Proclamation on Crimes Against Humanity by the Catholic Church

Case 32-2017: National Ecclesiastical Tribunal & Interdiocesan Tribunal of Buenos Aires & Priest Julio Cesar Grassi

Proclamation on Crimes Against Humanity by the Catholic Church

22 October 2020

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights,

Recalling that the National Ecclesiastical Tribunal of Argentina led by Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) was previously sentenced as Responsible for Violation of the Human Right to Justice, Spiritual Fraud and False Christianity, Corruption, Covering up of Sexual Abuses and Pedophilia, Crimes against Childhood and Unethical Leadership;

Considering that Julián Maradeo has demonstrated the existence of a systematic cover-up mechanism by the Ecclesiastical Power, especially by analyzing cases of sexual abuse of Catholic priests in Argentina;[1]

Aware that the perverse mechanism of the Catholic Church in the systematic realization and cover-up of sexual abuse and pedophilia consists in requiring their concealment under penalty of excommunication,[2] providing impunity to those denounced criminal priests by not investigating them neither bringing them to criminal justice and ecclesiastical justice, and even providing them with new victims by transferring the accused to other institutions, which is a procedure designed by the Vatican and that has been applied regularly to most of dioceses in the world;

Deploring this criminal cover-up manual practiced in a systematic and widespread way by the Catholic Church, which consists of the following steps in the face of allegations of sexual abuse: minimally distancing the priest from the victim, silencing the victims, pressuring the critics, transferring the priest to another diocese, publicly simulate support for the victims in their suffering, and finally begin a never-ending internal investigation which will hardly ever find justice;

Enormously concerned about the role that Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) has had in multiple cases of cover-up of sexual abuse and pedophilia, as evidenced by his actions during the Provolo Institute Case in which he received information about massive sexual abuse of deaf children but only decided to intervene when the case has gone public in the media;

Analyzing that Pope Francis has only changed the communicational approach on the cover-up of sexual abuse although he has not evanesced its criminal system, since he criticizes those priests and bishops who practice it while himself simultaneously continues with these criminal practices in many cases, such and as has happened with the Priest Grassi Case, the Provolo Institute Case, the Cardinal McCarrick Case, the Bishop Barros Case and the Priest Decuyper Case, which implies hypocrisy and structural criminality on the part of the highest spheres of the Vatican Power;

Taking into consideration that Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) not only stated that the accusations against the pedophile Priest Grassi were an invention of the media, but also hired the jurist Sancinetti to write a legal defense in which the victims were accused of being lying in a process similar to a witch hunt, presenting these 2000 pages of legal defense to the Argentine Supreme Court of Justice in order to pressure for the release of Priest Grassi, which did not happen due to the large number of evidence against him;

Warning that the pedophile Julio Cesar Grassi continues to be a priest despite being imprisoned with a final sentence of 15 years in prison for abuse of minors and for corruption as well, which is something that explicitly demonstrates a current direct endorsement of Pope Francis and the Vatican Power to this powerful and corrupt pedophile who betrays the entire Christian spiritual legacy of love and solidarity toward the neighbor;

Recognizing that Pope Francis has not only systematically defended Bishop Juan Barros who covered up the sexual abuse of Priest Karadima, but has even discredited the victims by accusing them of spreading slander;

Showing consternation at the fact that Pope Francis contacted Sergio Decuyper, who is the victim of sexual abuse by his own uncle the Priest José Decuyper, demanding the victim to remain silent, not to tell his parents and not to denounce his uncle, which shows a total criminal cover-up by Pope Francis, who also stated that victims have a lot of hatred and that this happens in the whole society but they want to blame only the priests, all of which led Sergio Decuyper to spiritually doubt Pope Francis and to affirm that he is possibly very intelligent and bad;

Examining the fact that there is evidence suggesting that Pope Francis knew about the sexual abuse committed by Cardinal McCarrick and nevertheless he decided to cover up such crimes, as confirmed by the ex-nuncio Monsignor Carlo María Viganó, who publicly accused Pope Francis of covering-up and of lying openly and blatantly to the whole world by saying that he does not remember talking to him about McCarrick’s abuses, which is why Monsignor Viganó has publicly demanded the resignation of the Catholic Supreme Pontiff;

Agreeing with Monsignor Viganó that silence or covering-up is to be an accomplice of the abusers and is to cause new victims, being a criminal pattern of Pope Francis, who also covers up other cases of abusers as has done with Cardinal McCarrick, which constitutes a truly dark moment for the Universal Church, because this means that Pope Francis should be tried and expelled for covering up of sexual abuse;

