Resolution on International Digital Totalitarianism System

CASE 60-2021: Twitter & Facebook (Jack Dorsey & Mark Zuckerberg)

Resolution on International Digital Totalitarianism System

26 April 2021

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights,

Recalling the principles of Buddhist Law and International Human Rights Law, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN and the Buddhist Convention on Human Rights adopted by the United Buddhist Nations Organization;

Considering that “Twitter and Facebook” companies owned by Jack Dorsey & Mark Zuckerberg have been sentenced Responsible for Censorship, Violation of Freedom of Expression and Violation of Political Rights;

Aware that after the preceding judgment the Tech Cartel of Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Google have continued with their Human Rights Violations, once again censoring former President Trump and also other leaders because of their political views;

Greatly concerned because of the fact that the Supreme Council of World Peace was censored by WordPress company, which removed the website of this human rights organization due to a scientific and legal report on the global crisis of the Coronavirus, by arguing that these activities were violations of the platform’s policies, all of which means that this company is also part of the Tech Cartel trying to control the world by censoring critical views;

Deploring the fact that Bill Gates from Microsoft company has also committed international crimes, thus being an apologist for crimes against humanity, because despite the fact of not having any professional knowledge in epidemiology or public health in March and April 2020, this individual publicly pressured governments around the world in order to carry out strict mass confinements of the entire population, generating panic and mass hysteria while pointing out that it will not be possible to return to the normal life of work, social relations and schools for a long time, because all countries need to do what China did, which constitutes a violation of the human rights unprecedented in the history of humankind, in the face of a virus that has a lower mortality rate than the flu;

Taking into consideration that businessman Elon Musk has publicly criticized Bill Gates from Microsoft for his campaign against the Coronavirus that included scaring people, blocking the country and launching a mandatory deployment of vaccines;

Reaffirming that Naomi Wolf, a former adviser to President Clinton of the USA, confirmed that the mass confinement orders against the Coronavirus turn the country into a totalitarian and police State that has suspended the Rule of Law, violating the main constitutional amendments under the false premise of security, stripping society from their rights to property, assembly, religion and all the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Examining that the Maitriyana Buddhist Community in 2015 made a prophecy in which it predicted that in the face of the UN failure, the 21st century would suffer a Second World Cold War between an authoritarian side led by China and Russia against a technological side led by companies using Artificial Intelligence;

Showing consternation at the fact that the New World Power of the technological side overthrew the American and Western presidential power from the censorship episode carried out against President Trump by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (Google);

Denouncing that the emerging New Power of the Tech Cartel is actually a criminal and undemocratic organization led by Twitter (Jack Dorsey), Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), Amazon (Jeff Bezos), Google (Larry Page), Microsoft (Bill Gates) and WordPress (Matt Mullenweg);

Recalling that President Trump publicly stated that Big Tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Google should be penalized by the States if these monopolistic companies silence conservative voices, because if the right to freedom of expression is violated then there will be no more democracy and only tyranny will remain;

Repudiating that after a request from the government of India, Twitter company carried out a massive censorship against critical voices, eliminating the accounts of those who criticized the Indian government’s handling of the Coronavirus, as was the case with the parliamentarian Revanth Reddy, Minister Moloy Ghatak and even the artist Vinod Kapri;

It is solemnly established that True Buddhism will always criticize any totalitarian system, since the Purpose (Dharma) of Spirituality is the Liberation of all beings.

It is expressed that Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and WordPress are companies that violate Human rights, shaping a criminal, anti-democratic and totalitarian Tech Cartel seeking to control the entire world.

It is declared that the government of India, which has carried out genocide with impunity in Kashmir, is part of the authoritarian governmental Cartel led by China, Russia and Iran.

It is called upon all the peoples to peacefully rebel through civil disobedience against censorship attempts by authoritarian governments or monopolistic tech companies trying to control the world.

It is confirmed that the Maitriyana Buddhist Community has received attacks coming from the Indian Army and attacks from digital tech companies as well, although this will not stop in any way the expression and transmission of the Truth.

Always with spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

H.E. Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

Judge and President of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

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