Judgment on World Health Organization

CASE 56-2020: World Health Organization (WHO) & Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus


Dear Prosecutor, Peace Ambassador and Human Rights Defenders of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR), regarding Case 56-2020 against the “World Health Organization”, on August 25, 2020, it is hereby recorded that the trial has been concluded to analyze the violations of Human Rights and Buddhist Ethics carried out by the accused. This Case has been carried out as a result of the Report on the Coronavirus made by the United Buddhist Nations Organization.

After the analysis of the presentation of the Case and the validation of evidence, the voting has been made by 4 Human Rights Defenders, all of whom confirmed that the accusation to the WHO for the serious crimes of Negligence and Medical Malpractice is Fair.

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has been able to collect evidence proving that the “World Health Organization” has systematically and widespreadly committed Negligence and Medical Malpractice against the entire population of the planet, misdiagnosing the Coronavirus pandemic and causing a Global Panic Attack that viralized fear and mass hysteria, oversizing a virus that is no more serious than the ordinary flu, which contributed to the creation of global quarantine systems that have been totally illegal, criminal and that will also cause a planetary famine by generating the loss of hundreds of millions of jobs, obviously meaning future millions of deaths due to lack of food and poor health.

In the first place, it is confirmed that, based on the criticisms made by the government of the United States of North America toward the WHO‘s mismanagement of the Coronavirus pandemic, the 73rd annual meeting of the “World Health Organization” approved to be evaluated impartially, independently and completely. Precisely, the present ethical judgment carried out by the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights implies such integral, free and impartial evaluation that has been publicly required by the USA, European Union, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Russia, India and Brazil, as the international body will never be able to adequately evaluate itself.

Second, it is confirmed that the actions of the WHO have been totally negligent in all its responses, as well as in its recommendations to prevent and respond to the pandemic, such as taking 7 months to confirm that the Coronavirus is transmitted through the air despite the fact that international scientific investigations had already discovered it many months ago, which constitutes an act of international Malpractice, so responsibility must be assumed by the international bodyfor the enormous damage it has done to the world.

Third, it is confirmed that President Trump of the United States of America accused the “World Health Organization” of mismanagement and of having acted slowly at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in order to cover up the government of China in spreading misinformation. This total lack of information transparency during the pandemic caused the USA to stop financing this international body and even ceased to be a member country, criticizing the international organization that has denied the fact that the Coronavirus was transmitted from person to person or for claiming a false mortality rate that would be about 30 times higher than the true one. Thus, the government of President Trump publicly accused this international body of being a China’s Puppet.

Fourth, it is confirmed that in December 2019 the Taiwan Center for Disease Control alerted the WHO to the existence of the outbreak of a new pneumonia in Wuhan (China) and requested the international body to provide more details of the virus in order to prevent its continental transmission. The “World Health Organization” denied having received the alert from Taiwan, and only traveled to China 40 days later, demonstrating an unprecedented level of negligence or cover-up.

Fifth, it is confirmed that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director General of the WHO, was elected to this position thanks to the influence of China within this international body. Thus, this bureaucrat led the “World Health Organization” to endorse the Chinese government as transparent, committed and serious, so he decided to ignore that China did not offer truthful information to the international community, which were hugely incorrect in the mortality rates of the virus and did nothing but contribute to the global panic. This politicization by the WHO has caused an unprecedented global economic disaster, while most of the countries of the world that made massive quarantines of their populations would have blindly relied on epidemiological reports from the “World Health Organization”. In addition, the official position of the Director General of this organization was that he does not have time to respond to criticism, which is a criminal, authoritarian and undemocratic attitude.

Sixth, it is confirmed that the negligent decisions of the WHO are due to its economic financing model, which leaves the door open to be politically manipulated and violate its scientific principles, instead of being the maximum protector of global public health. Thus, the “World Health Organization” should be abolished or structurally reformed so that its medical scientific research can function free of political influence. This ethical position that criticizes the failures of the WHO and is in favor of creating a new international health body has been defended by countries such as France.

Seventh, it is confirmed that the “World Health Organization” publicly praised the illegal massive quarantine measures that dictatorially promoted countries such as China and Argentina, and that were viralized into a large number of countries, putting half of the healthy population of the world under house arrest for a disease that is no more serious than the flu, irrationally causing the destruction of hundreds of millions of jobs, increasing poverty and world indigence, which will undoubtedly bring many more deaths than the Chinese flu.

