Ven. Shilabhadra Mahathero

Ven. Shilabhadra Mahathero

Birth: 4th August, 1952 Baroigaon, Laksam, Comilla, Bangladesh.            

Monk Namew: Shilabhadra Mahathero

Educational  Background    : M. A.  in Pali (Dhaka University)

                                    Title    : Sutra and Vinay Visharad               

Ordination as Novice: Ordained as Novice on July 11, 1975 at Baroigaon Kanak Chaitya Vihara under the discipleship of world renowned Buddhist Scholar Most Venerable Jyotipal Mahathero.      

Ordination as Monk: the great Ordained as Monk was held at 100 year old Alishwar Santiniketan Buddhist temple on July 21, 1975 under the discipleship of Most Venerable Punnananda Mahathero and at the presence of the 10thSangharaja Venerable Jyotipal Mahathero who was the disciple of deputy Sangharaja Gunalankar Mahathera.

Teaching life:       

a) Resident teacher in Baroigaon Orphanage

b) Religious teacher of Harischar Union High School from 1973 to 1980

c) Religious Teacher in the Binajuri Nabin High School from 1981 to 1986

d) Examiner of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Comilla. 

Organizational Sides:

President                                           : Sangharaj Jyotipal Mahathero Foundation

Founder President                             : Jyotipal Mahathero Buddhist High School

Founder President                             : New Salban Vihara & Bhikkhu Training Centre

Founder & Chief Advisor                 : Young Men’s Buddhist Association (YMBA)

Founder Many Buddhist Temples     : In Comilla, Sirajgong, Rangpur, Dinajpur, Thakurgaon, Jaypurhat, Naogaon, Hobigang, Bandarban Districts and current in Dhaka and near Sompur Mahavihara in Paharpur(World heritage)

IND. Member                                    : World Buddhist Sangha Council (WBSC), Taiwan

Member                                             : BLIA-Bangladesh Chapter, Taiwan

The Holy Tripitak Recitor                 : Bangladesh Television

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