1. The Destiny in Gautama, Aristotle, Freud and Lacan
  2. Pleasure and the Good: Plato and Freud
  3. The death impulse
  4. Anguish: beyond the veil


Third Year

  1. Poetry and Psychoanalysis: Lacan and Heidegger
  2. Lacan and Antiphilosophy
  3. Serenity
  4. Angst and Ethics
  5. The True Saying
  6. Psychoanalysis and the Philosophy of the limit
  7. Existential Analysis: Liberation and Analytic Cure​
  8. Gautama, Kierkegaard and Lacan: Repetition and the Critique of reminiscence
  9. Tyché and Automaton
  10. The Ethics of Silence: Lacan with Wittgenstein​
  11. Emptiness: Arte and Unconscious
  12. Mystic language as an opening to the Real


Fourth Year

  1. Self-care and the ethics of psychoanalysis
  2. Time of being and end of analysis
  3. Sublimation
  4. Plato and the aletheia
  5. The Opening and Revelation of Being
  6. Pure love: Gautama, Plato and Lacan
  7. God is Unconscious
  8. The Lack in Being
  9. Beyond Ethics
  10. Post-Joycean Psychoanalysis

    11. Lacan and Derrida: deconstructive analysis

12. Desistential Analysis: Derrida and Lacan

Fifth Year

  1. Self-realization and Evanescence of Neurosis
  2. Psychoanalysis in Education ​
  3. Love as Vacuity
  4. The End of Analysis and the Femininity
  5. Sublimation: a new psychic structure​
  6. Social Psychoanalysis
  7. Writing of the Empty-in-being
  8. Analytical and spiritual interpretation
  9. Self or Lack of Ego
  10. Psychoanalysis and Neurosciences
  11. Passions and destinations of Being
  12. Interpretation techniques of meaning​








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