Eighth, it is confirmed that the WHO Collaborating Center on National and Global Health Laws has stated that all previous rules and global norms on public health have collapsed, which constitutes an act of complicity with the violation of the civil liberties that hundreds of millions of people have suffered.

Ninth, it is confirmed that the “World Health Organization” has betrayed its own founding Purpose of achieving that all human beings attain the highest possible levels of health, which includes not only physical health, but also psychological health, social health and environmental health. By failing to incorporate these health dimensions into its approach to the Coronavirus crisis, the WHO has caused enormous harm to global public health.

Tenth, it is confirmed that during the SARS outbreak in 2002 the “World Health Organization” had an efficient and non-corrupt leadership under the leadership of Director Brundtland, as opposed to the current negligent actions of Director Tedros of WHO. That is why the SARS outbreak was quickly contained, despite the fact that China had not decided to report to the “World Health Organization” about the discovery of this new virus either.

Eleventh, it is confirmed that in the last two cases of global pandemics, the actions of the WHO were negligent, such as its excessive actions during the 2009 swine flu, and its slow actions during the 2014 Ebola.

Twelfth, it is confirmed that in mid-March the epidemiologist Ioannidis of Stanford University stated that the death rate of the Coronavirus was not the 3.4% percentage that the “World Health Organization” said, but only the 0.1%, which is why he characterized the pandemic as a great fiasco. This same position was assured by President Trump about 2 weeks before Ioannidis, stating that the international body’s mortality number was false, since it was a lie that 3.4% of those infected by Coronavirus died. Obviously, the Coronavirus 2019 is much less harmful than the SARS virus that had a mortality rate of 10% and also that the MERS virus that had a rate of 20%. However, as García-Sastre, an expert in RNA viruses, points out, even with a lethality of 0.1%, the Coronavirus can be problematic for the hospital system because, being a new virus, no one has immunity and then it will infect a larger number of people than the flu. In this sense, the virologist Hendrik Streeck has also confirmed that the WHO was wrong with the death rate of the Coronavirus, which according to this expert is less deadly than previously believed and would be around 0.3%. Although the “World Health Organization” has changed its death rate for the Coronavirus, which was 3.4% and was recently lowered to 0.6%, it is still very high and exaggerated compared to studies of the best experts in the world. In this way, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) estimates that the death rate of the Coronavirus would be between 0.2% and 0.3%. Precisely, there is research that suggests that in Miami the mortality rate is 0.2%, and even in Iceland it would have been found that the Coronavirus is much less lethal than the mere flu as it has a mortality rate of 0.05%.

Thirteenth, the negligence or medical malpractice of the WHO during the Coronavirus pandemic is evident for saying that the Coronavirus was not transmitted between humans, for not canceling air travel from China, for not having recommended measures to travelers from Wuhan (China), for not recommending restrictions on air travel at a global level, for having stated that there was no evidence that the virus was transmitted from person to person, for considering face masks useless, for not recommending tests for those who did not had symptoms, for considering that asymptomatic people are not transmitters of the virus, and for denying that the Coronavirus has a Cure when there are vaccines currently.

Fourteenth, it is confirmed that in April 2020 a legal claim was initiated against the “World Health Organization” for negligence in handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, which was a legal action filed in the federal court of White Plains in New York, accusing the international body of covering up the pandemic in China and contributing to its worldwide propagation.

Fifteenth, it is confirmed that the WHO has committed medical negligence for being a provider of health care that has carried out multiple bad actions and made inappropriate decisions, neither complying with the minimum scientific parameters to face the pandemic nor respecting the technical norms of medicine. This level of malpractice has caused harm to the entire world population, failing to comply with its legal duty to provide adequate medical assistance. By having made multiple misdiagnoses about the transmission and mortality of the Coronavirus, the medical negligence of the “World Health Organization” is irrefutable. The damage to mental and social health resulting from this negligent action has been gigantic, causing a global panic and the destruction of millions of jobs, which in turn implies famine and death. These injuries caused by the errors of the WHO will not only generate future physical health problems but also deep emotional disorders, contributing to crime and the global epidemic of suicides that every year is much more dangerous and real than the Coronavirus.