Confirming the fact that Monsignor Nicola Bux stated that there are legal difficulties in Catholic doctrine in order to be able to judge Pope Francis, since it is believed that the Pope can only be judged by God, which is a belief that violates the human right to justice and positions him in absolute impunity beyond the rule of Law, being then more necessary than ever this Proclamation judging his behavior as criminal, unethical and anti-Christian;

Bearing in mind that Pope Francis prohibited the United States Episcopal Conference from voting on measures against sexual abuse, which was characterized as disappointing by its President, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, especially when analyzing the magnitude of the problem of cases of sexual abuse carried out by priests against children, because since the year 2000 more than 6,700 cases of pedophile priests and around 18,000 child victims have been counted in the USA;

Reaffirming that Pope Francis has publicly confessed that the Catholic Church covered up and underestimated sexual abuse due to incredulity, inexperience, spiritual superficiality or lack of seriousness, treating the cases without seriousness and rapidity, so the Vatican has then promised never to do so again and never to get tired of bringing abusers to justice, all of which is a very good speech but contradicts the very actions that Pope Francis has systematically committed both before and after, in addition to legally constituting an act of confession for crimes that have gone unpunished and that must be brought before criminal justice and spiritual justice;

In agreement with the speech of Pope Francis that behind the angelic face of the abusive Catholic priests hides a ferocious wolf ready to devour innocent souls, since they commit abominations and abuse the weak by using their moral power and persuasion, which rips apart the body of the Church causing scandal and discrediting the salvific mission and the sacrifices of many brothers, for which the Catholic Church is required not to be silent in the face of sexual abuse because the greatest scandal is to cover up the Truth, all of which is a proof that Pope Francis has not carried out all that he preaches in his own words;

Claiming to Pope Francis that he should open the classified archives of the Vatican on the systematic and widespread sexual abuse that the Catholic Church carried out for decades against 100,000 children around the world, which constitutes Crimes against humanity in the eyes of the International Law, so the plot of crimes and complicities must be clarified once and for all, especially judging the criminal Vatican Power and its perverse cover-up that is evident in the Priest Grassi Case and the Próvolo Institute Case;

Impugning the ecclesiastical summit against pedophilia led by Pope Francis in which the Catholic Church pointed out that sexual abuse committed by priests is only part of the abuse as a wide and transversal problem at the social level, which means that the hierarchs of the Vatican Power do not assume the whole responsibility in the perverse performance and in the immoral cover-up of the rape of children, denigrating and revictimizing the victims through a miserable and cowardly position that is contrary to International Human Rights Law and also contrary to Spiritual Justice;

In solidarity with the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, who have criticized Pope Francis for his false fight against pedophilia and sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests, characterizing this as an act of simulation and hypocrisy on the part of the Vatican State, which is a serial violator of international Human Rights Conventions and also it is a State where systemic corruption reigns;

Condemning the fact that the Vatican Power fails to comply with the exhortations made in 2014 by the UN and its Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights, which criticized the Vatican for systematically putting the reputation of the Catholic Church and pedophile priests above the children’s interests, being evident the fact that the Vatican has not recognized the seriousness of the crimes committed, has not taken the necessary measures to confront cases of child sexual abuse and has not protected children, since it has adopted policies and practices that continue with the abusive exploitation and impunity of priests that are guilty of abuse or cover-up;

Affirming that the maximum proof of the complicity of Pope Francis and the Vatican Power with sexual abuse is their ongoing support for Priest Grassi, who despite having been sentenced to prison for child abuse and also for embezzlement of funds from an orphanage he still continues to hold the rank of Catholic priest and even continues to threaten and intimidate his victims by suing them for damages;

  • It is established that the Buddhist Law was and will always be on the side of the poor and oppressed, especially on the side of children.
  • The supreme teachings of Master Jesus are recalled, for being the maximum protector of the intrinsic sacredness of childhood life.
  • This ethical Proclamation is invoked as an act of spiritual justice in the face of Crimes against Humanity carried out by the Vatican and its canonical tribunals that provide impunity to abusers and those who cover up, such as Priest Grassi and Pope Francis respectively.
  • It is declared that the Vatican is a Genocidal State that has intentionally destroyed the childhood of a religious group protected by the 1948 International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, generating massive physical and psychological damage, and even carrying out and maintaining a system of protection and cover-up of pedophile Catholic priests in clear systematic and widespread violation of the human rights of hundreds of thousands of Catholic children worldwide.

This was written 2,600 years after the foundation and independence of the Great Buddhist Nation.

Always with spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

H.E. Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Judge of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

[1] Julián Maradeo, La trama detrás de los abusos y delitos sexuales en la Iglesia católica.

[2] Juan XXIII, Crimen sollicitationis.

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