Sixteenth, it is confirmed that allopathic doctors are not heroes of any kind, as a report from the “World Health Organization” itself has confirmed that 2.6 million people die each year due to medical negligence, among other reasons for errors in the diagnosis or in the prescription of medicines, which means that Western Medicine is much more harmful and deadly than the Coronavirus pandemic itself or the AIDS virus, generating millions of deaths that are totally preventable. In fact, the WHO report confirms that 40% of the world’s patients suffer negligence during primary care and outpatient treatment, which would be about 138 million people, which would be caused by the low level of training and qualification of healthcare professionals. Even the report of the “World Health Organization” recognizes that surgical procedures cause 1 million deaths of people every year, causing medical complications to 25% of operated patients, which has been declared by the very WHO as something unacceptable and that urgently needs to be resolved. This would demonstrate that there is a systemic and widespread pattern of negligence and medical malpractice, with the management of the Coronavirus pandemic being a new example of this criminal procedure and not a mere isolated error.

Seventeenth, it is confirmed that there are political ties that unite China with the Director General of the “World Health Organization”, since Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is an Ethiopian official endorsed by the Asian country, which is the largest lender and creditor of Ethiopia. Thus, despite having a dangerous health record, this individual was elected Director General of the WHO thanks to the geopolitical power of China, which obviously forces him to return all kinds of favors to the superpower, such as his initial cover-up about the pandemic of the Coronavirus along with the dissemination of false mortality data tending to generate global panic. Indeed, the backgrounds of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is terrible, as the global health expert Lawrence Gostin accused him of covering up several cholera epidemics in Ethiopia so that the country does not have economic consequences in the world.

Eighteenth, it is confirmed that the “World Health Organization” is influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, which was previously criticized already by the People Health Movement.

Nineteenth, it is confirmed that after Maitriyana Buddhist Community denounced that the Coronavirus pandemic is a Global Panic Attack because this virus is similar to the mortality of the influenza virus, the prestigious doctor Yoram Lass from Israel expressed himself in agreement with this position, denouncing that social networks behaved like a pandemic that amplified fear and generated a monstrous hysterical reaction against a virus that is nothing more than another flu epidemic, brainwashing the entire population with fear and anxiety that makes rational analysis of real statistics impossible. Thus, Lass confirmed that the irrational emotional state prevented perceiving the Coronavirus as just another flu epidemic, thus causing draconian government measures that have destroyed the economies of many countries.

Twentieth, it is confirmed that both Yoram Lass and Pablo Goldschmidt – along with other brave scientists – have publicly warned that the mortality of the Coronavirus is a false number since this virus has been labeled as the cause of death of thousands of patients who actually died for leukemia, cancer, dementia or cardiovascular diseases. In fact, of the hundreds of thousands of deaths from Coronavirus, only very few have undergone an autopsy process. Furthermore, the alleged total number of deaths from Coronavirus in countries like Italy is very compatible with the number of deaths from flu in 2017.

Twenty-first, it is confirmed that the scientist Lass stated that the quarantine measures or massive confinements have caused the suffering of hundreds of millions of people, even causing many to die of starvation due to unemployment. In fact, Lass confirmed that many more people will die as a result of these governmental measures than from the very Coronavirus, which is a virus that in no way justifies people’s lives to be destroyed.

Twenty-second, it is confirmed that Pablo Goldschmidt stated that human beings cannot be permanently intoxicated with death statistics, seriously criticizing doctors who have fallen into the trap of dramatizing the daily number of deaths from Coronavirus, while at the same time they do not report the number of starving deaths per day. In fact, Goldschmidt found that the death toll in 2020 is almost identical to the death toll in 2018, showing that the Coronavirus has not produced any further increase.

Twenty-third, it is confirmed that while the Coronavirus has supposedly caused the death of around 800 thousand people, on the other hand, in 2020 there will be deaths of more than 2,800,000 people due to obesity pandemic of which nobody talks about, as Goldschmidt denounced.

Twenty-fourth, it is confirmed that Goldschmidt denounced that the scientific and media treatment of the Coronavirus shrunk the democratic system, accepting the closure of the legislative and judicial systems, and accepting the loss of individual freedoms and constitutional rights through state violence that incessantly harasses the population through the use of force, locking up half the world’s population through unnecessary panic.

Twenty-fifth, it is confirmed that Goldschmidt denounced that the Coronavirus is not a health drama, being more important other pandemics that no politician or journalist talks about, such as meningitis, tuberculosis, measles, malaria or dengue, many of which nobody has been interested in creating vaccines.

Twenty-sixth, it is confirmed that after the Supreme Council of World Peace of the United Buddhist Nations Organization has communicated to the world that the Coronavirus pandemic was actually a Global Panic Attack, after this, Michael Levitt, Nobel Prize in chemistry, confirmed that it is a panic virus that affected both world leaders and the population. In addition, Levitt claimed that mass quarantines have not saved any lives but rather have caused extreme social damage.

Twenty-seventh, it is confirmed that following social hygiene rules would have had the same sanitary result as quarantines, but without paying the enormous economic, political and social cost. In this sense, the government of Modi in India is criticized for having imposed a quarantine that caused the loss of more than 100 million jobs, simultaneously generating the worst internal migration crisis in the last 70 years.

Twenty-eighth, it is confirmed that one of the main contributors to the global panic was the erroneous Imperial College report led by Neil Ferguson, who wrongly predicted the death of hundreds of thousands of people in the UK and millions in the USA if not implement a quarantine, all of which was incorrect because he did not know the true death rate of the Coronavirus.

Twenty-ninth, it is confirmed that the Norwegian government admitted that its decision to implement a quarantine was based on fear and panic, acknowledging that it would not take the same action again.

Thirtieth, it is confirmed that the historian Ferguson declared that the Coronavirus is a social media pandemic, and that the WHO should never have used the authoritarian confinement promoted by China as a quarantine model to follow, but rather it should have been recommended the successful cases of Taiwan, Israel, South Korea, Germany and Japan. In short, historian Ferguson confirms that quarantines do nothing more than postpone the inevitable spread of the virus but having a disastrous economic effect.

Thirty-first, it is confirmed that the promotion of massive quarantines by the “World Health Organization” has caused the entire health system to focus on the Coronavirus and neglect attention to other diseases, thus causing thousands of totally avoidable deaths, since patients with heart problems or cancer, which are the main death causes, have been stopped, suspending millions of medical examinations, treatments and surgeries, which will inevitably cause many more deaths than the Coronavirus.

Thirty-second, it is confirmed that since the WHO is focused on the Coronavirus, despite the fact that this virus is no more harmful than a simple flu, this medical negligence is generating the accelerated spread of other diseases in a large number of countries, such as diphtheria, cholera, poliovirus, measles, rubella, tuberculosis, and polio. These fully preventable diseases will kill large numbers of children, possibly hundreds of thousands, as was the case with the 140,000 deaths in 2018 from measles.

Thirty-third, it is confirmed that the illegal mass quarantines promoted by the “World Health Organization” and its spread of global panic have caused a widespread pandemic of mental illness, as at least 33% of the US population shows alarming signs of anxiety or clinical depression according to official censuses, which would mean that quarantines have doubled mental illnesses. This is because the most precious thing for a human being is freedom, and when this is taken away, people are made to feel that they do not own their own lives.

Thirty-fourth, it is confirmed that in Argentina, which is the country with the longest illegal mass quarantine in the world, this has not only caused a pandemic of unemployment, poverty and crime, but has even registered a terrible increase of mental problems, as 65% of the population would be showing signs of psychic disturbances, such as high levels of anxiety or anguish.

Thirty-fifth, it is confirmed that Professor Zangrillo, one of the best scientists in Italy, has stated that the Coronavirus clinically no longer exists in the country, which is due to the fact that the quantitative viral charge is absolutely infinitesimal compared to the patients from months ago, which is why intensive care systems are empty. This would show that after infecting a population, the virus gets old, exhausting its biological purpose and disappearing on its own, as happened with the other previous pandemics of MERS and SARS. Accordingly, Professor Galli stated that there is evidence that the Coronavirus is not particularly active, so there is a decrease in the potency of the virus. This type of claim has also been supported by the virologist Basetti, who states that the Coronavirus has mutated and has become less virulent due to its lower viral charge. At the same time, the virologist Clementi confirmed that the Coronavirus currently has a viral charge 100 times lower than in March, so it is as if it had aged, being a phenomenon that is also being registered in other countries, so the pandemic is destined to fade because the Coronavirus would have adapted to humans.

Thirty-sixth, it is confirmed that the virologist Remuzzi affirmed that quarantines bring poverty, death and social conflict, generating much more damage than the Coronavirus, in addition to the fact that when the vaccine is produced it will be too late because the virus will have disappeared. In fact, Remuzzi confirms that currently the Coronavirus disease is no longer the same as at the beginning of the pandemic and that it has become mild, since the amount of viral RNA has decreased a lot. This clinical evidence of cases with low viral charge – and that allows one to conclude that the pandemic is about to disappear – has been pointed out by Remuzzi along with other colleagues, such as Zangrillo, Bassetti, Caruso, Clementi, Gattinoni, Greco, Lorini, Palù and Rigoldi.

Thirty-seventh, it is confirmed that the WHO has been constantly dedicated to sowing mass hysteria and global Panic, instead of strengthening international physical, mental and social health, because despite the fact that multiple important scientists warned that the Coronavirus is going to disappear very soon and multiple governments have decided to abandon the mass quarantines, the “World Health Organization” stated that the Coronavirus entered a new and dangerous phase and that it is deadly and will affect many vulnerable people, so the WHO affirmed that no one is safe. In fact, in a totally unfounded and negligent way the “World Health Organization” compared the Coronavirus with the Spanish flu of 1918 that caused the death of 50 million people.

Thirty-eighth, it is confirmed that as proof of the dark intentions of the WHO, when multiple countries announced progress in the field of the creation of vaccines against the Coronavirus, the “World Health Organization” announced that there is no solution to the Coronavirus and there never will be. A few days after this, the Russian government announced the creation of the first vaccine against the Coronavirus, which was immediately criticized by the international body.

Thirty-ninth, it is confirmed that the expert Remuzzi publicly criticized the WHO for not having convened a world health assembly and giving clear indications to countries on how to behave during the pandemic, which caused each government to behave as it wanted.

Fortieth, it is confirmed that the ILO has warned that the massive quarantines have caused an increase in the destruction of global employment, since the quarantines have affected 81% of work at an international level (2.7 billion workers). In fact, the ILO estimates that around 400 million people lost their jobs as a result of the massive quarantines supported by the “World Health Organization”, mainly affecting the American continent, since around 3 million Latin American companies will close due to the pandemic.

Forty-first, it is confirmed that the mortality rate of 0.1% that the Coronavirus has means that 1 out of every 1000 infected will die, which is a data that Argentine scientists have since March, and yet in that month they supported -together with the WHO– the establishment of the longest quarantine in the world with the idea that this was an opportunity to reorder the country, all of which was denounced by the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights as a coup d’état, since the constitutional and civil rights of the entire population were suspended, as well as access to justice, education, work, religion and free mobility were suspended. In addition, the Argentine rulers are so inefficient that they failed to stop the spread of the Coronavirus even after 5 months of quarantine against the entire national population, all of which was endorsed and praised by the international body of the “World Health Organization” even though it means the destruction of Argentine society.

Forty-second, it is confirmed that after the legal and scientific criticisms made by the Buddhist Tribunal, where it was proposed to carry out an optional quarantine system instead of a forced quarantine, some medical advisers shared this same idea with the Argentine presidency, which showed intentions to implement it. However, when this measure was being discussed to be approved and thus reactivate the economy and social freedom, the WHO immediately publicly required the Argentine government to remain firm, vigilant and that aggressively apply measures supposedly to prevent a large number of contagions, and all this failed catastrophically and submerged most of the national population into poverty.

Forty-third, it is confirmed that several weeks after the Buddhist Tribunal warned that a coup d’etat had been committed in Argentina, hundreds of Argentine intellectuals signed a letter agreeing with this ethical position and stated that an infectorship had been established in the country and that democracy is in danger due to arbitrary outrages and authoritarian government invasions. At the same time, four months later, the politician Carrio expressed the same position as the Buddhist Tribunal had previously affirmed. Indeed, the intellectuals who defended the notion of infectorship, such as Franco Rinaldi, have endorsed the ethical position of the Buddhist Tribunal that criticizes the Argentine government for suspending the National Constitution and systematically violating individual rights through totalitarian practices, suspending the judicial and legislative system, in addition to violating the rights to work, to assembly, to religion, to education and to move. In this sense, important Argentine intellectuals have used the Buddhist Tribunal’s idea of calling for civil disobedience in the face of quarantines that prohibit work.

Forty-fourth, it is confirmed that the Argentine illegal quarantine that has been required and supported by the “World Health Organization” not only produced the annulment of the legal and legislative system and plenty of arbitrary arrests, along with the prohibition of working and to move, or the prohibition of practicing religions and attending education, but even the isolation of poor neighborhoods was implemented with total impunity, thus creating a system of ghettos for some neighborhoods where there is enormous overcrowding and precarious sanitary conditions, as happened in the neighborhoods of Villa Azul and Villa Itatí from Quilmes town. This creation of ghettos has even been recognized and criticized by Daniel Menéndez, undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Development of the Argentine government. In this way, the government has practically destroyed the National Constitution as a legal, social and political construction that provides rights and obligations that cannot be dilapidated in the face of a fear crisis or panic attack that deprives people of the possibility of choosing their lives.

Forty-fifth, it is confirmed that the dancer Maximiliano Guerra questioned the Argentine quarantine, assuring not only that the government has created a ghetto, but even affirming that the health of a people is its freedom.

Forty-sixth, it is confirmed that President Fernández of Argentina, with the support of the WHO, has carried out a coup d’etat that has economically destroyed the country through unconstitutional restrictions that destroyed millions of jobs, raising poverty to more than 60% of the population and causing 80% of families to be in debt with banks. In fact, the Argentine President even went so far as to perversely affirm that he does not care how long the Quarantine lasts because this is not the problem of the economy, since no one has managed to demonstrate that the end of the quarantine has been useful to the economy because leaving the quarantine only serves to increase contagion and deaths. Obviously, this represents an absolute falsehood since all economic analyses show that the Argentine economy is the most punished in all of South America due to the effect of having carried out the longest quarantine in the world, which was supposedly carried out to protect lives but achieving the same health results as countries that did not did quarantine.

Forty-seventh, it is confirmed that the immoral government of Argentina declared that mass quarantines were the only way to combat the Coronavirus, which is a fallacy, as shown by the cases of Sweden and Uruguay, since the latter country is bordering Argentina and demonstrated to react responsibly to the pandemic but without carrying out the illegal limitation of fundamental freedoms, while when a country has education, it knows how to responsibly care for its population without having to lock it up by the police.

Forty-eighth, it is confirmed that the Argentine government and the medical committee that advises it spent five months generating massive panic, telling people that if they left their homes they would die from the Coronavirus, and making millions of arbitrary and illegal arrests, despite the fact that they already knew perfectly well that the mortality rate of this virus is similar to that of the flu, all of which would appear to be a governmental plan designed to destroy the social fabric of the country through illegal mass quarantines and with the complete complicity of the “World Health Organization”.

Forty-ninth, it is confirmed that the trade unionist Peretta, leader of the union of pharmacists and biochemists, has not only confirmed the position of the Buddhist Tribunal that the Coronavirus does as much damage as the flu, but has also criticized the team of infectologists who advises the Argentine government for playing politics, since they broadcast in the media exactly the opposite of everything they write and teach in books and postgraduate studies, since their prescriptions for confinement at home are bad for health because lowers the body’s defenses, so the correct response to the Coronavirus would have been to strengthen the body’s immune system instead of carrying out massive quarantines of healthy people.

Fiftieth, it is confirmed that constitutional jurists have agreed with the Buddhist Tribunal that the Argentine presidential decree prohibiting social gatherings with the excuse of the Coronavirus, and that even legislates how people should behave inside their homes, would be a violation of the human right to privacy, being arbitrary and exceeding the limits of legality by subduing the freedom and autonomy of people.

Fifty-first, it is confirmed that the Supreme Council of World Peace has declared months ago that the millions of arbitrary arrests carried out by governments around the world in a systematic and widespread way against their civilian populations during the illegal and unconstitutional quarantines constitute a Crime against humanity before the International Law, this being an idea that was later used by the economist Javier Milei. Therefore, by declaring forced quarantines and its police state of arbitrary detentions as a crime against humanity, the Buddhist Tribunal perceives that the endorsement of the WHO shows complicity in the face of these international crimes.

Fifty-second, it is confirmed that according to Tom Jefferson of the Oxford Evidence-Based Medicine Center, it has been discovered that the Coronavirus already existed some years ago, before the official data transmitted by governments, as the virus could not even have originated in China, since there is evidence that 1 year before the start of the outbreak in the Asian country there was already a presence of Coronavirus in Spain. This could suggest that the Coronavirus was in a state of latency, and that it would surely have been activated by environmental conditions that are harmful to the body of Mother Earth, such as the fires that caused millions of animal deaths in Australia and Amazonia.

In conclusion, Master Gautama Samyaksambuddha assumed the Universal Purpose (Dharma) of the Cure (Nirvana) of all sentient beings, which is why the Buddhist Spirituality is a planetary Medicine that evanesces the viruses of fear and deception spread by the political leaders. In this way, the Buddhist Law judges and sentences the “World Health Organization” as Responsible for Negligence, Medical Malpractice and Complicity with Crimes against Humanity.

With spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

H.E. Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Judge of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

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